Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Alpha 8 on Education and Social Justice

Alpha 8 and their Project Comms Officer Jess Adsett considered how Millennium Development Goal 2 can positively impact social justice?
Students at the school in Siares
Here in Siares we are making a positive impact in our community through building a pre-school, with funding from the Myles Robinson Trust and working in partnership with UCA San Ramon, it is our hope to give more children access to education. At the moment 90 children aged 4 to 12 share one classroom with only a sliding wall to separate them. There is a lack of space and it is a disruptive environment, which has meant parents are not sending their children to school. We hope that by building the pre-school it will eradicate this problem as all the communities children will receive the quality and right level of education.  This will hopefully mean more children are able to attend and could even mean children could have a better chance at moving onto higher education.
Mixing cement to lay the foundations
Children attending the current school
The Millennium Development Goals
Education is not seen as an importance by all of the community, especially when it comes to the women. There is a definite acknowledgement that they will eventually be needed in the home tending to the domestic chores whilst their partners work hard from dawn until dusk in the coffee plantations. It is their culture and maybe they don’t know how to change this cycle.
Alpha 8
Although not in primary education a local boy from the community of Siares, Gerald 15, goes to college but only on Saturdays, in the week he helps his dad by working on his plantation. Access to primary education could improve and positively impact this issue as the more children who have access the more it will improve and hopefully, maybe, one day education will be seen as more important.
Mauricio's son
Anthony working hard
There are people in the community of Siares that see education as important, Mauricio a host of Alpha 8, when asked if he wanted to pass the plantation over to his son said he wanted him to focus on his education first and manage the plantation from afar. He believes education will improve his son’s prospects and way of living. If people have this attitude, even in a small community, hopefully by helping promote social justice on a small scale, it could eventually cause enough of a ripple affect to reach a global scale.
Interesting fact about the world 1% of the global population are educated to college level

We are working to help achieve Millennium Development Goal 2: Universal Primary Education, it is our hope that we are making a positive impact as building this school gives every child, no matter their gender, race or wealth, an equal chance and equal start in life. We hope it can inspire them to use education as a way to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives. It has been said that this Millennium Development Goal won’t be achieved by 2015 however this should not be seen as a negative, education is always going to be there and will grow and improve ultimately helping to achieve all MDGs and will hopefully lead to a just and equal society.


  1. Mary McSporran Alpha 8
    Glad to see the work gloves are coming in useful now you are getting down to the "nitty gritty" of the project and completing some of the building work. Well done.
    Sorry but Contiki have cancelled the tour to Rio and Buenos Aries. Nothing else available, that is organised. Hopefully get an opportunity to talk to you when you are back at base camp on 21st. James not played rugby for last few weeks - injured, but not from playing!! Messing with friend on way home one night and fell!! Needed some stiches in his arm, but hasn't missed a game yet as all cancelled because of waterlogged pitches or snow. Keep up the great work and think of us this weekend at a bitterly cold Murrayfield! Lynch's now Ireland fans and supporting them!!. Speak with you soon.
    Love Mum and Dad x x x

  2. (message for Rakeem Shan Alpha 8 13 A)

    Salaam Rakeem hope your ok.

    Please! appear in the team photos as this will help your portfolio and also chear us up aswell as we always look forward to seeing you in the photos that show how hard you are working plus gives us the chance to hate on your sun tan..lol.

    love from Mum Dad Kasim Maryam and Saarah.xxx

  3. daniela carranza alpha 3 hola pegadita jaja espero que este bien ayer le mende un msj no se si le llego ojla que este le llegue rapido maria porfa llameme cuando vuelve si jajaj i got plan espero que si se pueda pero hagame caso , le deseo lo mejor ya se tiro toda la troliada que bien sos una campeona ve que usted puede todo ,como siempre cada dia la quiero mas ya quiero verla me hace mucha falta pero im happy for you , you know... pegadita pienseme bastante si muchos besos y abrazos y cuideseme mucho tb nos vemos tonx...ya sabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee muaksssssssss ......

  4. Message to Merle Boontje Alpha 8;
    Hee lieverd, eindelijk een foto van jullie en van jou! Je ziet er blij heb. We zijn zo ontzettend benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. En zoveel mensen om ons heen! Hopelijk lukt het om komend weekend contact te hebben.
    Hier gaat alles goed. heel druk in het museum met de voorjaarsvakantie, gisteren 1524 bezoekers (op 1 dag).
    Hoop vandaag wat eerder naar huis te kunnen en je een langere mail te scrijven.
    Heel veel liefs en we hopen dat je het goed hebt daar. veel plezier. Dikke kus, mama

  5. Hi Jess Adsett, To use your words , we hope that your adventure will..
    inspire YOU to use education as a way to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives. Two very proud grandparents. Love as always.
    Matt coming for his tea tonight!!
    N & G xx

  6. Hallo lieve Merle Boontje, zo goed te horen, dat je contact hebt gehad met home-base. Iedereen blij! Even schrikken, dat je zo beroerd bent geweest, maar je bent een bikkel en er was goede begeleiding hoorde ik. Hoop, dat je het ergste achter de rug hebt en dat je nieuwe project goed verloopt!! Hier is alles prima. Lekker grijs en nat!!! Kijk iedere dag aan t einde van de middag even in mijn in box, want dan komt de berichtgeving binnen. Leuk moment vd dag om naar uit te kijken. Hou je goed vrouwtje en een hele dikke kus "buuf" Alice

  7. Alex Bailey-Smith.

    Hope you are well brother, the work looks incredible mate! cant wait to ask you all about it. I spoke to your mum and brother they said your having a great time, which i was glad to hear. I saw hugo the other night at yellow arch haha, had a nice little chat. Just letting you know mate, i've booked my flights and i will be arriving in Cancun on the 13th of April, i know its a day late, so i appologise for that, but the flights were £300 quid cheaper, couldnt say no haha. Right mate, i will post you again before i set off, have the best time for this last month, and i shall see you soon.
    James Green.



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