Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Alpha 7, 8 and 10

Our community projects across Nicaragua encompass a water project by Alpha 7, Alpha 8 are building a pre-school and Alpha 10 have been undertaking a house building project. All are located in remote communities who have embraced our volunteers as their own. We thought the best way for you to see the teams' progress would be through the photos of our brilliant photographer Liz:

Alpha 10: Arenilla, Miraflor
Beautiful Miraflor
 Working together with the local community, building houses with mud cement and mud bricks
 Collecting "barba del viejo" - old man's beard
Receiving messages from the blog
 Gathering together for the end of day review
Alpha 8: Siares, San Ramon
 Getting to know the local community
 Receiving messages from the blog
Alpha 7: Matapalo, Achuapa
Heading out to start work
Tireless trench digging for the water pipes
 Setting up radio to communicate with fieldbase
Receiving messages from the blog 

Everyone is on their way back to Fieldbase which is very exciting! Also just to let you know all of our Explorer Venturers have arrived safe and sound in Turrialba and we will be bringing you an update of their training and arrival tomorrow.


  1. To Merle Boontje, Alpha 8;Ha Merle meis; guappa!! Wat leuk om je weer op de foto te zien! Ben benieuwd wat je staat te doen daar; iets met pennen en stenen? Leuke foto, misschien sta je wel in het Spaans te babbelen met die Nicaraguaanse meisjes in het raamkozijn. Ziet er vredig uit.
    Hier alles goed; heel veel mensen vragen naar je. Vandaag Willy Bouma, je weet wel mama Sietske; die was verbijsterd dat we al 3 weken geen contact met je konden hebben. Ik doe daar altijd heel stoer over, dat je in een echte bush nou eenmaal niet elke dag kunt mailen en Appen en al die nieuwerwetse dingen. Hoop natuurlijk dat het goed met je gaat, de foto doet vermoeden van wel. Pas goed op jezelf ,muchas plezier van je padre

  2. For Mary McSporran Alpha 8
    Glad to hear you are back at Field Base lovely to see a few more photographs of you too!uncle Duncan now back at home with 25cms of snow!! This is most snow they have had whilst they have been living there. Things moving on with your bedroom you no longer have any furniture but it's not decorated yet.
    Looking forward to seeing James at the weekend we haven't seen him since before you left.He was home last weekend for Katy's birthday but dad & i were in Madeira we went for a week at the last minute very relaxing & fairly warm 18c.
    Very cold here at the moment & snow forcast in Edinburgh for the weekend.I have sent you a couple of letters/cards though I doubt they will have arrived with you yet. Lots of Love Mum xxxx Dad is watching football Liverpool are playing in the Europa League & have to win to stay in.Forgot to say James team lost badly in the Brum Cup yesterday, must be missing him. Love you lots xx

  3. For Lena Jawad alpha 7

    'Lena thinking Sarah going overkill on the comments section'

    Proud of your achievements lover-can't wait to speak to thee!do you smell of ah ah or inti heseltee?xxxxxxx

  4. Jessica Adsett, A8

    Pictures look amazing of the community stage.. so what's next? I see that you're the communications officer, very fancy!

    Your text was a nice surprise!
    I am trying to decide what goggles to get but I don't know what the limit is.. or if you should just get me something else..

    Hope to speak soon.

    Love and miss you,
    Matt. xx

  5. to Charlotte Dumoulin, Alpha 2

    Lieve lieve lieve Char, ik kreeg net bericht van jou via Q, ik ben zo blij dat alles goed gaat! Ik ga morgen voor het eerst bij Es in Leiden logeren, en al wordt dat vast heel leuk: ik mis je bij het idee alleen al! We gaan naar zo'n heerlijk Minerva feest (met de Delftgang), dus wish me luck! Verder werd ik even geaccepteerd (hilarischer en genanter dan ooit), praat ik Sorghvlietertjes nog zelfvertrouwen in voor geld en is alles hier verder 'officieel', dus genoeg verhalen voor als je terugkomt :) Man ik mis je wel hoor, dit zijn echt van die tijden dat ik 3 straten wil doorfietsen en met je wil praten over van allessss :( Maar oke, wanneer is het niet zo'n tijd haha.. Maar er is al bijna 1 van de 2.5 maand voorbij, dus over een tijdje kan ik je weer platknuffelen!! Tot die tijd lees ik heel fanatiek over al je avonturen en luister ik ATL en mis ik je! <3333333 HEEL VEEL PLEZIER!

  6. (message for Rakeem Shan Alpha 8)
    Salaam Rakeem hope your fine. we are so happy to see you in the photo, your looking good mashaAllah. Can't wait to speak to you when your back at field base, we're all really missing you loads. we went to papa Altafs last sunday for dinner they were all asking about you we told em your fine. they were all doing dua for you and saying that the work your doing is subhanAllah amazing mashaAllah. Amina and Tan were also asking about you they were giving you salaam. Hala Yasmin, naheem and Aftab were giving you their salaam too. Kasim is working hard with his buisness. We remember you every day and do dua for you. MashaAllah this work your doing will be a sadaqah jariya for you. please remember to take your malaria tablets on sunday morning. Kasim Maryam Saarah me and your dad really miss you from all of us x. P.S who were the kids talking to you in the photo, part of the local community..?

  7. Hi! To my lovely and dearest friend floor claus from aplha 10, i miss you honey but you'kl do great!! have a great time! Kisses, feralie

  8. Hi Angie (Angela Turnbull Alpha 10) Mum and I loved the photos (well done to the photographer) and are glad to learn that you are back at base for a day or so. Your project looks as though it is taking shape. Interesting to see that you make your own bricks. Bit different from the UK where it is very cold at the moment with snow in the air. Hope that you are enjoying yourself and having a good time. Love from us both, Mum and Dad (Liz and John) xx

  9. rakeem alpha 8
    hiyya rakeem hw r u its ur b'day tomorrow mashallah ur lookin really gud in ur photo cant wait until you get back.

    and christifars mum has became a muslim mashallah gonna go to her house today and give her some flowers

    love you loads maryam

  10. Jeannina Barrientos Ching
    ¡Paradísima de uñas! ¿cómo me le vainas? puro english? jajaja mae espero que se esté divirtiendo, y agarrando color y esas cosas jeje no la encuentro por todo el puto blog! ¿Qué tal estuvo Nicaragüita? Lindo verdad? fijo! Linda linda Jeanni! Espero que aproveche el tiempillo de raleigh para lo que USTED lo necesite, tiempo para usted, para verse y esas cosas, y verse en medio de la divina naturaleza, grande, bella. Espero que yo no pueda NI imaginarme lo bien que ud la está pasando por allá y las muchas cosas que esta aprendiendo, por eso después me las contará! Junto con AQUELLA historia que dejó pendiente sin contarme jajaja ;) Mae disfrute, no hay mucho que decir. Se le extraña :) La quiero cerotica! Adri.

  11. Hi Charlotte - great to see all the photos and to read the blog. We are so proud of you and think your host family looked so nice. It must have been hard for you to leave them and I can imagine you got very fond of the family. We miss you here but are so proud of you, for all the good work you are doing. Give our love to all your new friends out there as well as Flav and Tabs! All our love, Mumma and Dada xxxxxx

  12. Rakeem alpha 8 salam rakeem hoPe ur havin a gud tym its ur b'day tomorrow mashallah gonna be 19 cant wait till u cum back were gonna throw a party inshallah loads of luv maryam

  13. Para: Esteban Villalta

    hola! acabamos de colgar y quiero decir que ud es el ser más chuzo en el mundo y lo amo demasiado. Gracias por llamarme, no sabe lo feliz que me pone enserio! ud es y será siempre mi mejor amigo y le agradezco a Dios por ponerlo en mi camino. Gracias, te amo <3 buen viaje y que las piernas no le fallen ;) i love so much and i miss you even more

  14. Hi Jess Adsett.
    We have just got back from trying out our new camper in the Forest of Dean. It was -2 overnight but we were lovely and warm. Joe loved 'glamping' films on dvd, beer, good food, a warm bed and biking as well. We all had a good time. I have been busy doing chores this morning , including Matt's washing. He has gone to play golf with Grandy.
    We loved the photos and your accounts on the blog. Well done. There is plenty of soil to sieve in your garden when you get back! Enjoy your trek. Have fun and look after yourself.
    Dad showed us your letter. Thank you.
    Love N & G



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