Monday, 25 February 2013

All change: Phase 2 begins

Phase 2 has just begun, 168 volunteers have been deployed to 10 locations across Costa Rica and Nicaragua to undertake community, environmental and adventure projects so here they are:

Adventure Phase X-Ray 1, 2 & 3
Each trek covers 250kms in 19 days. Learning navigation, camping and survival skills along the way; teamwork, determination, a good sense of humour and talent for games are essential.  The 4am starts, tough climbs and up to 10 hours trekking a day are all made worthwhile when rewarded with incredible views, abundant wildlife and an enormous sense of achievement upon arrival at the beautiful beaches.

X-Ray 1, Coast to Coast Trek
Clockwise from top left: Izzy, Abi, Joe, Eva, Henry, Alejandra, Nina, Richard (PM), Katharine (PM), Robbie, Seb, Philip, Cecilia, Nick, Job and Jade
X-Ray 2, Corcovado Trek
Led by PMs Lena and Gemma: James, Charlie, Anthoney, Willie, Hidde, Freddie, Lena, Gemma, Wisha, Elpha, Laetitia, Kat, Mary, Glyn, Adriana and Victor
 X-Ray 3, Turrisantos Trek
Led by PMs Louise and Sarah: Lou, Sarah, Jelmer, Esteban, Anders, Matt, Ben, Sarah, Emma, Jess, Ottalie, Emily, Kate, Charlie, Mat and Jos

Environmental Phase X-Ray 4,5, & 6
Working with SINAC (System of National Conservation Areas), the environmental groups live and work alongside the park rangers to help maintain and improve the region’s national parks and wildlife refuges. The projects are hugely important in supporting UN Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensuring environmental sustainability - helping preserve natural resources and habitats, and protect important species of plants and animals. 

X-Ray 4, Carara National Park
Objectives: Maintaining and creating new trails in the park, increasing tourist numbers and ensuring income for the park and local economy.
Led by Sarah, Zoe and Marie: Sarah Mc, Mark, Alex, Kieran, Flo, Michelle, Marie, Kieran, Amelia, Kate, Eleanor, Philip, Zoe, Luis, Ade and Ella-Kate
 X-Ray 5, San Lucas Island
This stunning island is the location of one of our environmental protection projects - creating new trail to ensure rangers have access all of the island in order to protect species of howler monkey among other animals alongside the development of visitor centre. 
Led by PMs Chris, Pauline, Simon B and Denise: Pauline, Jeff, Berny, Daniela, Harini, Flo, Thomas, Bella, Cas, Jac, Anthony, Simon B, Denise, Lucinda, Iona, Chris and Drew

X-Ray 6, Cabo Blanco
Our final Environmental project is Cabo Blanco Island, creating a new trail and maintaining the island, helping to boost tourist numbers which in turn provides important monies for the islands protection.
Led by PMs Colin, Vic and Greg: Rosina, Colin, Vic, Roger, Greg, Merle, John, Katinka, Don, Catharine, Tom, Fran, Amy, Jeaninna, Charlie and Rakeem (not in picture)

Community Phase - Sustainable Development: X-Ray 7,8,9 & 10

Living in the heart of some of the most remote areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, these projects provide a unique opportunity to work alongside members of the communities to provide basic facilities such as access to clean water and education. The hard work of the Raleigh groups helps to improve the quality of life and provide valuable resources for the many generations to come.

X-Ray 7, Matapalo, Achuapa, Nicaragua 
A water and sanitation project to ensure that the community of Matapalo have access to safe and clean water, protecting against water borne diseases alongside health problems due to carrying heavy water from far away from families homes. The team are based in a remote farming community which is incredible beautiful but digging trenches to lay the pipes is tough work but X-Ray 7 are more than capable of achieving their aims.
Led by PMs Cali, Emma and Paul: Issy, Tom, Anna, Olly, Josh, Celine, Cali, Emma, Paul, Maikel, Dom, Dougie, Immi, Flavia and Charlotte

X-Ray 8, Siares, San Ramon, Nicaragua
Taking the ore-school to another level, building on the foundations of Phase 1, X-Ray 8 are building the pre-school in Siares. Funded by Myles Robinson Trust and Raleigh this area currently has a primary school but all children from age 3 to 10 attend school int he same room, this is incredibly disruptive and has led to parents pulling their children out of school. Helping to contribute to Millenium Development Goal 2 of universal primary education as well as the human right to basic education, it is an incredibly valuable project.
Led by PMs Clive, Helena and Kate: Billy, Luke, Conrad, Gina, Denise, Lewis, Ben, Robin, Alex, James, Chow, Jess, Adriana, Kate, Helena and Clive
Find out more about this community >

X-Ray 9, La Carona, Conte Burika, Costa Rica
The most remote of 13A's projects, La Carona is an indigenous territory inhabited by the Ngobe people located on the border with Panama, X-Ray 9 will be continuing work on a health post being funded by the British Embassy and Raleigh, providing a much needed public service where vaccination and health programmes can be undertaken from. At the moment members of the community have to walk 7 hours to the nearest doctor and hospital or wait for a visit which only occurs once a month.
Led by PMs Shane, Denise and Marisa: Alex, Marisa, Denise, Greg, Tabs, Angus, Shane, Ollie D, Henry, Nacho, Akalia, Fay, Anouk, Freddie, Katy and Rachel

X-Ray 10, Arenilla, Miraflor, Nicaragua
Undertaking a housing project, completing 6 houses for families in this remote community which is a coffee growing area of Nicaragua. They suffer from adverse weather and have encountered hurricanes. This sustainable housing project uses local materials to build with, ensuring the community can repair their homes when they are damaged.
Led by PMs Dav, Sacha and Sally: Lilly, Dom, Ben J, Sacha, Jaap, Sally, Dav, Emilie, George, Natasha, Emily, Nelson, Amy, Matt, Stella and Ella

Find out more about specific projects through reading the previous blogs by our Alpha Teams from Phase 1. All of our teams have now safely deployed to their projects, it is an incredibly exciting time with a lot of valuable work to be continued. Our Project Comms Officers will be updating us as we go along and we will also be discussing our theme for Phase 2, the celebration of International Women's Day on 8th March.


  1. For Wisha, X-Ray 2. Corcovado trek it is then. Sounds as if Alpha 2 enjoyed this one with the odd blip. Suggest you linger in the hot springs a while! Have a great time and take lots of photos. Love M&D

  2. To Tung Wing Chow (X-ray 8):
    Tung Wing, you made it finally!!! i know you will surely enjoy the homestay, the work in your community and will finally miss them when you are back for changeover. 珍惜每一刻。

  3. to Hidde Borstlap X-ray 2:
    Hi lieve schat!! Hoe gaat het met je trek? Heb je het al zwaar? Zal wel zeker! Vandaag is het weer een speciaal dagje voor ons he ;-)))(25) ik hoop dat je een beetje aan mij denkt :D Hier gaat alles gewoon zijn gangetje. De shoot ging nog heel goed gisteren, alleen was het heeeeeel koud!! Ik hoop dat het resultaat goed is. Ben eens benieuwd!! Die avond ben ik ook nog gaan eten bij je papa thuis, was heel gezellig!! We hebben veel aan jou gedacht hoor :-)
    Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat met je! Ik schrijf je snel weer hoor! veel plezier lieve schat, en vooral veeeeel succes!!
    Ik denk veel aan je xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Love you so much !
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx je meisje (voor altijd, hihi)

  4. Dougie Critchley, X-Ray 7
    Hi Darling,
    Just seen the photograph of X-Ray 7 on the blog and forwarded it to Granny plus F&L so they can all see what you are up to as well! Sounds like a really worthwhile project and should make you fit too.
    Swansea beat Bradford 5-0 at Wembley, their first major trophy and Man City won over Chelsea 2-0 and Newcastle 4-2 over Southampton. Scotland had a very good day yesterday with a 12-8 win over Ireland - tense match but what a result! England beat New Zealand in the cricket, Nadal won the Brazil Open, Australia won the Women's World Cup in India; England came third. Other than sports news the Pope has retired, Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his role as Lincoln and Hugh Grant has had a son! All good here. Off to stay with Aunt Mouse this coming weekend. Big X darling and take care!

    Salaam Rakeem how you doing..?

    hope your well another exiting phase wow! mashaAllah
    we didnt see you in the team picture, i bet you was too
    Plz get as many pic's taken as you can we look forward to seeing you in them. it really makes us happy when we see you and plus it's really exciting for your little sisters, as soon as they come back from school they go on the laptop and say papa Rakeems! picture will be on and when they see you on there, their faces light up with joke

    Ok love u loads xxx mum dad saarah kasim and maryam

  6. To Florine Bottema X-Ray 4, Carara National Park.
    He lieverdje!, Wat was het weer geweldig om je zo enthousiast aan de telefoon te hebben, echt zo leuk, en om je nu op de foto te zien, wow Floor wat zie je er goed uit! En wat heerlijk dat je nu weer zo'n leuke groep hebt & nu zelfs samen met Michelle; wat zullen jullie genieten! Eerste traject zit erop! Tweede is net begonnen; wellicht nu meer overzichtelijk dan een maandje geleden! Enjoy & take care! Big huggs & lots of kisses for you, my dearest! love youuuuuuuu !!!! mam, pap, Stijn & Derk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs

  7. For Olly Walrond, X-Ray 7
    Wow, Olly, so Alpha 5 won the Skit thing! You're all looking incredibly well and brown. Lovely to see photo of your next group, too. I so look forward to getting you to work digging the allotment when you're back. Eric's fighting off the chest infection picked up in Austria, and should be back at school tomorrow, feeling much better, but still coughing. Fred a bit more cheerful: Becca was staying for a few days with G&G and had a good heart to heart with him - he listens better to someone with more recent Uni experience, I 'm sure. She even took him off to an opera at the Millennium Centre, with another friend of hers. G&G took them off to the Manor Park for a serious feed-up and then plied him with Bara Brith and Welsh cakes. Still VERY cold here, especially for Cornwall, but also very dry - very atypical. Good luck with the next phase, lots of love from all here, M, D, E and CChops

  8. For Don X Ray 6 to Cabo Blanco
    I see the picture about Swans and wonder if you know that the 'SWANS' have just won the League Cup! Dont worry you will see it sometime. Going to Cabo Blanco, planning next yers hols? Hope you got text about flight details. Nice beard.

  9. Roy & Barbara25 February 2013 at 14:16

    Hi George (X-ray 10). really excited to see that you are going to get to Nicaragua. and the project sounds so interesting. new career in house building? all good here on the high seas! Heading towards Morocco tonight. Look forward to receiving the letter that you have posted. Enjoy phase 2. We're really proud of you, would love to be doing the same. Love Mum and Dad

  10. Anouk Nolte X-Ray 9
    Ha lieve Noukie, inmiddels ben je al of bijna in Conte Burika. Wat ik heb gelezen van alpha 9 is het nog een hele trip er te komen, eerst lang met bus en dan nog zeker 9 uur lopen ( nog niet helemaal afgelopen met het lopen met een zware rugzak ...) Weleen ontzettend nuttig project dat zeker de nodige voldoening zal geven. Geniet weer van deze nieuwe uitdaging en van je nieuwe groep, wat zeker gaat lukken jou kennende ! Inmiddels stonden ook de foto's op de blog van jullie sketches en jullie nieuwe groepen, erg leuk om te zien. Volgens mij zit je ver weg dus ben benieuwd wanneer de blog berichtjes jou bereiken.
    Heel veel liefs, ook van papa en martijn die nu lekker in Verbier zitten, kus mama

  11. For Flo Claus X-ray 5 San Lucas Island

    Hoi Floor,
    Fijn je weer even gezien en gesproken te hebben. Wat een geluk heb je toch, nu weer een project dat je graag wilde. Lekker op een tropisch eiland. Benieuwd hoe zwaar de aan te leggen wegen zijn. Hoop dat jullie niet worden lastiggevallen door stropers die minder blij zijn met jullie goede werken. Van de natuur en de beestjes schijnen er veel slangen te zijn. Goed oefenen met hoog springen en goed uitkijken. Valt er nog te duiken?? Hier begint de sneeuw langzaam een beetje te smelten. Ontzettend koude wind geweest. Veel de haard aan. Wel gezellig. Mis je wel. Door de sneeuw niet kunnen golfen. Komt wel weer. Morgenavond golfles met het competitieteam. We zullen zien. Laat je wel weer wat weten als er iets gebeurd hier. Liefs, MKMK, Pap

  12. Jaap Velenturf X-ray 10

    Ha lieve Jaap,
    Kan het niet laten je op je verjaardag even een welgemeende felicitatie te sturen en met je 20e verjaardag ! Van harte gefeliciteerd en vooral alle goeds in je 21e levensjaar :-) Dit jaar is volgens mij helemaal goed begonnen want ik zie alleen maar foto's waarop je het, naar mijn idee, enorm naar je zin hebt ! Een geweldige trek achter de rug, die zeker de nodige ontberingen heeft gehad en nu aan de slag in een community project. Het is ontzettend leuk om vanuit Nederland alles te volgen via het blog. Geniet van alle uitdagingen, je groep, costa rica, kortom Pura Vida!
    Dikke verjaardagskus Edith Nolte

  13. for Catriona ( Cat) Hodgson x ray 2
    Off on your trek to Corcovado. Wow what a tan in your team photo. I am sure it will be amazing if tough. Great for bird spotting apparently according to Noah Wood who was there last Easter!
    Skit night looked so much fun. Congratulations to Alpha 5 for winning. No idea what you were doing.
    England still unbeaten in six nations rugby. Last game against Wales will be key. Many thanks for birthday message.
    Keep climbing those hills
    Lots of love

  14. For Anders Jacobsen X-Ray 3

    Hej Andersen, dejligt at se endnu et billede af dig, jeg kan se du skal trekke til en nationalpark i næste fase, det håber jeg bliver rigtigt fedt. Det ser ud til at være en sød ny gruppe du er i. Jeg ville bare lige sige tak for din email og for at have postet på din blog, det var rigtigt dejligt at læse om, hvordan dine 3 uger er gået. Det lyder som om der har været masser af udfordringer og også fede stunder, det er dejligt at høre, hvordan du tackler det hele og får det bedste ud af alting!! Jeg savner dig rigtig meget, men bliver meget glad,når jeg kan høre du har det godt. Niki ligger her og snorker med rotten, elsdyret og bæveren mellem poterne, men hun hilser dig også. Bella er IKKE blevet tyndere, men har det godt og er stadig vågen 20 minutter i døgnet. Hav en rigtig god trekkingtur, jeg kan se på billederne, at man bliver meget brun af at trekke ;-)) store knus og kram din moar

  15. Eva McAdam Freud X-ray 1
    Read the instructions and now 4th attempt to blog. Sorry if you've already actually got my 3 other blogs. I will keep this one short!! So lovely to get photos of you looking warm and happy and relaxed. Trek sounds amazing even tho I am sure v tough at times. All of us fine here. Missing you but what an amazing experience. With you in spirit and hope you ditched as much baggage as you can!! Loads of love. Very proud of you. Big hug mum xxxx

  16. For Bella, 13A X-Ray 5,
    It was lovely to chat to you at the weekend and hear you were so happy with your projects and your new friends. San Lucas Island looks gorgeous, we're sure you'll have a great time there too. Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad

  17. daniela carranza x ray 5 san lucas, maria maria hola amor que pega que se fue de nuevo pero que chiva donde esta la va pasar genial de fijo , su prima me pidio la direccion para ver si le puede mandar msj ya le dije como fijo le pone algo queria saber de usted yo le dije que estas super... maÑana llamo a su mama para que tb le pueda escribir, se va poner feliz ella cuando le pueda mandar mensajes yo le deseo una feliz semana que disfrute y aprenda mucho que poco a poco trabaje y vaya pensando sus cosas pero relajese si, ya sabe hay que tener paciencia yo la extraÑo pero estoy super feliz ver su sonrisa es algo que me hace estar muy contento , hagalo siempre y recuerde no dejarse vencer por nada , tiene todo mi apoyo ,sabe maria usted que le gusta leer de ahi salio uno de los mejores escritores de costa rica jose leon sanchez el escribio la isla de los hombres solos muy buen libro al mae lo condenaron por algo que no hizo se robo las joyas de la negrita casi lo matan al mae y se escapo de ahi y todo , resulta que era inocente pero el siempre lucho por su libertad jajaj tiene buenas partes el libro y otras muy feas o muy hardcore por ejemplo lo de la burra o cuando se morian los maes q rajado, no le puedo contar por aqui pero creo que puede preguntar ahi fijo saben de que le estoy hablando pero preguntelo sutilmente jaja , jajaja me acuerdo que usted lo tenia si no lo termino fijo leaselo es muy bueno pegadita ,tenga cuidado con el sol porque esta bravo va venir toda bronceada que rico , exitos fijo le sigo escribiendo y ya sabe que la amo mucho mi amor cuidese y buenas vibras y recuerde vea la luna y pienseme que ando x ahi aveces jajaj muaksss colocha linda..

  18. for Daniela Carranza x ray 5 San Lucas,
    la enana:Mae qué tuanis se ven las fotos de la vara, hey la extraño mucho ya, cómo voy a entrar a la u sin mi prima? jajaja ayer fui por la solicitud de la cédula(la mae muy contenta).
    Papi dice que espera que esté disfrutando mucho la experiencia y que ojalá sea como ud esperaba que iba a ser o aún mejor! y que nos vuelva a visitar pronto :P
    hoy me avisaron y me dieron beca 1 -_- tengo que ir a hacer apelaciones y eso jaaja que pereza la verdad. Conseguí un aparta en lourdes cerca de la u y todo, pero a la señora la atropelló un carro :S entonces me quedé sin aparta, o sea donde abuela fijo mae :/
    Cómo sé que ud lee los mensajes hey? cuándo viene? ayer estuve con su mamá, le manda un beso también.
    un abrazooo bien fuerte hey la quiero mucho mucho! <3

  19. Jelmer vd Ploeg, X-ray 3
    Ha lieve Jelmer! Wat leuk dat je even belde op zaterdag, we hebben genoten van je verhalen! En nu op trektocht, je had er veel zin in zo te horen. Daar ga je ook je 18e verjaardag vieren, op afstand vieren wij het natuurlijk met je mee! Je staat weer leuk op een aantal foto's, en heb je alleen gezongen, dat hadden we nog niet gehoord!?
    We spreken je weer na de trektocht en blijven je volgen!! dikke kus papa, Annemiek, mama

  20. Stella Aichholzer x ray 10
    Liebe Stella!
    Wow, das sieht alles sehr toll aus! Ich hoffe, die Nachricht erreicht Dich. Waren gestern mit Cosima und ein paar anderen im Kino und dann in der Hosteria essen. Wir haben L'amour angeschaut. Philipp und ich fanden es fad, die meisten anderen, auch Mami, haben geweint. Komme mir ganz hartherzig vor, aber mit Mitte 80 kann halt nicht immer alles so lustig sein. Österreich hat 2 Oscars(Waltz und Haneke), weiß nicht, ob das schon zu Dir durchgedrungen ist. Sehr cool! Wir haben jetzt endlich alle WOhnungen in Kirchberg verkauft, uff! Müssen zwar noch daran arbeiten, aber sollte nichts mehr schief gehen. Pass'auf Dich auf und wir verfolgen den Blog! Bussi Kätzi

  21. Stella Aichholzer x ray 10
    Liebe Stella!
    Habe von Mami den Blog bekommen und gerade eine Message geschrieben, weiß nicht, ob sie angekommen ist und probiere es nochmals! Hoffe sehr, dass es Dir gut geht und habe mich gefreut, Dich auf dem Foto zu finden. WEnn das jetzt klappt, probiere ich es nochmals. :-)

  22. Lieve Anna, wat was het fijn om je zo enthousiast aan de telefoon te hebben! We waren heel gelukkig met je berichten. Heb je de lange reis goed overleefd en niet wagenziek geworden? Rugzak niet te zwaar gepakt? En nu greppels graven ... Ik hoop dat je een lief gastgezin hebt en dat je je een beetje kunt redden met de boekjes Spaans. Ik heb in mijn beste steenkolen Spaans een berichtje voor je gastgezin, dat moet je ze maar voorlezen.
    Queridos todos, gracias por toda la atencion bien para nuestra hija Anna!
    Dag Annalief, geniet van de komende weken, we zijn benieuwd naar al je verhalen en honderden (?) foto's. Kus, mam

  23. For Nick V XRay 1

    Hi darling, Great to speak to you over the weekend. All sounds fantastic. Good luck with the trek. Hard work, but I bet it will be amazing.
    Quick footie results, Swansea won Lge Cup final 5-0, Man City beat Chelsea 2-0 to keep it to just (!) 12 points, otherwise all pretty normal. Bale scored fab goal to beat W Ham 3-2 - goal of the season? Talk of move to Barca..
    Have fun, All love, Daddy xxxxxxx

  24. For Kate Wilson x-Ray 3
    Enjoy the stroll - looks easy!
    Ben's flights now booked - same as you.
    Off to the Palace tonight for dinner.
    Joe's french marginally improved - marginally - by Normandy.

  25. Jaap Velenturf X-Ray 10 Lieve 20-jarige Jaap, heb je een leuke verjaardag gehad of heb je niemand laten weten dat je jarig was? Wij waren bij Miran die ook jarig was en hebben getoast op jou! Ik heb geinformeerd naar het omzetten van jouw ticket. Het kan. Waarschijnlijk ben je nu aan het werk in Nicaruaga.
    Ik hoop dat je foto's maakt. Lieve schat, ik verheug me er enorm op om je weer te zien, maar moet nog even geduld hebben. Ben wel heel blij met het blog. Ik wacht op de volgende info. Dikke kus, mamma

  26. Rachel Holey X-Ray 9

    Seen the new photo, you look great and very happy. You will have arrived at your new remote destination - hope the long bus journey and arduous trek went without any mishap! But in dad words 'it's character building' but as you know lm a bit soft where you girls are concerned. No doubt you will be getting stuck in to your new project. It sounds brill what you are all doing. Wonder how far you will get with the building? Can't wait for any update. You all must feel a great sense of achievement knowing that you are 'making a difference' good luck sweetheart.
    Nothing happening here. Weather rubbish, dark and damp. We have new patio doors in the lounge but its still slow going. Monty the Yorki has returned home and William is giving a huge sigh of relief and is now talking to us again.
    Please take care of yourself. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Para Jeannina X RAY 6, hola beba, que buen lugar te toco, disfrute y aprenda bastante, por qui todo muy bien, todos te mandan saludos, te queremos mucho y cuidese de una vibora.

  28. For Florentine (Flo) Claus, X-Ray 5

    Lieve Floor, Het was super leuk om nog eventjes met je te kunnen facebook-en. Ik zal ons berichtjes missen, maar 3 weken gaan vastwel snel voorbij. Hoop dat de nieuwe "phase" je goed bevalt. Het is een beetje apart om op zo'n manier een berichtje naar jou te sturen vanwege hoe openbaar het is...haha maargoed, ik dacht ik zou het even testen. Ik heb fotos van San Lucas gegoogled en het zag niet zo heel erg mooi uit...Toen dacht ik: "Waarschijnlijk is het ook geen toeristische eiland" maar goed. "Howler Monkeys" zien er best wel cool uit! Volgens wikipedia zijn ze aardig tegen mensen, dus dat is goed. (Hoef je niet voor je leven te rennen elke keer dat je eentje ziet) haha nou, Ik hoop dat je wel van het eiland kan genieten en dat de rangers goeie gebruik kan maken van de werk dat je gaat doen! Je hoort nog van me wel lieverd, Dikke kus, Gerrit.

  29. Monique Quint-Kozel26 February 2013 at 10:31

    Aan Denise Quint,
    Ha die lieve Niesl, hoe gaat het nu met je? Al een beetje bijgekomen of gelijk weer in het nieuwe avontuur gestort. Ook weer een uitdaging....meehelpen een school uit te bouwen, toch? Wat geweldig. We wensen je ook daar weer veel succes en plezier mee. De X-Ray 8 lijkt me ook weer een leuke groep enthousiaste mensen. Bij ons alles goed. Beetje sneeuw gehad en nu weer wat hogere temperaturen 4 graden +. Wel wat anders dan bij jou, natuurlijk. Lieve schat, het contact dat we afgelopen vrijdagavond met je hebben gehad deed ons allemaal goed. Veel liefs voor nu en tot gauw weer! Dikke kus van ons allemaal, liefs mama

  30. For Denise Hurden XRAY9
    Hi De
    Off on your next trip, it looks as though you are having trouble keeping your builders hat on. Have a great second project, if you all manage to get there in one piece, it sounds like a long trek for you all. Better still hope your feet make it without too many blisters. You are certainly getting to see plenty of the country.
    Hope all goes well and look forward to keeping up to date with you through the great blogs and photos, and hearing what the latest skills are that you are learning, always jobs for brick layers!!!
    All okay here looking forward to my HY13!!!
    Love. MDxx

  31. Hi Amelia ( xray 4)I expect you are getting used to the way of life there now.I would like to know more about your surroundings for ex is it jungle or sandy, is it mountainous or grassy etc.I noticed your roll mat wasn't covered - if it rains how do you keep it dry I wonder.It's wonderful that all the hard work of you all on xray 4 is a lasting legacy to the people of Costa Rica.The trails for communication and access and for tourism to help with employment and income are a worthy enterprise and I am sure of great interest to you as a geographer.Hope you are keeping your journal and taking photos.Thinking of you and your team-mates working hard out there made me think of how important it is to do one's job well, whatever it is, and to make working a pleasant experience for the people around you.Make the most of your time out there as the weeks will go by and suddenly it will all be over.As you are out in contact with nature and the elements it is a good opportunity to reflect on life and the world and to jot down your developing ideas.As Aunty Nat would say 'youth goes by so quickly-it is like the opening and closing of a window'.You were so right to do this expedition -it will be a part of you for the rest of your life -you will never forget it and the people you met and you will refer back to it often. I am so proud of you -love you, break a leg - love Mum xxxxx Colin xxx and Daniel xxx.PS I am charging your phone and will remind Daniel to apply for your accomodation.No messages received on landline for you.Here it is still very cold and cloudy -boring.I envy you the sun and heat.It is Nonno's 93rd birthday on 1st March and uncle Rob has gone to Italy to be with him.Lots of love Mum xxx

  32. Rachel Holey. X Ray 9.
    Thinking of you and very proud of you darling. Your mum and I just had supper together. Love you lots. Hazel.xx

  33. For Flo Claus, X-Ray 5, San Lucas Island

    Hi poppie,

    Een berichtje van een, nog steeds, koud Amersfoort. Heerlijk toch, deze Blog. Laatste foto's van skit Night en nieuwe groepen kunnen bekijken. Heb je eiland in mijn 'bijbel' de Lonely Planet gevonden. Lijkt me helemaal te gek daar. Hoop alleen niet dat je opgegeten wordt door de muggen. Was heerlijk om je weer even te zien via Skype! Liefs van iedereen hier, speciaal van Oma. Van Nicole, die druk aan het klussen is in haar nieuwe flat, krijg je een dikke kus. Ook Hannie (en Jan natuurlijk) wil elke keer alles horen en leeft enorm mee. Ben zelf sinds maandag weer begonnen met 'de zakjes'. Valt niet mee na zo'n lange tijd maar ik ga het volhouden. Kan ik je over een paar maanden verrassen. Kijken of je me dan nog herkent! Lieverd, geniet vooral ook, naast al dat harde werken. Heerlijk lijkt me dat, onder de sterren in slaap vallen, me het ruisen van de zee. Wordt vervolgd. Liefs en dikke knuffels van Mam

  34. For Issie, X Ray 7
    Hi Issie!!! So you are X Ray 7 - classic number. I am missing you a lot but it looks like you are having a top time over there:) Mum and Dad are still struggling with this blog malarkey, but they keep looking and send their love too!! I am keeping busy with 1 clinic a day (megalollzzzaa!) and am just trying to organise summer stuff. Your birthday is shaping up a treat by the way - I've decided that I'm going to get you a present. You're doing well Is ('keep your pecker up' as mother would say) and miss you loads! Lots of love from Brobag!XXXX

  35. Luis Javier
    Hola amor! Que tal todo? Me imagino que Corcovado Trek sin palabras, que tan chuzo proyecto le tocó! Super dichoso :D
    Mae que ganas de verlo y pegarnos algún toursito para que nos cuente todas las historias que ha ido acumulando, fijo son muchas y divinas. El puro buen ride ud! Disfrute cada segundo, invirtiéndolo en usted y la gente tuanis con la que está que también fijo es suficientica.
    Y ahora está en Carara no? Chuzo y medio,salude a los guarda parques Oscar, Osvaldo y Javier de mi parte. Cuando vea el mural de las lapas por la ofi de los guarda parques se acuerda de mi (lo hizo mi grupillo primero de la expe del año pasado en esta época) pichudo verdad? jajaja ;) que asoleada pintando esa vara!
    Vieras! Ya me fui del chante aquel donde vivía con Tavo, se paró de uñas desde que ya uds no estaban ahi (FIJO jajaja) y entonces jalé.
    Bueno ya, va a perder mucho rato leyendo semejante mensaje, le mando un besote y un gran abrazo guapo! ¡Disfrute muchísimo mi rasta!

  36. Lilly Murmann X-Ray 10
    Hola chica - Wie geht es dir mein Engel? Du siehst suuuper aus und es ist großartig für uns alle hier, Dich ein wenig begleiten zu können und teilzuhaben an Euren Abenteuern! Es ist SO interessant! Tolle Projekte!
    Es ist Mittwoch morgen hier in HH und es wird langsam aber sicher wärmer...und heller! es zwitschern sogar schon die Vöglein hier und da. Casimir ist gerade mit dem Bus in die Schule gefahren und ein ganz normaler Tag beginnt ;-) Oh, and I recorded the Oscars for you. I watched them live, meaning from 1-5:30 am our time... such a succer for the dresses (aaaah) and the speeches (oooooh) and the whos who... cant wait to rewatch with you, love! sending you loads of hugs and kisses. Pura Vida!
    Deine Mama

  37. Nick Varney X Ray 1
    Hi Darling
    So lovely to speak to you over the weekend - and to hear all your news. Still freezing cold here - very envious of your heat! Hope the Trek is going well. Daddy and I both so proud of you.
    Love and miss you so much. Mummy xxx Ebsie and Harry send lots of love xxxx

  38. billy east,xray 8,
    glad you got to go to nicaragua sounds great helping to build a primary sch. we had agood cruise and dan and fern are off to disnet land paris tomorrow ,Misty misses you and so do we see you soon love mumx

  39. Robbie Angus X Ray 1
    Wow, what a tiki tour, Pacific to Atlantic! Enjoy yourself. Proud of you and love you heaps .
    MD XXX

  40. Message for Mary McSporran X-Ray 2.
    We had a great time at Murrayfield especially as Scotland won the game was not the best and ireland should really have won. You can imagine Dad & James'reaction. It was a fantastic atmosphere the crowd were really behind themand I'm sure made all the difference. Uncle Peter came on Monday & we have completly cleared the bungalow and the sale is progressing. Grandma is much the same. Tom finds our tomorrow (Thurs 28th) which high school he has got in to.
    Dad is off to Peru tomorrow so will be on the same continent as you, no doubt he will have lots to tell you about it when he gets back. He's back on Mon 11th. No doubt dates & days are pretty meaningless to you at the moment. Hope the trek is going well I'm sure you are seeing some amazing sights. Hope the sock situation was resolved o.k. Mising you loads lots of hugs & kisses Mum XXX Dad sends his love & kisses too XXX

  41. Hi Rachel Holey, X Ray 9!
    This looks like so much fun, the pictures are great! I think I might have to stop looking at this blog though because it's making me very jealous. I would much rather be in Costa Rica than rainey Manc :( I hope you're having an amazing time and staying safe. I can't wait to hear all about it when you're home, probably over a cheeky drink and game of pool at the Railway Inn ;) Looking forward to some more updates. Miss you lots!
    Muchos abrazos,
    Fi xxx

  42. For Bella, 13A X-Ray
    Hi BB, It was wonderful to get your email the other day and I caught up with the rest of your news via Mum & Dad. So pleased you're having fun. Good to see a few more pictures of you on the website too - looking very happy and healthy. San Lucas island looks fabulous. Hope you enjoy it as much as Conte Burica. I'll have GO staying with me next Monday (4th march) so your ears will be burning. Sick of rice and beans yet? We'll have you eating meat yet! Bet a bacon sandwich is starting to sound appetising! (Sorry, that was mean...)
    I'll post another blog soon. Thinking of you.

  43. billy east xray8,
    Hope its going well bill in nicaragua u wanted to go there so well done. we are fine missing you and very cold here Hope youve got a tan and youre not too thin love mum xx

  44. For Denise Hurden Xray9
    Hi De
    Reading all these reports I wonder if my daughter is part of it!!!! She is in the pictures but the description of activities are foreign to me. I mean bricklaying etc. I was just planning the reconstruction of our garden and it seems I now know somebody with all the necessary skills!! and free perhaps !!!! Seriously though you seem to be enjoying yourself and I am sure you will have completed your most recent 'travelling' and 'hiking' admirably. I expect you have also made acquantances with some of the wildlife in that neck of the woods but your mother is still hesitant about you bringing any home. It appears she is also not too keen on the hotels you are enjoying. All those en suite rooms etc. Have a good and enjoyable 2nd project and we look forward to seeing and receiving the next Raleigh Blogs and your own 'writings' in due course.
    Dad xxx

  45. To Rachel Holey, X-Ray 9

    Hope you have arrived safely at your new home for the next three weeks! Sounds like you will be having an absolutely incredible time in your time on this part of your time in Costa Rica! Really jealous of your tan at the moment, and jealous of the amazing time you are having as well :( The most exciting thing that happened to me recently was I managed (though I don't know how) to set fire to some toast at work this morning - bet that made me look pretty special :S Can't wait to hear all about your time when you are back at the field base. Hope you stay safe and look forward to having a catch up soon :D Lots of Love, Will xxxxxxxx

    p.s Tony says "Hi little Rachel", K. Julian mentioned something about you helping out on his latest project for his summer residence one he's cleared some space. Mrs D. said he is very impressed with everything you are doing, and you are a shining example to teeth seizing, and also Sid said he doesn't think much of your porridge diet, so thinks Pinecones should be on the menu! xxxxxx

  46. Jeff Young X-RAY 5, Hey Jeffro, its Sara. Hope you doing well, We are all missing you, well done for completing your coast to coast trek, What an achievement!!!! Your looking well in your photos, nice wee tan coming on! Missing you so much its unbelievable!! Love you loads Bro from all of us at home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. James Anthoney X-Ray 8, great to see you looking sun tanned and relaxed James. Hope your birthday was a good one. Onto the next stage now, sounds fabulous. Continue to enjoy and we will continue to read all about the work you are all doing. Love J,A,G and Oxxx

  48. For Akalia X-ray 9
    Hi Sweetie,
    We have been following your wonderful adventure on the blog. We check it many times throughout the day anxious for updates hahahah. By now you are in the remote area working on the health centre. What a wonderful thing you are involved in. I'm so proud of you. The house closed in Apsley and John is up there right now working on gutting it. Maybe you could go to Apsley with your group - new project hahahah. Chanelle and i just came back from visiting Rosita. We stayed over and had a wonderful visit. Had a brief visit with Grampa. Keep digging Sweetie. Drink lots of water. Love you. Mama xoxo

  49. To Robin van Gelderen XRAY 8
    hallo lieve Robin, hoop dat de bus reis goed is gegaan...Wat klonk je enthousiast aan de telefoon!Super dat je het zo naar je zin hebt.Ben heel benieuwd hoe je het daar hebt met je "nieuwe familie"!Zal wel geweldig zijn om een schooltje te bouwen voor al die kleine kindjes daar.Hier gaat alles z'n gangetje.Er is beter weer voorspeld, dat is goed nieuws!Het blijft hier wel erg lang koud. En we missen jou nog steeds!!Lieve schat, schrijf je gauw weer, geniet, love you X mama

  50. Eva McAdam freud X-ray 1 hi Eva I've got blog fever! I love reading all the messages from everyone's loved ones and seeing the photos. Thinking of you lots, I know this is unique experience so make sure you enjoy every bit of it, even when it seems really tough. Cold and dark here in London, your not missing much. Grandad is coming out of hospital at the weekend, which is good. It's a no to St George's but their loss and your gain as you have opened up so many doors and opportunities for yourself in Sheffield. We are missing you but happy for you, loads and loads and loads of love mummy! Hope your feet are ok trekker, Kayd and the kids send their love and have all seen yr pictures xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. to Robin van Gelderen x-ray 8
    lieve Robin, wat ziet het er stoer uit wat jij daar allemaal meemaakt en ziet. En hoorde van je moeder dat je het erg naar je zin hebt.
    alvast gefeliciteerd met je 18 verjaardag as zaterdag. Wat knap dat je de trek tocht overleefd hebt, dat is een heel eind. Het ziet er wel leuk en gezellig uit met de groep, hopelijk ervaar jij het ook zo. Hoe gaat het met de bouw van de school? Zal niet meevallen bouwvakker. ha ha , nog heel veel plezier de laatste weken, en liefs van Brigitte en Boyd (dikke knuffels van hem)

  52. To robin van gelderen xray8

    hey robin, hoe is het daar? Hier alles goed, je mama heeft mij net verteld wat je allemaal al gedaan hebt, super leuk en onwijs knap! ben echt benieuwd naar de verhalen over een paar maanden!haha. Zaterdag word je 18, jammer dat je dan niet in nederland bent, maar ik ga zeker een drankje voor je drinken. En zodra je terug komt gaan we het goed vieren! Ik werk momenteel bij dufec moet ik soms snacht auto's tellen haha onwijs grappig en leuk werk en het verdient ook nog is goed! In iedergeval wens ik jou nog veel avontuur toe en veel plezier! en zorg maar dat je snel terug komt want ik mis je!

    Boyd XXX

  53. Anders Jacobsen, X-ray 3

    Hej Anders. Tak for din mail. Jeg ved ikke om du fik set mit svar, inden du tog afsted på din trek tur, men det er ikke noget problem, at du bliver efterfølgende med gruppen. Jeg går ud fra, at I ikke får adgang til internettet på jeres tur, men jeg har skrevet til dig, hvad jeg forslår som alternativ. Vi skal nok få en god tur også på den ene eller anden måde, så det ser jeg frem til, når vi kommer til det. Det var også godt at læse din blog. Jeg fik det indtryk, at det første ophold havde været lidt hårdt, både arbejds- og boligmæssigt og måske også socialt, men til sidst havde du fundet dig godt til rette, hvilket jo er det vigtigste. Jeg glæder mig til at følge jeres trek og håber vi får lidt flere billeder at se fra jeres gruppe i denne runde.
    Her er alt fint. Jeg var i Canazei og stå på ski, med både godt vejr og god sne. Jeg mødte bl.a. Plummers familien og skulle hilsen dig mange gange. Glæder mig til at høre fra dig igen. Kuns Far

  54. Robin v gelderen Xray 8.
    Hoi Robin,, heb natuurlijk alles al je moeder gehoord. Wat een prestatie,knap hoor. En aan de foto's te zien heb je het echt naar je zin. Ook ben je intussen aan een nieuw project begonnen. Daar hebben we nog weinig over gelezen.Maar ik blijf je volgen. Nu nog even heel veel grtjes van mij, en hou je taai. Xxxxxxxx wilma

  55. henry ash x ray 1. hope all well!
    thought i'd send you a blog in dutch but can't stretch to about german? only that it would be good to take the micky out of dougie's newly acquired facial fashion without him understanding- blown my cover now in any event.perhaps he'll look like zz top by the end of the month? perhaps i'd better sign off anon so that he doesnt realise who i am? here's a clue ,my mother sends her regards to julian.....

  56. For Issie X-ray 7
    Hi darling - hope you're doing okay and settling into your project! Thinking of you lots and so proud of you for doing something like this -so far outside your comfort zone!! Make the most of it if you can!
    Dad has gone to India now -not heard if he's arrived yet but presume he has - apparently 34 degrees there - bit different here - has been bitterly cold but starting to look and feel a bit more spring-like - even in Sheffield!!
    I have made a practice cake for your birthday -in a cake-tin about double the usual size - only trouble is I have to work out how to ice it without breaking it in half! - it won't go to waste anyway!
    Becky and Joy both asking after you - have directed Becky to the blog - Joy is doing okay back at work now - said she had a lovely text from you - funeral was v. difficult I think but they are moving on.
    How is the cat by the way?
    Loads of hugs and kisses - miss you! Mum xxxx

  57. Celien de Pous2 March 2013 at 05:02

    To Charlotte Dumoulin, X-Ray 7

    Chaaaar meisje wat zie je er nu al bruin uit op de foto's! Ik ben jaloers! Vreemd om nu iets naar X-Ray 7 te sturen, maar dat betekent wel dat fase 2 is ingegaan.. Ik zie dat je voor watervoorzieningen gaat zorgen? En dat het zwaar werk schijnt te zijn? Hihi nou ik weet zeker dat je het kan, je hebt net al 3 weken lang conditietraining achter de rug, nu tijd voor wat armspieren dus ;) Ik mis je echt heel erg, ik zat laatst kibbeling te eten samen met mijn mama en dat deed me echt denken aan onze onbezorgde avond bij mij op de bank, voor het feestje van Rutger.. Alles was zo makkelijk en fijn toen, ah dat mis ik wel hoor! Maar hier breken de good times ook aan, nu voorjaarsvakantie dus hoef even niet naar Sorghvliet, dus genoeg tijd voor leuke dingen met een bepaalde Delftenaar.. ;) Er is zoveel om te vertellen! Ik kan echt niet wachten tot ik mijn beste vriendinnetje weer kan platknuffelen. Ik hoop dat je snel weer even internet hebt, IK MIS JE! Hahaha dit was echt het meest random bij elkaar geraapte berichtje ooit, met maar 1 doel: IK MIS JE IK MIS JE IK MIS JE! xxxxxxxxx

  58. For Dougie - XRAY 7
    Hi dougs, i hope you're good, and having an amazing time! Looks like it! Can't wait for another update when you get back to camp! All good here, everyone well, and busy busy children keeping me entertained - but glad it's the weekend! wish it was sunny, looks very hot with you! keep safe, love you, big sis xxx

  59. To Rachel Holey, X-Ray 9

    Hey Rae Rae, Hope you are well and having an amazing time! Looks like you are from what I have seen so far on this blog, and looks like you are helping to make a big difference to alot of people, very proud :) Also soo jealous of your tan, you will def be winning the house tan off by now, im very pasty with all this rain and cold weather! As soon as you are back we need to arrange a meet up and have a proper catch up! miss you and love you lots Lara xxxx

  60. To Ben Robinson, X-Ray 8

    Hey Benj, looks like you must be having the most incredible time! I hope the new group is fun - the primary school building looks awesome. Loving the facial hair too! I'm impressed. And looks like you're finally tanning, congrats! Saw the whole fam at the lacrosse nationals this weekend. They were sweet and came to watch me play! Did lots of bonding. Also got your letter which I loved. Get my results on Thursday so fingers crossed for C3! Keep safe and smiling. I miss you like crazy. Rose Booth xxxxxx

  61. To Amelia Heimler, X-Ray 4
    Hey sweetie, hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself. Looks like you are enjoying it and doing some good in the world :D
    I miss you so so much, I could not possibly describe it here, and I cannot wait to have you back in my arms :)
    That being said, make the most of it and I hope you are, and continue to look after yourself :D
    get in touch with me as soon as you can, but don't worry if you can't, I wont forget about you.
    My family and friends all send their regards, and hope you are safe and having fun
    As an update from me (not that you're interested) I'm very well, and start my work experience tomorrow, family is all fine, Auntie's and Brothers birthdays in the next week or so, and I will send your best wishes :D
    Anyway lover, I cannot wait to get in touch with you and then see you, and the next time you do something like this I'm definitely coming with ;)
    I love you as much as is humanely possible :D

  62. To Lewis,X-Ray 8
    Hi Lewis, hope you are enjoying phase 2, It looks as is you are all having a great time. It's a great experience for you and I hope you learn lots. Give us an update when you get back to base camp. Everyone's asking for you and we all really miss you. Love Mum, Dad, Shorty and Stitch.

  63. To Jelmer v.d.Ploeg,X-Ray 3

    Dag Jelmer,
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 18e verjaardag,die je nu in een ver land zult vieren.
    We vinden het fijn dat het je het heel goed bevalt en we zijn verrast over je verborgen zangtalent.Als je terug bent willen wij hier ook graag eens van genieten.
    We wensen je alle goeds en een fijne trektocht toe.
    Groeten aan allen en een knuffel van oma en opa.

  64. Message for Charlie Lacey XRay 6
    Monsieur le chat! Biggest hug for Billy? What about the old witch!!
    Have so enjoyed following your progress on the blog - Cabo Blanco sounds wonderful despite the raccoons. Good to know that despite consuming all that sugar, they will not have headaches! Fighting a forest fire sounds exciting but not a little scary - hope you have taken the good Doctor's advice and are looking after your burned foot! Most important news now - Day 1 of 2nd Test in NZ - Compton 100 and Trott 121 not out. England 267 for 2! Await next blog with bated breath. Missing you loads and love you lots. Nanny T & GDP x

  65. For Matt Heathcote XRAY 10
    Hi gorgeous, hope all is well for you.We all are thinking of you and we think you are day 2 of the final phase, which for you is the TREK!!!! Hope the feet will stand up to the demands, we remember the end result at the end of Gold D of E!!!!I'm sure you will be fine and will have to dig deep as it is hard core to carry out 3 weeks, but if anyone can you can Matt!!! All good here, sent long letter today and hope this reaches you for when you finish the trek and we will continue to look at the blog daily for updates. Wet and cold here and hoping for a change in the weather, everywhere water logged and walking cassie has taken on a new dimension as the cricket fields flooded, she finds it highly amusing!Theo and Winston send their love as does Bethan, Dad, JoJo, Mary, Tracey, Bridie,Hugh, Rachel, Stevie, Jago and Eryn and lastly maman, Love you lotsxxxxxx



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