Monday, 21 January 2013

Way down deep in the middle of the jungle…

Yesterday you saw all of the Volunteer Managers set off on their first day trekking in Costa Rica, putting all of their training into practice. Day 2, and Whiskey 1 to 5 channelled Willie Nelson (on the road again!) awake at 4.30am packing up camp in order to set off at 6am. 

6.30am: stunning Costa Rica

We had a few hours of walking through beautiful scenery with our destination: a bit of training with Simon and Pedro, learning water safety and how to cross a river safely.
Water safety: our classroom for the morning
A great save, res-q disking
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman huddled across a river
The line astern method, a bit of PM congestion in the river

We arrived after a full morning of trekking, river crossings and a bit more trekking to our jungle camp, to learn campcraft, including how to dig a long drop, and enjoy the first night sleep for many in the infamous Raleigh basher.
Pedro attempting to levitate the basher with his mind
Dav, Shane and Antonio learning the finer points of a bamboo basher bed
Greg ready for a good nights sleep in his basher hammock
Yes, Simon is squatting and demonstrating exactly what you think he is - I'll say no more 
Lou, Katharine and Vanessa taking afternoon tea
Zoe, slightly potty
Emma, Marie, Chris and Sara enjoying a cuppa after getting their camp up
Helena prepping for a three course dinner, undoubtedly a jus was included in the main
Whiskey 2 definitely won the prize for best camp

Our final day was another early 4am wake up and a short walk to Fieldbase which turned into a rather more stressful experience than first expected with our mock Casevac training - a 2km trek from where our 'patients' (all of the medics had a lovely time being carried back to Fieldbase in a stretcher) all jokes aside it is a brilliant exercise, where everyone put everything they had learnt into practice.
Marisa being tended to by our well trained Project Managers
Completed mission - Casevac training over and a short walk to Fieldbase

Home, clean and ready for allocations! Find out where our project managers will be based for their first phase tomorrow.


  1. Great pics again. Thanks to photographer and bloggers for keeping us folks at home (shivering in the snow)up to date. We look forward to your updates. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. Louise's Dad

  2. To Clive, 13A

    Hi love

    All sounds v exciting and fantastically intrepid. I have nothing to match it - don't think putting the bins out in swirling snow really cuts it. Hope you've been able to sleep in your basher; I expect the 4 am start helps. Love u lots B xxx



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