Friday, 22 February 2013

Alpha 6 on Cabo Blanco

Our project communications officers Alexandra Braun & Ottalie Westerink on Cabo Blanco and their environmental project:
Get up stand up we need to go back to work. With Nachos wakeup call Alpha 6 plucks up the courage to begin a brand new day. Everyone jumps out of bed towards jungle camp to attack the beloved porridge. After greeting the sun and the speech of the motivator of the day, it is time to go to work. Everyday Alpha 6 tries to make work as enjoyable as possible by personalising the rocks or by singing Disney songs during our rock change. We even ended up by having our own creation of the Moulin song.
After a hard working day we often take advantage of the fact that our jungle camp is near the rocky beach, and run into the endless shallow pools. One day after a nice bath in the Pacific Ocean we saw something that looked like Jimbo’s (James Taylor) sandals floating in the water. But Jimbo was not in the water, it appeared to be a harmless nurse shark that somehow ended up in our shallow pools.
On one of our free days we went to Cabo Blanco beach, it was a beautiful trip through the jungle. After a long walk we arrived on the amazing white beach, it seems like our own private beach which we shared with a massive group of Pelicans. After a nice lunch, swim and some tan time we walked back. ‘Back home’ we discovered that the mini medic did not fulfil her role because everyone’s back was bright red; Dom even ended up with white hand marks on his red back.
On Valentine’s Day we organised a dress up with your date party. Everyone made crazy costumes out of jungle materials. The best made costume was Nacho’s and Alex’s who were Pocahontas and the Talking Tree.

Alpha 6 strongly believes in the need of the path and as a team we manage to reach our goals. Proud and satisfied we are ready to leave the incredible Cabo Blanco experience in the hope that the next group will finish what we started.

Cabo Blanco and Social Justice
We, Alpha 6, think that protecting the environment has a positive impact on social justice.  First of all, because we totally rely on nature.  Without all the resources that nature provides us we could not live in the society in which we live today.  Over-exploitation of resources which are not sustainable, such as logging wood lead to the destruction of a world in which social justice is possible.  It’s a result of destroying the environment that will result in us not having a future at all. This in turn will disable everyone from growing up with equal chances.  As a consequence, the population will struggle with competition over resources meaning that the wealthy can afford but the developing world will not be able too, destroying the concept of social justice. 
Alpha 6 concluded that protecting the environment is an action that must be undertaken by more and more young people to maintain social justice. The group strongly believes that educating people has a positive impact on creating a socially just world. Through education, people will understand that they have a right, a voice, and can choose their own political direction instead of being disempowered.  Because you do not have knowledge about your surroundings or society you will have limited power and little can change for you.  If you educate people they will have more skills, so it becomes easier to take part in their society and find employment.

Making people more conscious about the problems in the world and how small changes can make big differences. Making them aware of health care and how to take care of nature will have a long term positive effect on our global community.


  1. 13A Alpha 6 James Anthoney

    Hi James, we have been following all the news and all rather envious of you! Have a fabulous birthday on 25th - what a place to be to celebrate and we ad sure you are enjoying every moment (except maybe sleeping on the floor!). J, A, G, and O xxxx

  2. Jelmer vd Ploeg, Alpha 6
    Ha lieve Jel!
    Wat een mooie omgeving waar jij bent geweest! Prachtige foto's, en slaap je een beetje in je hangmatje? We zijn erg benieuwd hoe het met je is. En wat je hierna weer gaat doen.
    Veel liefs pap & mam.

  3. For Dominic Orchard Alpha 6

    Hi Dominic
    It was great to get your email yesterday and we are all so pleased you are having a brilliant time. We have replied and hopefully you will get this message before you go on your next adventure on the next stage of your trip. Dad loved talking to you last night and we have seen your blog page - finally Alpha 6 makes contact......we were getting very frustrated at seeing everyone else !! Ha Ha ! Although it took a while to find it on the website. You all look happy and relaxed in the photographs and are obviously learning a lot about life in such an amazing environment and throwing in some very hard work too. Hope you are managing to take lots of photos !! We will send you some letters etc to fieldbase so that you have something to look forward to you. I am sorry you didn't get the last message I sent !!
    Love you lots. Keep safe and don't forget your sunscreen !!!!!
    Mum, Dad, Katharine and Oliver

  4. for dougie Critchley Alpha 3 Dear Dougie, Mum sent us your latest news. Sounds great fun. Glad the water held out in the jungle! There has been a big news item about an 18 year old Brit who got lost in the australian outback for three days until he was spotted by a rescue helicopter. They said he only had hours to live and had survived by drinking his contact lens fluid and his own urine. (Useful tip!). the other news, world wide coverage, is that of Oscar Pestorious, (he of the "blade runners" in Olympics). He shot and killed his girl friend in the middle of the night and his defence is that he thought it was an intruder when he heard a noise. In fact girlfriend was in the loo and he shot her through the locked door - four shots. He has been in court all week, full of remorse. Its tragic. She was a beautifull model. The full court case won't be heard for weeks and he has had passport removed, likewise gun and is not allowed to go back to his home. Not much other news except it is snowing again! LILY, puppy, is driving us all made. Very disobedient indeed. Won't come when called etc. etc. However, if Jeff Appleyard takes her out she is as good as gold. I went out for a walk with him today and I now know his trick is to give LIly pieces of cocktail sausages! Been shopping and now there are 10 sausages in Aga so am hoping they will do the trick for me.. I had supper in London with Lucilla a couple of weeks ago. she was just recovering from a horrid bug which kept her in bed for a week. All is well now. Thats the news for now. Pucky, Lettice, Linnet and the wicked Lily all send you lots of love. as do I. Granny

  5. Expedition 13A Alpha 6 James Anthoney
    Happy Birthday on Monday James, we will be thinking of you & it will feel very strange not to be celebrating with you in The Harpenden Arms.
    Great to hear your voice Thursday night, and to hear of your adventures. We are very envious, it is really cold here and we are desperate for spring to come. All our love Mum, Dad & Ben

  6. For Freddie Brock 13A
    Hi Freddie, thanks so much for your facebook messages. We were VERY excited to hear from you. It all sounds absolutely fabulous! I have read the messages at least ten times! All fine here although, of course, we are missing you. I shall find time to write you a proper letter next week and hopefully you might have got Dad's letter by now.
    Have you managed to take a few photos?
    Lots and lots of love Mum, Dad and Alice

  7. hi Amelia on xray4 just heard you are off on a 3 week environment project good luck am sure you will take what you need camera! gloves! hat repellant sun cream etc...I shall be following on the blog what xray 4 are doing.I love the Raleigh ethos of take only photos ,leave only footprints.Enjoy the sun here it is freezing and cloudy!I love you and am thinking of you. Break a leg lots of love Mum,Daniel is missing you , Colin xxxxxx

  8. For Jelmer van der Ploeg Alpha 6
    Hoi Jelmer, wat leuk om het verslag te lezen en de foto's van de eerste weken te zien! Zo te zien geniet je ervan. Succes met de komende uitdaging de komende weken en groetjes uit Glimmen!
    Marco, Hennie, Laura en Esther

  9. Dom Orchard Alpha 6

    Hi mate, hope you're doing alright, it all looks really good on the blog and I wish I was out in Costa Rica instead of at uni.. You lucky man you.. We've been missing your presence at Twickers, tho fortunately it hasn't affected the results!! We should be heading for a grand slam decider against Wales in Cardiff which will be a good game, I'll let you know the score somehow.. I would like to request a bit of blue steel in some of your pictures as well buddy, spice things up a bit! Hoping things are going on well with the Costa Rican chicas, sure they're loving the posh Surrey charm! Tess thinks you're looking quite big in your pictures actually, despite you not being able to hit the gym, I reckon that's chat but she's made me put it in. Apparently you're introducing some Disney hits which is commendable, don't forget 'go the distance' which is a personal fave.

    Enjoy it man, and don't get drunk and start talking like a chav again.. Looking forward to spending some nights under the stars with you in South Africa (no homo) and the rest of the Orchard/Swindell/Mays tribe.

    From Olly and the Mays'

  10. For Izzy Letty 13A Alpha 6

    Hi Izzy

    So lovely to hear your voice yesterday and Thursday. Hope you have received our post card and my 8 page letter (!) as well as the Air Mail 'envelope'?!! Will make sure the boys write soon too so there will be more letters waiting for you after your trek. Good Luck with the Coast to Coast - don't get lost and left behind! If you suspect you may be getting a blister from your boots, stick a Compeed on quickly - prevention easier than cure! I gave Melissa your address so she will definitely write too - she and Nick popped in for tea and supper today and she was really keen to hear about your adventures and see the blog and photos. Will get a letter in the post to you within the next few days and post you off that travel guide too. So glad you have acclimatised before your trek and built up your muscles wheeling those stone filled barrows about! Missing you lots and checking the blog daily for more photos and info. Have fun and enjoy that heat - am already thinking of how we can all escape the British Winter next year! Lots of love from us all Mum, Dad, Ed and Will x o x

  11. Lieve Jotje,
    Het wordt weleens tijd dat je wat van ons hoort. We hebben natuurlijk wel met je "meegelopen" tijdens die prachtige maar doodvermoeiende trektocht. Wat ontzettend sneu voor je dat de laatste avond je fototoestel is gestolen.400 foto's weg.......We vinden het heeeeeeeeel zielig voor je.Gelukkig ben je zelf gezond en alweer onderweg naar je volgende project.Ga er van genieten.
    Hier gaat alles prima. Oops oefent goed en gaat goed vooruit.We gaan 25 maart 10 dagen naar grand canaria. We willen zon!!! Ik ben benieuwd hoe we het daar vinden. In ieder geval zijn we dan niet zo wit als jij thuiskomt.Ha, Ha.
    Pappa vertelde dat jouw groep nu waterleidingen moet aan leggen.Wat een zwaar werk.Doe voorzichtig.Ik hoop dat dit babbeltje je zal bereiken.
    Dikke knuffels van Oops en Ooms. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  12. For Henry Ash X Ray 3 (COAST TO COAST):

    i cant believe youre doing the coast to coast! that is awesome. i did one up in the north called guanacaste which was great but i kind of wish id done the coast to coast. It will be v v tough but youll have just the best sense of achievement when youve done it. you will have crossed a continent on foot! that is absolutely mental, im so jealous. Ive just had a brief scan through the photos from your time back at field base. OH MY LORD they are hilarious. tell dougie to remove his facial hair, absolutely awful! before hes aware of how much of a banana he looks, he will have a tattoo saying 'pura vida' emblazoned across his forehead or something. also huge lol at angus' mickey mouse sunglasses that attach to his glasses. Theyre also hysterical! the ultimate stout space saving initiative (that look like he is spending a holiday touring museums in italy, aged 73!) have a great time on trek. and like i said, i hope you put extra food bundles in for you when youre out there. you will definitely want them! let me know how it all goes when you get back. i had the most ridiculous phone conversation with granny the other day: we were chatting and it was perfectly plain that she couldnt hear a single word of what i was saying, so id tell her a bit of my news and she would reply with comments totally unrelated to anything i had previously said. for example: i was telling her about how im going skiing with mikey, jesty and emma and she interrupted me half way through with 'and have you ahd lots of nice comments from your party then?' dear lord, it was a challenging call. talking of challenging, you better go and help someone who has blisters or something. see ya, definitely want to be ya right now. j x

  13. Hallo Robin (Alpha 1), wat een avontuur! Ik denk dat het af en toe niet meevalt, maar ik wilde dat ik het vroeger had kunnen doen (en had gedurfd...). Ik hoop dat je er heel erg van geniet! Heel veel liefs, ook van Ronald, Floris en Madelief

  14. For Emily Elliott, X-Ray Group 3
    I miss you Em! Just been having a look at your photos and you are right, the tan is clearly going very well. Was amazing to get that text from you, so good to hear how it has all been! Sounds like a great experience.
    Everything is going well over here, I wish I could call you right now and fill you in/get some needed advice but will have to wait until you get back. Will be sooner than we think.
    I am running for a committee position in the law society so have to start campaigning on monday which is a bit scary, I am not even sure what to do...apparently free food is always a good way forwards.
    Otherwise just working etc, we had the law varsity match on saturday which was really fun. Am going to see chelsea this weekend as well and doing some daffodil sale on friday for cancer which should be nice.
    Dad is in lebanon working already which is a bit crazy but I think Mum is adjusting to it. This term is going to go so fast and then it will be my last holiday in miami, crazy times.
    Good luck on the trek! Lots of love, Meg xxxxxxxx

  15. For Alexandra Braun 13 A, X-Ray 8
    Coucou Alex, on était super enthousiastes de t'entendre vendredi passé, ainsi que le déroulement la-bas. Ca a l'air une expérience inoubliable, on a lu ton texte sur Alpha 6, Environment, bien écrit! Profite de chaque instant, même quand il s'agit de travail dur, c'est un enrichissement pour ta vie entière. On suit le blog quasi tous les jours en cherchant une photo de toi. Ici tout va bien, toujours froid et maussade. Hier on a visité la maison de Bruno et Vanessa à Anvers. Tu nous manques, mais on sait que tu te portes bien. N'oublie pas de porter tes botinnes quand c'est nécessaire :-)
    Gros bisous de Paps et Mams et Pura Vida !!

  16. For Alexandra Braun, 13 A, X-Ray 8
    Coucou Alex, nous étions super enthousiastes de t'entendre vendredi passé, ainsi que le déroulement la-bas. Ca a l'air génial. On a lu ton texte sur Alpha 6, Environment, bien écrit! Profite de chaque instant, même s'il s'agit de travail dur, c'est un enrichissement pour ta vie entière. Nous essayons de suivre le blog chaque jour en espérant de voir une photo de toi. Hier nous avons visité la maison de Bruno et Vanessa à Anvers. Tu nous manques, mais on sait que tu te portes bien. N'oublie pas de metre tes botinnes quand c'est nécessaire :-)
    Gros bisous de Paps et Mams et Pura Vida Alex!

  17. Emma Holder 13a X-Ray 3
    We are all soo jealous of the experience you are about to have. I especially would love to walk for 10 hours a day and be up at 4am! You are earlier than Jack!!
    Tashy has completed first leg of her travelling and arrived safe. Jack is coming home this weekend for my birthday, we have Kate and Dil for supper, if she hasn't had the baby, she is very fed up now, desperate to give birth!!
    We love and miss you, you look beautiful in the Skit night photo, my Emma is coming back to me!!
    Enjoy lovely ding dong, can't wait to hear all about this one!
    Love, Love, Love, Mamen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. 13A Alpha 6 James Anthoney
    Hi James,
    hope you are enjoying the latest project as much as the last one. As ever we and family and friends look forward to seeing more pix on the blog.
    I had a good trip to the US but always great to get home. Ben won 9-0 and the Boro beat top of the table Cardiff 2-1 so hopefully they have turned the corner after losing 7 of 9 ! Get together at the Sandlers with all the ski crew for my birthday on Saturday which could be messy!
    Waiting for confirmation on your flight changes and sent you an email with travel info on the countries you mentioned.
    Love ya Dad , Mum , Ben & Lexi ( woof )

  19. Alpha 6,

    Hallo Jelmer,

    Volgens ons ben je morgen de 10 e jarig:Proficiat! Het is erg leuk om de verhalen te lezen en de foto's te zien. Geniet van deze mooie tijd in zo'n mooie omgeving.Lieve groetjes van Jan en Greet

  20. Jelmer van der Ploeg,Alpha 6,

    Proficiat Jelmer. We genieten van de mooie foto's en verhalen!
    Geniet verder van je reis!
    Lieve groetjes, Greet & Jan

  21. Jelmer van der Ploeg, Alpha 6
    Lieve Jelmer,
    Gefeliciteerd! Wat een bijzondere en onvergetelijke verjaardag zul jij hebben!
    Wij vinden het leuk om alles te kunnen volgen; heel veel plezier verder!
    Veel liefs van
    Sipke en Magdaleen



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