Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Role Call: The Volunteer Project Managers

Expedition 13As Volunteer Project Managers (PMs) have arrived safely in Turrialba. 25 slightly wide eyed but excited PMs are ready for 14 days of intensive training and induction into the world of Raleigh Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

Our fabulous staff team:

Back Row (L to R): Julian, Emma, Colin, Greg, Simon V and Sacha
Middle Row (L to R): Keiner, Kate, Vanessa, Zoe, Gemma, Shane, Holly, Chris, James, Sarah, Victoria, Katharine, Simon B, Louise, Sarah M, Pauline, Alice and Lena
Front Row (L to R): Liz, Clive, Claire, Sally, Marie, Paul, Angie, Helena, Marissa, Dav, Pedro, Rich, Antonio and Gabby
Also VMs on expedition: Denise and Jess
A&E doctor bromance from Dav and James

Chris, Kate, Helena and Vanessa thankful for their arrival at Fieldbase

Fieldbase's Vanessa welcoming Denise to Raleigh

Simon, Country Expedition Manager, indoctrinating the PMs into the 3 bowl system

The 13A Staff Team enjoying their first breakfast together

Greg, Lou and Marie: Pedro must have used a pun...

Intently listening PMs, that's what we like to see: Angie, Tor, Clive, Paul and Dav

The PMs taking a stroll around Turrialba, their new home


  1. Hi Louise,
    Great photos. Glad you've all arrived safely. Looks like a right mottley crew, so you should fit right in ! Thick snow and ice (-7'c) here at mo. Bet you're glad you are in the sunshine. Have a great time.... can't imagine what a "Three bowl system is!" Dad xx

  2. Woo!!! Go dad (Clive)!
    You're looking very handsome in those photos. Hope you're feeling okay in the heat and the jet lag isn't too much. Try and keep up with the young'uns eh?

    Love you!
    Eden x



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