Sunday, 24 February 2013

Changeover: Skit Night

Skit definition: a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing.

Skits are a big part of what makes Raleigh the hilarious and enjoyable experience that it is. If you have ever done Raleigh you will remember the good, the bad... and the ugly, but we were absolutely overwhelmed by the high standard of skits that were performer at changeover. Judged on inclusivity, more than one language, comedy and expression, it was a fabulous evening with the champions being the very talented Alpha 5, although it was a very tough choice for our esteemed judges.

It was a bit of a mad few days at Fieldbase with changeover but the skit night brought everyone together, each Alpha team had 5 minutes, to act, sing or as we had rhyme, their explanation of their phase. Below are images of the amazing night full of laughter:

 Alpha 4
Jess, Vanessa, Marisa and Simon, our esteemed judges
Alpha 3 with their plea for dougie the doggie
Alpha 2 Corcovado Trekkers
 Alpha 6 from Cabo Blanco, the basher and Clive the best porridge ever
 Jelmer the operatic path
 Alpha 9 from Conte Burika
 Swans, made from a lot of carrying and trekking
 Alpha 1, Coast to coast trekkers
 Self proclaimed 'reem team'
 Alpha 7 from Matapalo

 The Alpha 5 champions, absolutely amazing skit
 Alpha 8 on Siares
 Anthony getting very into his role
 Alpha 10 from Miraflor
Check back tomorrow for an update on allocations and where are teams are off too >


  1. To Matt Heathcote Alpha5

    Well done to Alpha5 for winning the skit night Matt. Pictures look good. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I'm looking forward to hearing about everything. Is there a video link to the skits? I hope you are not being eaten alive by biting things! xx Nancy
    Much love -

  2. To James Taylor X-RAY2
    Dear James
    It was lovely seeing all the pictures of Alpha 6, it looks like you had an amazing time. We loved the pictures of the skit evening.
    Hope you got everything sorted for your trek, it was lovely talking to you.
    Take care and have fun, looking forward to reading all about your group on the blog.
    LOTS OF LOVE Mum, Dad, Jonny ,Guy and Tess xx

  3. (message for Rakeem Shan Alpha 8 13 A)

    Salaam Rakeem hope your well.
    looks like your enjoying the skits night. I wonder what your next project will be..?

    Please make sure you take your malaria tablets every Sunday its important.

    love Mum and Dad xx

  4. (Message for Rakeem Shan 13 A alpha 8)

    Happy Birthday!!!

    19 years old subhanAllah

    love from mum dad kasim maryam and saarah. xxxxxx

  5. para Daniela Carranza isla san lucas
    enana :P no veo fotos suyas! diay? xD Hola Dani! soy su primita ja ja ja (sara) hoy hubo una fiesta familiar de los soto, quiero contarle muchas cosas que han pasado! muero por que ya venga! como la está pasando? mae la amo demasiado :D que buena nota <3 ojalá todo le esté saliendo muy tuanis, mae no sabía como mandarle msjs, fue corteasía de sharóm digamos jajaja que chapa... besote hey! mañana matriculo la U que emocion, aquí la extrañamos mucho, y le mandamos besote de talo andrés papi sandra mami el gatito jajaja y una nueva perrita que tenemos :3

  6. For Rachel Holey. Alfa 3

    Photos are great. Looks like you are all having fun with skit night. Love the doggy. Just like you to pick up a stray (remember South Africa, you befriending a stray dog on the beach).
    I know you will have started your community project by now, so wishing you good luck. Hope the journey wasn't to arduous, although lm sure it wasn't a 'walk in the park' ha ha.
    Ali G, U Walter came for lunch yesterday and send their love. We just couldn't stop talking about you and how proud we all are of you!
    No other news from Rutland, weather v cold and damp, quite miserable! You do look fab and very tanned, well gel.....
    Can't wait to speak to you on your return to fieldbase in a few weeks. Kisses, hugs and more kisses from a very proud mum xxxxxx

  7. (13 A Rakeem Shan Alpha 8 ) salaam Rakeem hope your fine

    hopefully you will be getting our letters soon.

    hope you enjoy reading them and write usa letter back when you have time.


    luv from mum dad and family x x x

  8. Message for Jaap Velenturf, Alpha 3 in the first period

    Hi Jaap,
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Hoorde het van vader en moeder die hier zaterdag hebben gegeten. We volgen je natuurlijk op de voet, want iedere dag kijken we of er een Raleigh update is. Vanuit Costa Rica worden veel foto’s en verhalen geplaatst, helaas vanuit Tanzania veel minder. Je had gelukkig een berichtje kunnen sturen over de mooie maar zware trektocht die jullie gemaakt hebben. Tim is ook begonnen met de trektocht dus we kijken uit naar zijn ervaringen. We hebben hem een keer aan de telefoon gehad en enthousiaste verhalen gehoord over de eerste dagen. Alleen de pap als ontbijt vond hij wat minder…..Hoop dat jij nog mooie weken voor de boeg hebt en wij blijven het vanuit Breda volgen. Nog een gezellige verjaardag, in ieder geval één om nooit meer te vergeten!
    Lieve groet,
    Peter en Marion

  9. Hi Amelia with xray 4 group.Hope you are feeling better.We have the proof that you are actually there.Your project sounds really interesting maintaining trails for access and communication and tourism for employment and income- of great interest for a geographer.Sure you are taking lots of photos and notes and malaria tabs on Tuesday. Check your shoes and keep dry says Colin. We miss you a lot but hey one week has already gone by so make the most of it! Lots of love Mummy, Colin and Daniel xxx

  10. to Hidde Borslap X-Ray 2
    Hidde heel veel sterkte op je Trek!!Geniet ervan...Wandelen is leuk!!!!
    Good luck!Groetjes Danielle, moeder van Robin

  11. For Sarah Tilley Xray 3
    Hi Saree,
    How are the shoulder and calf muscles, not to mention the blisters? We are trying not very successfully to see where you are walking but often think of you with envy. A choice between North West London on an icy cold day with grey skies and hiking through Costa Rican countryside - I know which one I'd go for... we enjoyed all your Facebook messages and of course have been scanning the blog daily for more news. You always seem to be smiling....I hope you are keeping a detailed diary of all you see- it'll definitely be something to savour in years to come, not to mention all the photos.
    No real news this end. I have just sent you another letter and I am now back at school. We went to the hotel and were served by Han yesterday evening which was a laugh. The pasta was very good. Also had vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce cascading all over it but perhaps i should not mention that whilst you are trekking.......
    Stay cool, just keep plodding on!
    Lots of love Mum

  12. For Angus Richardson XRay 9

    Hi Angus,
    So good to hear from you at Fieldbase and that the trek was amazing- the skits looked really fun. Really hope you have a great time at La Carona - it sounds fascinating. Very much hope that you got some other malaria tablets as I feel you should be taking something.Tottenham beat West Ham 3-2 and Bale scored again in the closing minutes .- Spurs are 3rd D went to see England beat France - fantastic match. M exhausted after Pilates conference this weekend. E busy with his dissertation and reached finals of his hockey league knockout. M needs a trim! Answered last question for D of E today! All love M,D,E,G,P and M xxxx



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