Monday, 21 January 2013

Trek by name, trek by nature

The Volunteer Managers have been training hard over the last few days and we thought you would like to see pictures of them trekking through the foothills of Turrialba, looking calm, collected and without a drop of sweat anywhere - oh the dream! Encompassing some challenging terrain, camping 4 to a tent and learning the finer points of cooking on trangias, it was a fantastic few days, although everyone was pretty glad of a nice cold shower upon return Fieldbase.

First of all we were put into our 5 teams, so here they are:
Whiskey 1: Rich, Liz, Sacha, Victoria, Angie, Claire, Marisa and Colin
Whiskey 2 (I think they were asked which way they unanimously decided to go?): Sally, Denise, Sarah, Shane, Alice, Dav, Antonio and Holly
Whiskey 3: Kate, Zoe, Lou, Lady Glynn, Gemma, Paul and Simon
Whiskey 4 (bloggers team - I have the power to say we were the best): Katharine, Gabby, Sarita, Greg, Emma, Chris and Marie 
Whiskey 5: Clive, James, Helena, Lena, Sarah, Jess and Pauline

So off we went trekking with our maps, tents, trangias, 3 bowls, spades, medical kits, radios, gadgets and gizmos a plenty.
Chilvalry at the stream
Dr Katharine, the height of stability
We were privileged to trek through stunning scenery
Risk assessment training - don't worry we didn't cross that rickety bridge

We put our radio training into practice with an evening sitrep and morning radio check back to Fieldbase:

Dr.Marisa making the evening sitrep radio call-in

We were taught navigation and how to read a map - we were sent off with our compasses and our end point. A few groups got a little lost, but all a learning curve!
Where to go?
Sarah, Holly learning navigation from expert Denise
Kate, Gemma and Zoe planning their next move

Tomorrow jungle camp - stay tuned for basher beds, basher hammocks and long drops...


  1. For the attention of whiskey 1 - Sacha! Firstly a white Raleigh t-shirt...what were you thinking?? :) ha hope your doing well and enjoying being back in the jungle!I'm very jealous of your Tan! Have fun with Clare! Pura Vida ;) Jodie xx

  2. Whiskey 1 - Clare. Good Evans!! you look way to happy in those blog pics!

    what would you say to a cup of tea? feck off cup - Nicky

    I'm glad to see that the ominishambles that is VM induction isn't proving difficult difficult lemon difficult! - Dave

    Gary and bob are out in the snow - Josh

    were all missing you lots and cant wait for your return so we can have an excuse to celebrate with some boxes of wine! i hope the boys are looking after you and have kept up the supply of chocolate! Take care love Jodie and the Support Team!!! xxx

  3. Great Blog. It's interesting to note that you have named the teams after an alcoholic beverage. Although I'm told that Whisky is the the phonetic alphabet call-sign for 'W'. I suppose you could also use A-Amaretto, B-Bacardi, C-Cognac, D-Double vodka etc. Tell Louise her mother is in the garden at the moment digging a long-drop latrine so she will feel at home when she gets back. Louise's Dad



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