Thursday, 28 February 2013

Artist's Blog: Phase 1 & Changeover

With every phase, each group are given Arts Kits. It provides everyone with materials that they can use to document their time whilst on project. All groups have been fantastically creative; Alpha 4 at Carara, experimented with photography and produced some incredible images. 
Using PM Emma's artistic expertise, they also created a beautiful diagram of their adventures at the National Park.
Alpha 8 at San Ramon used art as a means of engaging with the community. Asking the local children what they wanted to be when they grew up and their dreams for the future, what came out of these questions were wonderful drawings, which will hopefully be turned into a mural for the soon-to-be-completed school.
 During changeover, the venturers got involved with an arts project, which consisted of a lot of clingfilm and plenty of paint. Quite a few went off on Phase 2 still looking very much like paint palettes… it was a messy affair, but then good art always is!
 Here are a few pictures from the venturers who submitted their work for the changeover exhibition: the ‘Rallery’ (we do love puns). 
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Jaq Potts
Nick Varney
Paul Davies & Anna Bakker
Matt Heathcote
Holly Howarth

Alex Bailey-Smith
Alejandra Salas Ruiz & Elpha Perkins
The works have been excellent and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s been done in Phase 2!


  1. Para Ignacio Sancho, ahora si me parece que hace mucho tiempo que no te veo. Ojalá que este nuevo proyecto sea tan productivo o más que el anterior y que estés muy feliz. Me parece increíble que mi bebe tenga ya 20 años.Cuando vuelvas vamos a comer mucho queque. Te quiero cuídate, mama

  2. For Elle Shilton Xray 4

    Hi Belle, hope all is going well for you on your new project? The skit night photos looked great fun but your feet looked really swollen - hope they are OK now after all that walking ? Some news for you :-You have another offer in from Kent; Lydia's hospital appointment was fine; Dom has got into the England U 16 team; Lydia has now got a ukulele to add to her instrument collection; L and I used your 50% voucher and toasted you with a rib eye steak each - yum!! it's stopped snowing and I'm just about to book badminton tickets for when you get back. Red and Anita both say Hi...Love you mum xx

  3. To Robin van Gelderen XRAY 8
    Hallo schatje, hoop dat je niet lang ziek bent geweest. Zal wel wennen zijn in een hutje wonen met een heel gezin!!Kan niet wachten om je verhalen te horen!Vandaag is het 1 maart, je laatste dagje als 17 jarige!Ongelofelijk dat je alweer 18 wordt!Zullen je morgen heel erg missen :( Maar we drinken een lekker glaasje champagne op jou verjaardag!!We gaan naar Knokke, vieren we daar jou verjaardag zonder jou...
    Gister avond was Marvin weer komen eten.Hij komt braaf iedere week eten nu jij er niet bent. Erg gezellig!Hij zit nog druk achter de vrouwen aan haha..Verder vraagt werkelijk iedereen hoe het met jou gaat, leuk hè? David gaat vanavond weer naar Kanonski, duh!!Vind hij nog steeds gezellig, grappig toch!Schrijf je morgen weer!Hoop dat er meer foto's op de blog komen van jou groep.Groetjes, dikke kus X mama

  4. To all of you: FANTASTIC!!!

  5. for Cas McCormick, x Ray 5
    Dear Cas
    It was so lovely hearing from you at the weekend, everyone was in the kitchen (Danlar, Liv, Genna, Yannis, Ella) and we'd been talking about so you the timing was perfect!
    I think everyone is going off the idea of stealing your bed as it involves being woken by Pongo jumping on them-I think for one delirious moment she thinks you've come home! Then has the cheek to look coldly at them when she realizes her mistake...
    The photos are amazing, you're looking so happy -how's the food going? We're still planning to bring food requests to the airport for you and Conrad-I wonder how much browner he can get?! both of you are sporting impressive facial hair-watch out for strange beardy tan lines! loving the bandana look too.
    how is x Ray 5 doing?
    San Lucas sounds an extraordinary place and it's wonderful to think of you having these incredible adventures-take lots of photos! We are all addicted to the blog and love seeing pictures of you-such a great thing to be able to watch your progress and feel a bit closer to you.
    Things here are fine, still cold but 1st March today so dreaming of spring and blue skies.We all miss you so much but don't worry, Ludo is keeping the onesies warm (and wearing most of your wardrobe)
    Thinking of you always, keep safe and can't wait to hear more adventures.
    Love you
    Kel xxxx

  6. For Bella Jones X-Ray 5

    How's your first week on the island been? I expect its flown by. We liked the pictures of the art projects on the blog, did you do any of the painting at changeover or maybe on your project, it looked fun, if messy.
    We are off to Kent this weekend, its Grannie's birthday on Sunday, so we will remember to take your card for her. We will be having lunch at Bugs & Ginny's with Simon & Caroline. No sign of your letter yet, don't really know how long to expect the post to take, but we will get another letter in the post for you after the weekend to make sure its there for your next changeover.

    Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad

  7. Message for Conrad Hagger - X-Ray 8

    Hi Conrad,
    How goes the work? I hope this phase is proving to be as enriching (is that the right word?) as the first phase. I am sure it is tough in different ways, but you must feel you are doing something truly tangible to directly improve people's lives.
    We are all well. Hugo and I went up to Combe Grove Manor to play tennis. It has been a fabulous day here - it has felt like the first proper day of spring - with balloons coming up over the city into a clear blue sky. Had our meeting with our old client yesterday and it seems we have picked up a nice piece of work. It is nice to be back in the door there.
    Hugo, I think, misses you and has admitted as much. He realises how much he loves making you laugh and how you make him laugh. I don't know if you are getting any world news on this phase? The Pope has left office and the cardinals are gathering in the Vatican for the election of the new one. A balloon crashed in Egypt with the loss of 19 tourists. The horse meat scandal has diminished.
    Mum is going to Boston again in May with Benadette, Emma, Anna and Sarah.
    We love seeing the pictures of you - you look like hewn mahogany.
    Mum is looking over my shoulder (she's doing steak with truffle oil - should I have mentioned that or not?)She sends you all her love.
    Nigel is logging onto the blog site every day too and watching your progress - he will probably post something soon.
    I hope you are getting pictures, but if not ask anyone who is to send you some when you are back at change over so we can see what you are up to.
    We got an official offer letter for you from Goldsmiths. They have invited you to a half day even later in March and a one-to-one interview. Mum is going to call them on Monday to explain what you are doing and get it moved.

    Take care Conrad, we're thinking of you as always.
    Love Dad.

  8. Hi Amelia with XRAY 4,a quick update to let you know that Daniel has completed your online application for accomodation.He is immersed in exams and says hi.I spoke to Nonno on his birthday and he asked after you - I think he is looking forward to seeing you this summer.Aunty Nat also asked about you and sends you her love.Colin and I are fine and are very busy.Hope you are ok. I keep reminding myself that 'no news is good news'. Looking forward to reading about what xray 4 are doing -lots of love MumxxxDaniel and Colinxxx

  9. X-RAY 8 Gina Gabriela Solorzano
    Gina! espero estes bien y disfrutando todo esto. Un abrazo! cuidate bastante :)

  10. For Patricia Walker Xray 2

    Hi Wizz, So pleased to hear that you are having a great time... had supper with your mum,dad,Angus,Alex last night and they told us all your news, thanks for asking after Norman he is recovering well not the most patient patient!! Very Happy Birthday from us both
    Lots of Love
    Carol and Norman Xxxx

  11. Voor Florentine Claus X-Ray 5 San Lucas Island

    Hi Floor,

    Fijn te lezen op het blog dat jullie zo veel vorderingen maken. Dat zal wel wat energie kosten. Hoe bevalt het slapen in de buitenlucht. Veel last van de muskieten? Heb je zelf de stellage voor je bed moeten maken of konden jullie gebruik maken van de achtergelaten spullen van de vorige groep? Heb informatie over de gevangenis opgezocht op internet. Nogal gruwelijk wat daar gebeurde. Lijkt me een aparte ervaring om daar nu rond te lopen. Niet in de gaten vallen van die grote ronde stenen schijf waar ze mensen in op sloten. Schijnt nogal warm te zijn daaronder. Hier gaat alles goed. We missen je. Veel plezier en succes daar. Liefs, MKMK Pap

  12. Hi Jeff,

    We are following your trip with interest! It looks fantastic. What stories you will have to tell your Grandchildren. Well done.


  13. For Angus Richardson XRay 9
    Hi Angus,
    Really hope you are having an amazing time - we are looking forward to hearing news of XRay 9 on the Raliegh blog - your project sounds fascinating. We are all fine - Edward was home overnight and we had the usual manic dash to train yesterday morning.Daddy's long lost cousin was absolutely lovely and his wife too - hopefully you will meet him in the summer. Granny and Pup are fine - still quite a few trips to London with Granny.We are all missing you of course and they all send their love.
    All love M,D,E,G,P and M

  14. Hi Amelia with XRAY 4.Hope you are well darling.This is a bit of a one-way conversation and I feel like I am talking to myself!Still no update on xray 4 so I must just assume you are clearing and levelling those pathways..I trust you're wearing those gorgeous gardening gloves with maybe the cotton glove as a liner especially on your left hand.I trust also that in the hot sun you are wearing a hat or at least the bandana to protect your scalp from getting burnt and of course sun cream on your face! Colin urged me to 'blog' again just so you know we haven't forgotten about you -ha ha -that's jokes isn't it!
    I was reading about the trek - sounds very arduous but amazing something like 250 km in 19 days going from one ocean across to the other!
    I remembered today(Monday 4th March)to charge your phone.No landline messages as yet.
    Uncle Rob is back from Italy and I am seeing him tomorrow to hear all the news.
    It was actually a bit milder today and we even saw a bit of sun -how wonderful but the forecast is rain for the rest of the week!
    Over the weekend I went with Colin to High Street Kensington and popped into lots of sports shops and spotted ski gloves!
    I hope your mp3 is still managing to provide you with music but if not I expect you've all started a sing-a -long group while you sit under the stars and relax in the evening as you don your long trousers and insect repellent.
    I hope you are keeping your journal -maybe you've written some poetry inspired by the beauty of your surroundings...
    Thinking of you -lots of love Mumxxx, Danielxxx and Colinxxx

  15. Elpha perkins x ray 2. Hi Monks, I think I've messed up my previous 3 blogs as I've not seen them posted so I am trying again. Dad and I are in Austria winter walking, brilliant sun and blue skies, lots of snow. It's beautiful, you would love it and the lack of scary black runs! Not seen an x ray 2 post yet but will do so soon. Hope legs/knees/hair/sanity all still ok!!! Any blisters? Really envious. Leicester accommodation is under control, not opened yet but both Maddie and I are on the case and they will e mail to let us know when we can apply. Maddie says you both are keeping accommodation choices to yourselves!! Things going well for Angus. Roland looking after mushka and morrissey. Missing u . Xxxxxx mum xxxxx

  16. Flavia Bruce-Smith Alpha 2
    Hello dearest Fi,
    Hope that you are having a great time and are not being bitten to death by mossies.All well here, Papa back from Cyprus where he had a great birthday. Cressida is still looking for that elusive job, I have now moved into the Cotswolds for work which is stunningly beautiful, Boo has been unwell and was home for the w'end, wretched noravirus and Babs is winding down for her last 2 weeks at school.Alfie and Viola send their love!!! Much love from us all too, Mama Mia xxx

  17. Hi Jeff

    hey looks like you are having fun out there. I am well impressed with your art work better than the stuff on your walls in your room haha. Missing you here everyone is asking for you. hope your enjoying your time and remember keep all your memories tucked away we are taking phonecalls by the day from the tv, papers etc haha miss you Audz Gordon and the TEAM XXXX



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