Friday, 11 January 2013

To complete our set

You learnt all about half of our indefatigable team yesterday but today it’s the turn of Communications, the advanced Medics and Logistics.

Dav and Katharine, our Advanced Medics

Our advance Doctors bring a wealth of medical knowledge and come in the form of Katharine and Dav – a lot of counting, sorting, labeling and translating is going on in the medical room. They are an incredibly important part of the safety on expedition and we are hugely indebted to their hard work this week (even if the music blasting from the med room is questionable).

The Logistics Team are one of the busiest groups of people on expedition – their job is to make sure EVERYTHING is working, prepped, pumped up, in the right place and most importantly that there is enough food (including our favourite porridge) for everyone. A lot of trips to supermarkets, mechanics and an amazing ability to fix the considered unfixable, the silent heroes who spend a lot of time in the Bodega, our Logistics store room, surrounded by tarps, tools and barrels. Their leader is Alice and her co-pilots are Simon, Greg and Pauline.

Pauline and Alice

Greg, tirelessly counting and checking

Simon B educating the team about our Bravos

The Communications Team comes in the form of a creative team of 3. Holly our resident Artist and Art Historian will be creating fabulous installations, murals and has many other exciting projects up her sleeve for 13A, we are excited to see how she will be drawing links between local Central American influences and the West. 

Holly mapping out our new office mural by numbers (resident artist blog explaining will follow soon)

Liz is our photographer, almost always accompanied by a large lens and camera strapped to her side and will be capturing everything we do; helping illustrate the amazing achievements of the members of Expedition 13A with her beautiful photography.

Liz and Gabby 

I am Gabby and will be your Communications Officer – I'll be the voice of the volunteers whilst they are here, individuals who have dedicated themselves to making a positive impact by coming on expedition with Raleigh International. Whilst they are out on their projects we will try our utmost to express fully the experiences of the volunteers and their achievements. 

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the blog and the subjects we cover – feel free to ask questions and of course we will pass all your comments on to your loved ones.

So that is the advanced team – we are incredibly excited for the arrival of all Project Managers and Venturers to beautiful Fieldbase in Turrialba, surrounded by mountains with eagles soaring overhead - Pura Vida!

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