Monday, 18 March 2013

Artist's Blog: Changeover 2

We've had some fantastic work produced in Phase 2 by the X-Ray groups and much of it went beyond the art kits and sketchbooks, supplied to them on every phase. There were some really dynamic pieces involving not only the venturers but the local partners as well. After the Nicaraguan road trip which myself, Alice, Jess and Vanessa undertook, X-Ray 8 in San Ramon took to the task of continuing with the mural on the pre-school, which was started when we visited them a couple of weeks earlier. With the school children, the group created a beautiful mural consisting of a large butterfly with all of their handprints in and around the painting.

X-Ray 10 made a beautiful social map of the community, detailing their lives during their time at Miraflor. It included some fantastically detailed pictures of their respective houses and the characters that live in them. In Cabo Blanco, X-Ray 6 finished their path with wonderfully decorated rocks, lining the new Alberth Ingalls trail. The 600 meter path will be the prettiest in Costa Rica, for sure! 

Continuing on the theme of International Women's Day, X-Ray 7 worked with one of the homestay Mums, Sylvia, on some wonderful drawings depicting life in Achuapa. The group also used art as a means of learning Spanish and teaching English to the children in the community. PM Emma drew some beautiful images. 

Below is a roundup of theirs and others achievements over 19 days of second phase- good job guys!

X-Ray 8's Conrad and Billy get stuck in in San Ramon
Alpha 10's fantastic social map
Charlie: proud as punch
Merle and her beautiful design
Katrinka got stuck in and created several
Anna drew a picture of her homestay
Sylvia's lovely drawings


  1. To Merle Boontje (Coast to coast trek); hee Merle, je staat er geweldig op met je prachtige kunstwerk!
    Mooi! Dikke kus van papa en mama

  2. Message for Loulou Robinson
    Good morning gorgeous Loulou, how you doing? I think today is a very special day!
    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday gorgeous Loulou happy birthday to you!
    Hope you have a fantastic day and the gang look after you and let you take it easy and put your feet up! Fat chance with that one huh!
    How's it going up there in Nicaragua, hope you have settled in to your digs and the Spanglish is coming on!! Do they understand anything your saying or just looking at you blankly! Have a brilliant day gorgeous, I will be thinking of you loads today and every day, enjoy the randoms and remember to share them around!! Love you loads and loads gorgeous Loulou, your Richie always xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

  3. Fantastic art. Waht news of the Zulu groups? Who is doing what?

  4. To: Jessica Nineham (Zulu 3)
    From: Mum xx
    Hi darling. Hope your trek is going ok and is not too gruelling; however I know you like trekking so am sure you're enjoying it at the same time. Bet you've come across some lovely scenery. Am so proud of you doing this. It'll be an experience that you'll never forget. We're all thinking of you and love you lots!!
    p.s. Just seen your butterfly painting on the blog. Brilliant!!!
    p.p.s. Guess what?? Tim and I finally got round to cleaning the fish tank!!! And we've bought more fish and 2 snails!!! Hope they survive!! :)
    Love, kisses and big hugs,
    Mum, Tim and Richard xxxx

  5. Hi Dad! (Clive)

    I tried texting you but I'm not sure if its working, so I thought I'd leave a message on here as well. Just wanted to say I hope you're getting on well, and good luck on the trek you're doing next! Mum told me a bit about the last project you went on, happy you're getting on alright. I miss you a lot, it'll be great to talk to you again, even if its just over skype when you're done before you get back to the UK. Stuff is okay here, fairly dull and I've been getting on my work mostly. Will be back for Easter at the end of the weekend so it'll be good to keep Mum company for a bit. Again hope everything goes well, really looking forward to speaking to you again.


    (I don't know how these are sent or whatever, but if people could working on the blog could get this message to him somehow that would be great. Thanks!).

  6. Cas McCormick coast to coast trek

    Hello Darling Cas
    It was lovely to hear your voice at the weekend and to hear what an extraordinary time you're having. Your X-ray stage sounded absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see your photos of everything and everyone. I am so pleased you are on the trek you wanted although I hope your ankles are up to it. Please look after yourself really well. I know you'll love the challenge of it. I'm sitting here in my office trying to imagine what your day must be like. It is unimaginable, sitting here chilly and dealing with never diminishing admin. What an experience Cassie Rex!
    Tara and Laura send you love. So do Ella and Danny and Liv. Charlie is apparently DJing in France and charging for his autograph...Ludo has confirmed his place at Falmouth. It is so his place. You will need to make your own decision when you get back. I wonder which way you are going with it? Maybe you can think on that long long walk.
    I'm so happy that Conrad is doing the same project you did. He will love that.
    Hang on to every memory you can. Write or draw what you can. This is life as only you know it and we all want to hear everything.
    You are so missed lovely Cas. We can't wait to see you and we are thrilled that this experience has been so powerful for you.With love and hugs from all of us xxxxxxx

  7. Ottie Westerink (don't know the name of her new group!) Lieve lieve Otje, heb je de 8 uur beachwalk in zinderende hitte overleefd? En nu aan de slag in het dorpje? Baalde enorm toen ik zag dat we je laatste telefoontje gemist hadden! Zo zonde, maar was wedstrijd aan het spelen en had 'm dus uitstaan. Zag net de moeder van Jet dMvO, die vertelde dat zij nu in hetzelfde groepje als Fenna op 'trek' is door Tanzania. Al je andere vriendinnen zijn hard aan het zwoegen want het is volgende week weer se-week! Hoop dat het deze weken voor jou wat minder zwoegen wordt! En dat je het heel gezellig hebt!!! Flippie was hier gisteren en heeft ons weer een beetje bijgepraat over al zijn Rotterdamse avonturen. Steeds drukker met de konco en werkt nu niet alleen in de pijp maar ook in bikini!! En heeft Jettie al verteld dat ze mee mag doen aan het toneelstuk? Verder smeert Lucca 'm nog elke dag in het bos en word ik daar goed gek van! Maar hij trekt zich nergens wat van aan. Hij vindt het veel te saai hier en is echt toe aan een vriendje! What to do?!? Wij gaan vrijdag nog een lang weekend skiën met de dezelfde groep als altijd, maar nu helaas zonder kinderen. Wel heel gezellig. Dag lieve schat, een dikke knuffel!!!! Ik kijk uit naar jullie blog! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. to Natasha Tchaikovsky X ray 10
    Mi rusita linda! te amo, y me haces demasiada falta, asi en serio. Se que estas aprendiendo, creciendo y disfrutando bastante asi que solo estoy celosa que no sea conmigo (hahaha, mentira pues) me alegro por vos asi mucho, aunque te extrañe. Tengo como mil cosas que contarte, no muchas pues, pero si importantes haha. Espero todo siga bien por alla y estes de lo mejor. Te veo pronto, disfruta al maximo lo que te queda, cuidate monton monton. Te amo, te veo pronto. Si haces algo diaca, como beber coca con algun pan en una venta acordate de mi. Lo mejor esos tiempos. Te adoro. Por cierto llevo 3 meses sin beber coca cola, y eso es mucho para mi, y ha sido dificil. Espero poder mas, solo que eso era algo que compartia con vos y ahora no :( Ya pues, deja de leer para que disfrutes. TE AMO!

  9. Emma Holder 13A Community.
    Hiya, so Betsy has chicken pox! She is quite spotty, not at all ill and of course, off school/ballet etc! Typical, one more week and it is the holidays!
    Woke up to a serious dawn chorus of cheeping birds today, Spring is definitely in the air but we still have the heating on all the time.
    It is light till around 7pm now which is great.
    Jack got talent scouted AGAIN at last saturday, he went along to a studio on sunday and they took about 1000 photos, 6 odd outfit changes later they told him 'you could go all the way if you wanted' !! We have had such a laugh, he left it that he would be interested if there was weekend work so lets 'hand it over' and see what happens...some great pics, you will see oin facebook as I have uploaded.
    Callum breaks up this week, he is in Scotland for Easter then here I think. Tashy is having a blast in Aussie, she skyped Neill the other day, he was very glad to speak to her, she was smoking away! She got a rejection from LSE which she is furious about which we are glad about, wrong place for her and she needs a rejection for her ego!!
    Chicken are going quite well, peace continues in the house. I have decided to retire from massage at the end of the year, for definite!! I am increasingly worn down, besides jack can keep us with a modelling job!! Hahehaha!
    You Missy, are on a telephone ban, no more talking, massive bill again, when I spoke to o2 it seems you had some ridiculous talks with Ash, one cost me £45!!! I have texted him and he is cool, o2 said that texting is best and the longer the better as over 160 characters it is 25p. Less is 45p. So facebook and text please, only phone in an emergency. I cannot afford another big bill honeybun!
    Enough said. I love you, hope you have settled in and are loving your community, host house, toilets and beds!! Thinking of you all the time, love being sent from so many people, everyone thrilled to hear you are staying longer.
    I am off now, out with dogs and spotty girl!
    Keeping the faith, believing in you and miss you, Mamen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. For Florentine Claus

    Hoi Floor,

    Goed dat je de zwaarste trek hebt. Lekker doorzetten. Schijnt wel de mooiste te zijn. Je komt er wel door heen. Tot nu toe altijd leuke groepen, die zeer hecht waren. Dat gaat met zo'n zware trek dus ook lukken. En je hebt nog het geluk dat je jarig bent op trek. Benieuwd hoe ze het vieren met je. Zal je missen en aan je denken 28 maart. Ook nog zo'n speciaal Kroonjaar (in dit geval voor jou en ook voor Nederland met WA en Maxima). 18 jaar. We hebben zelfs nog wijn klaar liggen uit je geboortejaar. Dat kon bij jou wel omdat jij in een goed wijnjaar geboren bent. Joep jammer genoeg niet. Die zullen ze we dan maar zonder jou opdrinken. Hoop dat op je verjaardag de zon schijnt en dat iedereen je helpt, grote taarten heeft gebakken, veel jungle cadeautjes voor je heeft. Hier is opnieuw een koudegolf begonnen. We komen er maar niet vanaf. Sterkte met lopen en de blaren. MKMK Pap

  11. To Akalia Xray9

    Hey AK!! I hope you're soaking up all the sun and staying super healthy! SO proud of you! Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get home :) LOVE YOU! - Elise

  12. Dear James( Zulu 10)
    Hi, How are you doing? how is the housing construction going? w
    We are looking forward to all your new practical skills!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your group on the blog.
    I took Tess for a walk up the hill today, it took a while but she rally enjoyed it and is now snoring on her bed.
    I have a new Homestart family a lady with twins who are gorgeous.
    Getting ready for skiing, hoping we are going to have some sun.
    Everyone is asking after you and following the blog and all think it is an amazing organisation. Take care. lots of love Mum, Dad, Jonny , Guy and Tess xx

  13. For Cas MCCormick , on the Coast to Coast?
    Dear Cas
    Just a short message to say I'm thinking of you on this last phase- it sounds from the previous blogs that it's a massive challenge! I hope your ankles are ok- stocking up on the magnesium salts for your return!
    Everyone fine here, Ludo's 5 chickens still laying only 1 egg between them per day despite huge attention and freshly cooked pasta-I think they have a better diet than me!
    Very cold here with more snow forecast, very glad to be escaping next week to hopefully warmer climes for 10 days- at the very least it will be a welcome break from work, it's definitely time to recharge batteries. And of course we might be slightly less bluey white at the airport to pick you up!
    Starting to collect your clothes from various bedrooms and returning them to their rightful place-it's a long job.
    Anyway lovely thinking of you always, be safe and have the most amazing last few weeks.
    Love you love you Kel xxxx

  14. Nick Varney Zulu 10
    Hi Darling
    Hope all going well and that you are getting stuck into the community project. Make the most of at as time will pass very quickly. phone all sorted out just ran out of money each test 49p and £1.39 a minute to call - so be careful. So sorry cannot change the flight - so see you at Heathrow on the 8th cannot wait. Love and miss you so much Mummy and Daddy xx

  15. To Emily Elliott, Nicaragua
    Hi Em,
    Lovely to hear from you at the weekend and hope you are now safely ensconsed in Phase Three. Have got Tom at home at the moment but only for a few days as has to go back for cricket, although I should think outfields are flooded. Lily breaks up tomorrow for the last push. Good news from Wimbledon! Have sent off all required paperwork, and good news from Alice who is having another baby. Four avocado's devoured today by our cunning friend, who is developing very sophisticated tastes for a dog.Is still very cold here and raining most of the time so it looks like being a wet winter. Have hidden the mini eggs for your return!
    Lots of love xxx

  16. Daniel Carranza, Punta Burica.
    Hola hija! ojalá le esté gustando el lugar, seguro que sí porque todos los rincones de nuestro país son hermosos, estoy segura que los estás disfrutando y aprovechando, te deseo una linda estadía y un final muy feliz de esta linda experiencia. Por aquí todo marcha bien, te cuento estás invitada al té de canastilla de la bebé de Gerardo José, ahí nos ponemos de acuerdo para ver si querés ir, es el domingo 21 de abril. Que Dios y la Virgen la bendigan y la protegan en todo lugar y momento, te AMO demasiado, un besote y un abrazote. Mamita.

  17. Dougie Critchley, Zulu 6

    Hello darling,
    It was so so lovely speaking to you last weekend, loving the beard look! I have seen a photograph of you on a bus with Henners so I know you are together for this phase which is brilliant. The blog hasn't been updated yet so we don't know where you are or what you are doing but I hope you have the most wonderful birthday - it will certainly be one to remember! We will be thinking of you lots darling and hope you have a fantastic day.
    All good here and yes it's still snowing! End of term today for me so that's quite a good feeling.
    So much love and big X


    hi boys. how are you both? how is san lucas treating you? where are you living? when i was there, we lived over on the other side of the island by the big beach, i slept in a hammock between two trees that looked over the sea and got woken up by the sun rising over those hills on the other side of the sea every morning. pretty idyllic but the back pain is crushing after a while! what are you up to? what are you building/doing out there? Is there a ranger there called pedro or something similar to that? he has a moustache i think! well, he did when i was out there anyway. we built the terrace in front of the rangers' hut for them to have meetings on. Im expecting you to have taken a million photos of how it has changed for me to see when youre back. talking of photos, i have just seen quite literally the most ridiculous thing ever to have been put on the internet of you two. on the bus. henry, again, if i could swear i would, what in god's name is on your head? and dougie, what in gods name is that beard? you look like jesus christ not long before crucifixion. a curious fashion statement from both of you but each to his own! hen, ill blog you again before your birthday! youve got the best phase for your birthday though, youll be having such a laugh out there. im going to a hot tub party tomorrow, supposed to be revising but got too bloody bored. Currently in the radcliffe camera (that very famous round building in the centre of oxford) 'working'. had my interview with heather manners (holly's mum) yesterday for an internship. all good but the internship is only 2 weeks long and unpaid so i need to think of something else to be doing next year come mid september. had a drink with ollie carmichael, he sends his love to you both. classic carmichael has decided to do 2 dissertations rather than the ordinary 1, so yesterday spent all day in the vaults of the bank of england researching something. he never fails to surprise me. anyway, ill blog again soon. enjoy the long drop, assuming you have to build one... have fun and ill blog you soon. see ya, i am supremely jealous. james x

  19. to: Willie Aukema : project Cabo Blanco

    Hoi lieverd,

    Ik stuur toch maar een berichtje, ook al is er geen info tot nu toe over je nieuwe project. Hoop dat het aankomt.
    Hoe is het daar met je laatste project aan de kust. Na je trek denk ik dat je alles aan kunt! Schijnt het zonnetje nog steeds of ook wat regenbuien?
    Hier is het naar weer, nog steeds koud, vorst en winterse buien, terwijl vandaag de lente officieel is begonnen?
    Papa zit nu in madrid voor een vergadering en wij hier in keuken met Myrthe voor de bijles. Gisteren een vergadering op de Breul die een prachtige nieuwe aanbouw heeft gebouwd.
    Mijn opvolger bij KCS is bekend, start 2 april, heerlijk vooruitzicht. Hopelijk iets minder druk, maar zeker nog niet klaar met werken.
    We zijn nog steeds druk met plannen zomervakantie, maar nog steeds niets definitief.
    Lieverd, voor nu maar een kort berichtje, ik hoop dat het bij jou terecht komt.
    Dikke kus, van ons allemaal!

  20. For Nick V Zulu 10

    Hi darling,
    Is this the last day that we can blog and you get it in time? Not sure, but sending one just in case! Hope all is going so well in Miraflor. I bet it is fascinating, and hard work. All well here. Boys break up tomorrow, although E rowing in race on Thames on Sat so he will stay back, and we'll head down to go and watch. CF alone for Herks! Mark and Beanie just back from Cuba, not so far from you, having had a wonderful time. Jossie's b'day yesterday. So looking forward to seeing you when you are back. Sorry M wasn't able to change the flights, and keep you staying on for a couple of days. It is peak time with late Easter holidays etc, so I guess not that surprising. Have fun, darling, and see you very soon. CF for all when you land!!! All love, M&D xxxxx

  21. To Anna Bakker Zulu 1
    Hee lieve Anna! We zijn benieuwd of de tocht door Costa Rica inderdaad zo zwaar is als je had gehoord. En of je al hebt moeten huilen! Eerlijk gezegd hebben we er alle vertrouwen in, je bent tenslotte een echte doorzetter! Heel benieuwd wat je allemaal in het nationale park hebt gezien, waar je - als je dit leest al weer door moet zijn -! Ik vind het wel fijn, weer iemand in het gezin die weet wat afzien is. Geert met het roeien en zijn Amerikaanse tocht, ik met roeien, toer skieen en natuurlijk de Vierdaagse. Kunnen we samen sterke verhalen uitwisselen! Op het blog zijn nog geen nieuwe artikelen geplaatst na jullie aankomst vorige week voor change over, dus ik heb je Zulu groep nog niet kunnen bekijken. Is het een fijne groep en helpen jullie elkaar? Geniet van dit enorme avontuur, we zijn zo benieuwd naar je verhalen en de foto's. Zet hem op, je kunt het!! Dikke kus van je ouders xxxxx

  22. To: Fay Koster at Cabo Blanco!

    Lieve Fay,
    Is het lekker warm bij jou? Hier sneeuwt het alweer en het wordt nog kouder..... We hopen dat je een leuke tijd hebt, zo dicht bij het strand en dat je ook nog eens er op kunt liggen! Heb je een leuke groep? Wel heel zonde dat je fototoestel is gestolen, maar we hopen dat je met je iphone de schade nog een beetje kunt inhalen, wat verloren foto's betreft. Nog maar 2 weken en dan is dit project ook alweer voorbij en kun je echt lekker gaan chillen op het strand! Maar we hopen natuurlijk wel dat je ooit nog eens naar ons terug komt :-) ❤ xxx mama & Birte! ps: sterkte met de ����, we hopen dat je muskietennet het nog goed doet!

  23. Conrad Atticus Hagger X Ray 8. Hi lovely. End of term for Hugo today so we are all breathing a sigh of relief. This means of course that it is only just over 2 weeks til you get home. Min's on the mend, and we're all in good form at the moment. Dad supposed to be going to India sometime soon, but not confirmed yet so might be after you get back. Loved seeing the picture of your back on the blog as you painted the wall . You look both brown and filthy dirty!! We're off to London tomorrow to see the Manet exhibition and have dinner at The Ivy (a big deal) - Hugo will stay with Archie for fun and games. Heaps of love my pet - enjoy enjoy enjoy....... Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. For Nina - Cabo Blanco
    Lieverd, kijk elke dag uit naar nieuws van jullie maar blog lijkt opgedroogd - geen nieuws, geen nieuwe indelingen, geen foto's. Enfin, hoop dat je het super hebt daar op dat eiland - niet veel enge diertjes rond je? Las net een blog van een vorige groep om weer een beetje voor ogen te hebben wat jullie daar doen en hoe het daar is. Klinkt erg leuk. Hoop ook dat je een beetje bijgekomen bent en het weer niet te regenachtig is, lekker een beetje zwemmen 's avonds na de werkzaamheden bij nabijgelegen strandje? Hier alles OK. Hele dikke knuffel van ons viertjes, mam xxx

  25. For Sarah Tilley
    hi Saree,
    Well you are in week 1 of the environmental phase. Don't really know what you are doing but we are looking forward to hearing what you are up to. No doubt your feet are getting better by the day after your epic trek.
    No real news here. I have just finished the term - hooray so we now have a week until Easter. Han comes home next week and Nanny will be here over the Easter weekend. I am then off to Picardie with 24 eleven year olds!
    We are feeling starved of culture so off to Watford Palace next week and hopefully we shall see a couple of films over the break.Have just been to the India Garden this evening. The chicken tikka was sublime!!!
    I shall keep this short so the message doesn't get chopped off. Have fun and enjoy that final phase.
    Huge hug

  26. Amelia Heimler
    Hey lover :D
    How's it all going?
    I miss you as per, but have been buzy at tory HQ. Was in number 10 on tuesday which was cool, and the budget was released yesterday so it was really buzy and exciting! I go of skiing a week thursday i think, and will be back before you are, don't you worry :D
    I spoke to your madre again today, all is going well, we just had to discuss stuff for SA but we think everything is good :D
    I hope the walking isn't too bad, and that you can keep up okay, and at least you'll be all practised for Maccu Piccu, so i should find it hard to keep up!
    I'm really excited to have you back in my armws darling, this is far too long separated :(
    However, I sincerely hope you are enjoying it, and looking after yourself, drinking lots of water and all that stuff :D
    Anyway I will write to you in the enxt few days, I did promise you at least 2 messages, and I won't fail ya!
    speak soon lover

  27. For the bloggers at Raleigh
    As family and friends of the wonderful young people over there with you we would like to thank you for the updates and amazing photos of our loved ones.
    You would be surprised how it keeps our spirits up too as however proud we are and delighted for them they feel a very long way from home!
    Thank you-look forward to the next update!

  28. Louise PM. Hi Louise, I hope you had a lovely birthday in Nicuragua. The Blog takes ages to load here, and takes quite a few attempts as I think the internet is slow, and because there are loads of pictures on the latest posting. I'm not sure if you're still X-Ray 3 or if you've all changed names again. All good here in Mexico, we are halfway through our holiday here in Mexico and it has been excellent and very relaxing... soon be my birthday! I hope you are well and we are all thinking of you, Dad x

  29. Para Berny Brenes.
    Sab.Lat. Hey!!! saludos loquillo. Espero que su espalda este en todas y que el trek este super tuanis! Se supone que ya entre a la u, pero sigo como de vacas es mas esta semana del 22 de marzo al 1 de abril voy para Santa Rosa, sector murciélago a seguir conociendo CR. En serio de deseo lo mejor en esta aventura y en lo que le falta por vivir. Le mando muchos abrazos. Cuidese mucho! =)

  30. Para Daniela Carranza.
    Loquilla Saludos desde tierras lejanas. Espero que este disfrutando de la vida como siempre. Aquí en Chepe la va a estar esperando Un Olafo y una herencia jajjajja... Muchas buenas vibras para que continué esta aventura y finalice esta etapa en todas!! Yo se supone que ya entre a la u pero sigo disfrutando de la vida...En estos días voy a estar por el lado de Santa Rosa Guanacaste haciendo voluntariado en sector murciélago. Un abrazo! =)

  31. Matt Heathcote X Ray 10
    Hi Matt, missed you today on my Birthday, thought of you on your trek and we raised a glass to you as well.
    Still not working yet and will now start on the 15th, giving me a chance to come and meet you at the airport.

    I hope the trek is going well, it must be pretty tough but think of the great feeling of achievement when you have completed it.

    Really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and having a chance to take you out for a meal and a few laughs.

    love you Dad.

    p.s. saw a couple of photo's of you on the blog, you are looking great, (if a bit grubby!)

  32. Emilie Wesseling, Zulu 2
    Allerliefste schat van mij! Het zijn je laatste weekjes daar, en opnieuw zijn we enorm benieuwd hoe het met je gaat! Blijft een enorm gek idee dat je nu ergens in de jungle loopt met 25 kilo op je nek. We willen zo langzamerhand die grote spierballen van je wel eens in het echt zien! Maar liever nog horen we je stemmetje door de telefoon en weten we dat het goed met je gaat. Dat je het allemaal fysiek en mentaal kan doorstaan en bolwerken! Wat gunnen we je straks de dagen aan het strand. Wat ga je daar lekker van genieten! Verdiend!! Lekker eten wat je wilt en geen bonen en rijst meer, maar misschien eens een lekker gebraden kippetje! haha
    Papa is op dit moment in Shanghai, Annie in Antwerpen met haar best friend, Friso is in Utrecht dus je moedertje is moederziel alleen thuis! Dat heet nou echt een ‘’leeg nest”. Enfin is ook best wel lekker rustig eventjes, lekker doen waar ik zelf zin in heb…Ben ontzettend hard aan het werk er zijn heel veel nieuwe zaken waar ik druk mee ben. Vandaag was ik op een mooi congres. Zag daar een prachtig filmpje dat ging over doorzetten en moest toen heel erg aan jou denken. Als je terug bent ga ik het je laten zien! Verder hebben we deze week de installatie van Robine als president gezien dat was heel indrukwekkend. Nou allerliefste schat. Take care en kom heel huids bij je moeder terug!!
    ILY!! Je Mam

  33. For Elle Shilton Zulu 9
    Hello gorgeous, hope your Zulu project is going well, just seen your picture on the blog and you look happy and well - it's lovely to see your face..all is well's still snowing and in case you have lost track of time it's Easter next week, so the daffodils are coming out one minute then being killed off by frost bite the next! The news is just talking about snow drifts and people being stranded in cars - it's really freaky!! L is now on 2 weeks holiday from school and I have some time off too, we must try and find some exciting things to do so we can try and match your great adventure! Still trying to think about what we can organise for you for when you get back..not done too
    well at the moment so get your thinking hat on to give me some clues when we next talk.

    Still no news from Ed or StA, I keep checking - it's taking ages..

    Keep well and stay happy; miss you and love you loads mum xx

  34. For Angus Richardson
    Zulu 7
    Hi Angus,
    It was so exciting to get your email and so glad you are anjoying the Pacific Coast - it sounds hard work but a fantastic experience and wonderful location. We are snowed in again here - it is extraordinary!We are hoping it will be gone for Easter next week and also for my big lunch out in the marquee room the following week - I had presumed it would be warm and sunny by then! We went to London yesterday and collected Edward after a really fun Mexican meal round the corner from his flat. He is home now on and off and studying in the British Library as he has no Ware Lib buddy this year.
    Will keep blogging - am sure Edward will blog the cricket soon.
    Love you. M,D,E,G,P,and Mxxxxx



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