Friday, 8 February 2013

Alpha 1 start their Coast to Coast adventure

On a recent visit to see Alpha 1 and re-supply the group with food, Luke and Billy gave us their thoughts on the walk so far...

The first trek day was a shock for us, as we didn't realise how hard each day would be. We started on an empty beach where we laid out all of our maps and saw what was ahead of us. Two local children approached our group and when asked, said they thought the map of the width of Costa Rica was a map of the world. 
Seeing the scale of the task ahead
We set off for the first time and spent hours walking along a railway track, occasionally moving out of the way for people who had made makeshift trains out of platforms, bicycles and motorbikes, and used them as a family transport system. Eventually we reached a village where a very nice man let us use his garden to camp, which included a much appreciated tap. We had a very well deserved sleep.

Our first taste of uphill walking came in the afternoon on day 2, and we were very grateful to the family near our camp site who let us use their hose for a shower. The hills have been increasing ever since - day 4 was extremely hilly but team spirits were high, so we made it by 2 o'clock to a community centre. On arriving we realised there was no water supply but a nice local man took us down to a river in the jungle to fill our jerry cans, but the heat had dried it up. He kindly offered us water from the supply at his farm, where he permitted four of us to have a shower and let us fill up every container we owned to take back to our camp.
Coast to Coast trekkers head into the rainforest
It’s been an intense 4 days. There have already been down moments but our team is always growing stronger and everyone is determined to finish. We have all begun to realise the importance of water, which we take for granted in our home countries. We have also given up trying to look good in any way!
Early morning view over the stunning Barbilla National Park, where Alpha 1 will be trekking for the next few days

Alpha 1 ready to set off into the jungle on their 5th day of trekking


  1. Good luck Alpha 1 on the remainder of ur trek and remember to keep on smiling :D from Smiley Greg

  2. To Robin van Gelderen
    Lieve Robin,wat gaaf die foto's!Zijn blij je te zien!Wat stoer allemaal wat jullie meemaken!Zijn super trots op je!Dikke kussen papa en mama XX

  3. For Brooke (Bella) Jones, 13A Alpha9
    Just posted you a letter and a tiny packet, something to look forward to.... hope you are enjoying the project and getting used to roughing it and remembering your malaria tablets! Back to UK and work now after our short break, its pretty cold and miserable here after summy Spain. Went to Manny's tonight, they asked after you, bet you'd enjoy a meal there at the moment?
    Lots of love, Mum & Dad

  4. Fay Koster, Alpha 1
    Hee faytje! Wat ziet het erg allemaal vet uit! Heel stoer. Wel even wat anders dan Sevilla I suppose? Veel plezier en succes met de rest van je trek! Ik ben benieuwd naar alle verdere foto's en verhalen! Enjoy!
    X Daan

  5. From Colin's Dad: Well on the trek, your fotos welcome. A happy group but can't tell if legs are weary and/or feet blistered. Keep the news/pics flowing and everyone enjoy!

  6. für lilly murmann, alpha 6

    liebe lilly, verspätete, aber herzliche grüsse
    zum geburtstag, gesundheit, ein gutes team und
    freude an der arbeit, die ihr für costa rica leistet! oma und opa


    Hey Dougs,
    I hope you are all well and having a great time. I guess you've got used to 'doing your business' in your communal trench! Not missing much back here anyway! We have just installed a 'communal trench' for Haggis and Tattie! Just finished watching Scotland beat Italy 34-10. Tries from Lamont, Visser, Hogg and Scott. Record win! Disappointing Sunderland lost to Arsenal 1-0... so we need to start collecting a few more points in the weeks to come! England beat Brazil in the international friendly... the first time in 23 years I think! I have just done a surprise visit to Lucilla, Mum and Dad in London after a heavy night out in Leeds... Heard you're eating a lot of beans! Hope the jungle midges aren't as persistent as the West Coast ones!
    Anyway, hope to speak/message soon.
    Lots of love, Ferg x

  8. Dougie Critchley, Alpha 3
    Hello darling,
    We are all loving following the blog, it's brilliant! It looks as though you are on an amazing trek and I hope the mossies aren't too much worse than the west coast midges. The views look stunning and with luck the camera is up to taking some good pics.
    Half term for me now which is fun so we are spending a couple of days with Lucilla.
    Big X from us all darling

  9. To Tom Warren (Alpha 6)
    Well, it is almost 2 weeks already since you left. I have watched the videos closely to see you and liked the one of you all holding your name cards. I hope that you have got everything you need and that you are keeping well. Dad has been keeping an eye on the football today, of course. Chelsea won by 4:1 against Wigan and Lampard scored a goal on Wednesday when England won against Brazil.Apparently Chelsea is third at present and Lampard says he wants to play in the next World Cup. It looks a wonderful experience there; I am sure you will learn from it all immensely.
    Take care of yourself. I can't wait to find out more.
    Mum xxx

  10. message for Gemma Hickey. Happy Birthday Gem. Photos look brilliant. Tim says Happy Birthday too :-) Aine, Padraig and Tim xxx

  11. Message for Fay Koster, alpha 1

    Dag lieverd, wat een leuke eerste foto's van jullie trek! Het ziet er gezellig uit in jullie team. Hoop dat je -naast het afzien- ook volop kan genieten van al dat moois om je heen... Ik ben zo benieuwd naar je verhalen, straks terug op Fieldbase! (hier sneeuw het weer, dus dat was een goede reden om vandaag met Birte de Abercrombie in Amsterdam maar eens te gaan verkennen!)
    xxx mama

  12. Hi Clive, (Alpha 6)having a lovely evening with B, roast chicken, roses choc choc and a little glass of red Rioja :-) hope you are sleeping well (x) Freda B and Phil

  13. Hi, this is from Colin's Dad; I posted yesterday but my comment has not (yet) appeared.
    Seems from the fotos to be a happy group, if on a very demanding trek - enjoy!! Presume some of you have sore legs and some have blisters, 'tho. not obvious in the fotos.

  14. To Cassie McCormick 13A Group 9

    Hi darling
    Trying to imagine what life in Costa Rica is feeling like for you, whether you have acclimatised well to the weather- I'm sure that's no hardship! Having just returned from sheet rain on the canal I know where you would prefer to be..
    Ludo has just returned with 2 chickens. He looks so happy and is out in the rain settling them in. He has been sorting all the workshop stuff so you will be well equipped and organised when you return. He has 2 university interviews this week and seems happy with the decision to stay in the UK. Hector is on half term so very happy with lists of films. We went ahead on Breaking Bad and have finished season 5 to the point that it is available. Soooo good. You'll love it. Max is spending lots of time at the gym between bugs. I wonder if in fact the gym is the source of the bugs.
    We saw Conrad's great blog about his trek- it sounds like he's enjoying it. Can't wait to hear from you directly or indirectly! We miss you so much. The boys miss your United Nation peacekeeper role- or maybe I miss it.
    So want to hear about everything you're doing.I saw Liz today who said her family friend Kate is in your group. Have you realised your links!
    If you get any chance to email, ring or text I would love to hear from you. I love reading the blogs and look forward to reading your group blog.
    Huge love from all of us xxx

    heey fay,
    hoe gaat het?:)
    hoe is de trek, is het al zwaar?
    het is heel fijn om de blog te lezen en te kunnen zien hoe het gaat met je:)
    ik stuur je bijna elke dag nog een mailtje zodat als je dan internet hebt kunt lezen hoe het hier met mij gaat:)
    ik heb je al een paar x geprobeerd een berichtje te sturen via de blog maar dat lukte niet dus hopelijk lukt het nu wel
    dus je moet niet denken dat ik je geen berichten ging sturen of zo iets :P
    hier gaat alles gelukkig goed:) en hopelijk daar ook maar dat denk ik wel:)
    is je groep gezellig en leuk?
    heel veel kusjes en knuffels van Birte XXXXX

  16. For Nina Lodeizen - Alpha 7
    Liefste Nine, we volgen elke dag aandachtig de blog; ziet er allemaal zo spannend uit en kijken uit naar nieuws van Alpha 7. We zijn zo benieuwd hoe jij het hebt daar in het noorden van Nicaragua - inderdaad best van de field base trouwens; beetje op google earth gekeken maar natuurlijk niet zo heel veel te zien. Hoop dat je super tijd hebt, gezellige groep en je ook nog een beetje je Spaans kunt uitproberen, haha. Hier alles OK, natuurlijk missen we je wel ... Dikke zoen xxx mam

  17. Emma Holder 13A Alpha 1,
    Hello lovely girl, one week into your 'Adventure' project, hoping all is good.
    Anna and the kids have gone, Tashy got UCL offer, very happy, Jack has had a fab time in Argentina. Grace and I are going on the London eye with Daisy on 18th, to see her before she travels on 20th, to say goodbye.
    Callum visiting for a few days tomorrow, Grace and I off to stay with Jay and Esme, wet windy and cold here!
    Have had clothes clear out!?! Mine too, very cleansing.
    Missing you and love you but know you are in a great place...
    Keep smiling beautiful girl,
    All love, Mamen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. For Philip Kolff ( alpha 9)

    Phillie, we volgen je op de voet met zijn allen! En erg benieuwd hoe het allemaal is. Hier bergen met sneeuw, en Q is thuis dit weekend! We missen je maar weten dat je allemaal top ervaringen hebt. Vertel , vertel!!!!
    Laat iets van je horen als je op basecamp bent!

    Dikke zoenen, pap , mam, Q en F xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. For Angus Richardson Alpha 1
    Hi Angus,
    So good to see your photos and we think of you at 4:00am your time as you start your day! You will certainly never take water for granted ever again. Tottenham beat Newcastle 2-1 (Bale scored twice and had 2 other chances which could easliy have gone in. England went to Landsdowne Road and in the driving rain beat Ireland 12-6 thanks to Owen Farrell who is Johnny Wilko Mark II. So England look well set for a Grand Slam with the next 2 games at Twickenham, have tickets for the next game v France in 2 weeks time thanks to John T. All is well here - snow is back for a day or two - you are definitely in the best place. All our love M,D,E and M XXXXX

  20. For Anna Bakker, Alpha 5
    Dag lieve Anna! Je bent nu al een week aan het werk op het eiland van de eenzame mannen, ben zo benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. Ik stort in elk geval geld op je telefoonrekening zodat je ons tijdens changeover tenminste kunt bellen. Hier is het koud, sneeuw en wind. Zojuist terug uit Den Haag, veel liefs van Martine, JW en Aniek. Geert terug van wispo, was heerlijk: mooi weer, goede sneeuw, apres ski etc. Ben benieuwd wat jullie op de (vrije?) zondag hebben gedaan. Lekker op het strand? Dikke zoen en knuffel van mama, papa, en en lik van Floor

  21. For Sarah Tilley Alpha 7
    Hi Saree,
    Have just made a malt loaf and thought of you!!!Hope the water feed system is going well. Dad has looked up on the Internet where you are and there is an article about it and Raleigh's involvement over the last few years. It sounds really worthwhile. Water is obviously a really big issue.
    We have sent you 2 letters so hopefully you will get them at some point. Are you developing huge leg and arm muscles?
    Not much happening here but we have about 3 centimetres of snow again but not enough to shut school. Boohoo!
    I have just completed tidying up your room. Ahem! and have thrown just about everything out. Just kidding! Half term at the end of this week and I shall go up and see Uncle David for a day, Hannah is back for 3 days although she will be working most of it and Uncle Lol is coming up for a meal. I shall also be working on the Easter trip to France so lots to do. Am playing the piano. It is brilliant!
    We look forward to hearing from you via the blog and hope you are having lots of fun.
    Lots of love of course Mum

  22. Robin van gelderen alpha's 1. Al veel foto's van je voorbij zien komen.ik vind het ook leuk te volgen op je reis. Hoop dat het goed gaat met de voetjes, want het lijkt me toch een hele je verder volgen, en heel veel grtjes van mij, Wilma xxxxxxxx

  23. Hee Philip Kolff,

    Hoe gaat alles daar hoop goed, het ziet er uniek uit en ook best zwaar, keep up the good work, hier vanuit Chili krijg je de groeten van al je ooms tantes en neefjes, hopelijk zien we je hier ook in een paar maanden, maar eerst even dit avontuur nog beleven. Groeten, de andere Philip

  24. SAZZA...Sarah McMurtrie and all those on Alpha Extreme.

    WOW what an absolutely amazing thing to be attempting, TO WALK ACROSS AN ENTIRE CONTINENT!!! and just to make it more of a challenge why not go through the jungles and over the mountains of Costa Rica?

    Best of luck and keep smiling even when the going gets really really tough. It is teamwork that will get you through in the end, so support each other and you will be fine.

    Have a wonder-filled experience, cant wait to compare yarns and photos. And most of all stay safe.

    (Bet you have never looked so good on Valentines day before !)
    Masses of love n hugs
    Dicky (aka Rich Mott - ML trek leader for 07B Corcovado and Coast to Coast)

    PS Hi to Julian (and the fieldbase team) hope you are have a smooth, safe and fantastic expedition. What a great job you have and what a great job of it you do.

  25. To Philipp Noodt (Alpha 1)
    Ich hab vorhin hier was rangeschrieben aber irgendwie hat das wohl nicht geklappt und wenn doch bekommst du halt zwei Nachrichten :)
    Bei dir scheint ja alles gut zu laufen :) das freut mich
    Hier in bremen ist es eher semispannend... Bin halt viel am arbeiten und sonst Schule...
    Ich wünsche dir noch ganz viel Spaß.
    Ich vermisse dich.
    Liebste Grüße aus Bremen,

  26. Daniela Carranza, 13A. Mooooooom, sorry por the delay pero he estado ocupado en el festival. Todo es perfecto en Noruega aunque estuvo realmente duro sobrevivir a los -19C, jajaja. Espero que esté comiendo rico y que todo sea as cool. Love you! - MA

  27. Para Ignacio Alpha6, Cabo Blanco, hola amor estoy preocupada porque no sé como estás, ni nada de su grupo, me gustaría al menos ver fotos y saber cómo la están pasando, quiero que sepas que Silvio viene el 12 de Abril al Ricardo Saprisa, escríbeme a nakis4 o mándame un mensaje al cel por fa., bueno si puedes, te quiero mucho, cuídate, Mamá

  28. Alpha 2 Nathalia
    Maje q tuani q tuani, treck joo es lo mejor es esa parte de raleigh q t hace crecer como persona, y te hace saber d todo lo q sos capaz, una sola cosa difrutalo yo se q estaras cansada pero disfruta los paisajes lo natural y conocete a vos misma... pasala bien, buenas vibras, besos y abrazos llenos de luz!! Josi :)

  29. Alpha 5 Gina
    Maje q dicha q estas en san Lucas a mi me toco mi proyecto ahi es fantastica la isla, q envidia de la buena, disfruta mucho de todo lo q hagas, pero sobre todo disfruta las noches tan increibles de San Lucas, espero q podas ver las luces de colores en el agua, bueno pasatela Super t mando muy buenas vibras, besos y abrazos llenos de luz, y seguime creyendo todo esto vale la pena... Josi :)

  30. (Rakeem shan alpha 8)Salam rakeem I'm just sitting down on the laptop.I've got super duper news I'm nearly 10!!7th march 2013.A bit of time to go...Also here is a TRUE story.Long ago in SOUTH AMERICA there was an island that was made of gold and buildings there were made of gold.I want you inshallah to find it.(But...dont get lost)!!STAY with your team and tell them all about it.OK?
    <3 you loads and know I've got to give it over to maryam.By the way its me saarah!)

    hiyya rakeem its me maryam missin u soo much soo dead wivout u and the kitchen has quite a lot of food in it lol:)

    mum nd dad are missin you soo much and luckily ur gonna come 2 weeks befor ma b'day

    u mst b havin such a gud tym wiv all tht sunshine ur luky coz here its cold and its even snowing again :( not that i don't like the snow mashallah u heard tht hala ruky has had a baby boy and shes named it as well its called daniel mashallah hes soooooooo cute

  31. To Jeff Young Alpha 1

    Hope your well and enjoying the experience
    Looked at the photos and they are amazing
    Billy says he has a new flat and will text you when he put money in his phone.
    It's 8.45pm and John and Clare have just finished room checks at Millhill
    Film was a great success
    Please reply love to hear from you


    Millhill Staff

  32. For Emily Elliott Alpha 5,

    EM!!! finally worked out how to blog you. just been looking at pictures of you and being very jealous. More snow here today but is no longer fun. just wet and cold and I know you will be getting brown as a button. ugh. birthday day tomorrow though which is exciting! you will obv be missed! mum and dad coming up to London to take us all out for dinner which am really looking forward too. Then off to watch Tom's varsity for on Monday. Also went to Cambridge at the weekend, have to confess I finally went and popped my head into your home to be! it's so LOVELY! Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Can't wait to hear all about it soon. missing you lots. lots of love, K xxxxxxxxx

  33. Hi Jeff
    Great seeing all the updates and photos of the expedition. Looks like your having a wonderful time and its everything you hoped it would be.The weather and scenery look stunning , so you will be very happy to hear that snow storms expected in Edinburgh in next few days. Billy moves to his flat in next few days and was having a real laugh at the photos of you on the trek . He said it was like a night out in Falkirk with you two.
    Take Care and Do Scotland Proud !!

  34. Sabine und Andreas Noodt13 February 2013 at 14:07

    to Philipp Noodt,

    Hallo lieber Schatz, hoffentlich geht es Dir gut! Ihr habt sicherlich eine tolle Zeit! Ich hab schon öfter in den Blog geschrieben, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob das geklappt hat. Wir skypen oft mit Vicky, die hoffentlich bald ihre Gastfamilie wechseln kann. Tausend Küsse, Mami

  35. To Robin van Gelderen,alpha1, LieveRobin, maak veel foto's, Bel ons zodra jevkunt!!Nog even volhouden op je coast to coast track!!Super stoer wat je doet.Denken iedere dag aan je!love you XXX Mama

  36. Sup Jeff? howz it going ma friend, so you made any friends yet? hope its all fan daby dosy and your working hard. just remember that you get out what you put in bud, at least theres female company there hector. aw ra best fae scotland mani, al speak to you later on in the month. Ezee now.

  37. Jeff Young Alpha 1.

    Sup bruver, Yo Jeff its Craig here, just a wee hello and to say well done on making it there. That was the first hurdle eh, but hey you are there so go and make a huge IMPACT and go do what you do mani. We are proud of you for making this trip and i know that your going to be a big hit over there and make a success of everything you do in your life. But thats enough of that soppy stuff. Just remember to enjoy what you are doing bruver and stay safe, put on gloves if your cold AYE!!!!!. Stay cool all the best fae the musselburgh massive.

    1. Angus Richardson Alpha 1

      Alright mugger. I keep messaging you links on facebook forgetting you can't reply, so there will plenty to wade through when you get back on a computer. Those sunglasses look good........Came home this weekend to do an essay and i can confirm that the amount of talking to milo going on these days is reaching dangerous levels. hope is well. see ya layta.

  38. To Elle Shilton Alpha 1
    Hi Belle, you should be near the end of your trek by now; I've been following the blog and looking at the pictures and keeping everything crossed that it has been an amazing experience for you. It looks like an incredible challenge and I can't wait to hear all your stories...there won't be many people who can say they will have done what you have! Well done you, I am so proud of you xx All fine here, just finishing half term, off to Edinburgh next week and having to apply for my job again..but all cool. Lydia is fine, she has a new guitar so spends even more time in her room...we all miss mum xx

  39. To Robin van Gelderen, Alpha 1
    Hallo lieve Robin, volg je natuurlijk op jullie blog, maar helaas is er geen nieuwe info, of nog leuker, foto's :( Wij zijn weer veilig terug uit St. Moritz.
    Was erg stil zonder jou!!Denken veel aan je!( vooral als ik onder een warme douche sta????!)Zal wel zwaar zijn die wandeltochten. Zeker voor jou die helemaal niet van wandelen houdt!!Misschien vind je het wel leuker na dit avontuur??Nog een weekje en dan ben je weer op het basiskamp!Verheug me om dan weer iets van je te horen.Nog even volhouden daar. Geniet van de mooie natuur!Vergeet niet veel foto's te maken! Love you!

  40. To: Robin van Gelderen, Alpha1

    Hallo lieve Robin!!! Wat geweldig zeg, heb vandaag gehoord wat je daar allemaal zo doet en meemaakt! Nou!! Petje af!! Je zus zit nu dagelijks in de discotheken in Shanghai, maar als troost: in Bangladesh zullen we die ook laten afzien; 45 graden, 90% vochtigheid, geen airco, geen knappe mannen, geen disco, geen winkel, geen drinkwater!!
    Ik ga je volgen. Dikke dikke kus!! Denise

  41. To Billy East Alpha 1
    Hallo Bill keep up the good work is it as hard as a half marathon? Rovers are winning every week this year not so good for the City.I am off to the Canaries on friday and Jane has been keeping me uptodate with the weather.Thinking of you Grandad

  42. For Angus Richardson - alpha 1

    Hi Angus, We are still thinking of your early mornings! We are thinking you are nearing the end of your trek and are really looking forward to hearing about your adventures.Bale has scored 6 goals (3 from free kicks)in the last few games and Tottenham are now 4th in the league.Milo was lame again for a few days - took him to the vet and on arrival his paw was miraculously better! All well here - hope you might have time for a skype before the next phase - the Raleigh blog is brilliant. All love M,D,E and M xxxx

  43. Jeff young Alpha1 Hey jeffro!!!! Its sara and mum here! Soz late in writing< iv just figured out how to work this Lol you know what im like!! You look like your having a ball! the pics look great! Everything back here is braw, im just back from aberdeen visitin becca and oliver! hes getting so big, he loves to scream just because he knows he can make a noise haha. Missing you soooo much and we all love you loads and loads! xxxxxxxxxx

  44. To: Robin van Gelderen - alpha 1

    Hey Robje!! Hoe gaat het met je daar in Costa Rica? Jezus heb net even het 'overview' filmpje bekeken en ziet er heftig uit! Echt super knap van je dat je hier aan mee doet!! Trots op je! Maar je familie en vrienden missen zal ook wel zwaar zijn denk ik, want zo lang dat je weg bent. Heb dankzij je lieve moeder kunnen ontdekken in welke groep je zat, snapte zelf echt niks van deze site namelijk haha.. Zij mist jou iig heel erg en ikke ook!! Zo jammer dat ik je niet even kan appen :(... Maar hoorde dat je de 22ste terug in het basiskamp bent, zou het super vinden om te horen hoe het daar is en hoe het met je gaat!! Haha zo grappig om je foto's te bekijken! En ik denk dat deze zin voor jou bedoeld is: 'We have also given up trying to look good in any way!'. Good job miss Prada! ;) haha!!
    Nog heel veel plezier en sterkte in rimboe schat! Zal aan je denken!!!
    xxxxx Liefs en een hele dikke kus van Clau xxxxx

  45. To Robin van Gelderen alpa 1
    Hallo lieve Robin, wat zul jij onderhand moe zijn van al dat wandelen!
    Hoop dat ik morgen of overmorgen iets van je hoor!Dan zit deze eerste track er op voor jou. Heel stoer wat je allemaal gedaan hebt!Hou heel de dag de telefoon bij de hand!Kan niet wachten iets van je te horen!
    Love you XXX mama

  46. To Robin van Gelderen Alpa !
    Robin, geniet ze daar on the pacific!!Wat zal het mooi zijn daar!

  47. To Robin van Gelderen
    Lieve Robin, wij zitten gezellig bij je ouders. We hebben net alle leuke foto's bekeken en we zijn erg trots op je. Heel veel succes nog en we zullen heel veel aan je denken. Ook hopen we dat je dinsdag 2 Maart een hele leuke verjaardag hebt !!! Dikke kus, Yolande, Michael en Isabelle

  48. to jeff Alpha1
    :D hey jeff hope your enjoying yourself out their and arent lost without your guitar the wee ones say hi and take care theyve seen the photos and are really proud of their big brother cant wait for you to get back and tell us all your stories where thinking of you lots you've achieved so much keep it up everyones been phoning asking for you hoping your doing well love from Mum Sara Monica Rachel Ana Claire Andy Rebecca wee oliver and James oh and missy dog x

  49. To Jeffery Young, Alpha 1
    Awwwwwwwwwwww right Jeffro, how's it gone? Its Rachel and Ana, Hope your having fun! The photos look amazing!Your doing good we're so proud of ya, we miss you and cant wait for you too come back so we can play your xbox hahahaha jokes, naah but have fun out there!... Few questions. have you seen a monkey yet? Why do you need that big knife/sword thing?, what stuff have you built? Have you seen a snake yet? and you better be bringing us back a present something like a stick or one of those spider monkeys they look fun or a sloth they sorta freak me oot but they look cute. Anyway We're away to eat some sweeties and fudge donuts.
    Lots of Love your wee sisters xxxxxxxx P.s Cabangee, hahahahah.

  50. To: Robin van Gelderen - alpha 1

    Hee lieverd! Hoe is het nu met je? Al druk hutjes aan het bouwen? Haha ben zo benieuwd hoe die er uit komen te zien! Heb je net weer op een foto gezien bij de 'skit night'! Joehoeee! Alleen wel jammer dat het van die kleine fotootjes zijn, en maar zo weinig :(.... Maar als je in April weer terug bent mag je al je foto's uitgebreid laten zien!! Zitten er eigenlijk beetje leuke meiden bij je in het groepje? (Of jongens hihi?). Ben stiekem echt jaloers op je dat je daar in de warmte zit.... Het is hier zo'n poep weer, vandaag van die natte gore sneeuw waar je niks aan hebt.. Dus geniet er nog maar goed van je laatste weken, want je gaat het weertje 100% zeker missen haha!! Hoor graag weer snel van je zodat je al mijn stomme vragen kan beantwoorden hahah! Is er eigenlijk geen programma dat ik kan zien wat je aan het doen bent? :)

    Mis je schat! En denk heel erg vaak aan je!
    Goodluck en een dikke knuffel en kus van mij!!
    xxxxx Liefs Clau

  51. To Robin van Gelderen Alpha 1

    Hallo Robin, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Wat een feest, 18 worden in de jungle. Dat kunnen niet veel mensen je navertellen! We hopen dat je het naar je zin hebt in dit super avontuur. Geniet ervan en we denken aan je! Xxx Karin

  52. To Jeff Young - Alpha 1.

    Hi Jeff! Hope your doing well. The weeks are flying by! Billy asked me to tell you that he has moved into his new flat and is looking forward to you coming back and being able to go and visit. I'm sure he is already thinking of what spicy invention he is going to make for your dinner lol! The weather here is improving a bit. We are getting up to 7 degrees during the far off what your experiencing the now probably!! Anyhoo, take care and message you again soon.

    A' the best - Millhill staff

  53. To: Robin van Gelderen - alpha 1

    Schat!!! How are you? Ben je al een beetje beter? Ik hoop het! Ikke gelukkig wel, heb 3 dagen thuis in mijn bedje gelegen... Maarja mijn bedje en jou bedje is waarschijnlijk een wereld van verschil haha.. Arm kind toch! Pff zou zo graag willen dat je weer thuis was...! Gisteren opstap geweest, en dan mis ik je altijd zo :(...!!! En ga deze zaterdag naar Brussel om te stappen met de jongens, en Ang en Samie gaan ook mee, wat had het toch leuk geweest als je er ook was!! Maar als je terug bent dan gaan we flink stappen schat! Wanneer ga je trouwens naar Knokke? Hopelijk samen! Ik ben er iig de eerste 2 weken van Juli.. We hebben een huisje gehuurd, en dat zit super dicht bij jullie, haha dan kan ik lopend voortaan naar jou ;).
    Maar hopelijk kunnen we binnenkort face-timen! Hoor graag snel weer van je!!
    Heel erg veel plezier nog daar en sterkte hihi !!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LY ! Kusjes Claudine



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