Thursday, 21 March 2013

Changeover Skit Night

It was that time again on Friday night- skit night, where any self-dignity that remains from phase, vanishes in off-key acapellas and dodgy acting. Presented to the entire 13A crew and in front of a panel of three judges, the ‘Nica Chicas’: Jess, Alice and Holly, the skits were marked on humour, language, inclusivity and creativity. As with the first skit night, the second had hilarious moments and every group put in a huge amount of effort. Most incorporated a medley of songs within their skit- ‘It’s Raining Men’ appeared not once, but twice and the venturers’ experiences of D&V and other general ailments were harmonised in some very witty melodies.  The dominant theme was water, and anyone lucky enough to not get drenched whilst trekking in Phase 2 had their alms paid that night thanks to the enthusiastic use of water guns.

The winners of the evening, however, were X-Ray 9, who did a fantastic theatrical sketch of their time in Conte Burica and below is their transcript from the night.

            We present to you a skit of subjective interpretation. For your pleasure, for your knowledge, we created theatre. Our walk we depict, the events in order, from the onwards, to shortly thereafter. Our scenes we shape, our actions we ape, for a short time, we will stretch out this rhyme. Tonight, we give you our journey and our trek to Conte Burica, the walk.
            With night cloaking X-Ray 9, our journey began. The air thick with emotions aflutter, we began our time, with anticipation, nerves, excitement, with boots on we were gone.
            Beginning a walk rumoured tough, fearing worst, hoping wrong. Yet soon we were swamped by tide and ocean. We emerged from the waves, weighed down by the sun, returning to land. It stretched to the horizon. We reached the mountain, our hearts quickened, our throats heightened, the behemoth before us resolute in statue and nature. Yet Katy forced it down, she took it in her palm, without qualm. It fell away before her steps like Goliath before David. We come upon Eden, La Corona. Welcome awaited. Spoken in Guaymí, the language of Ngäbe hosts, we perplexed and tired, their harmonic voices lulled us to sleep.                      
              First light, work, carrying, sawing, trekking, hammering and most of all, tiring; our goal so far, yet four hundred locals depend upon us. The health centre was our all, medical our being. Despite some of our things fleeing, Sebastien, Patricio, Ronaldo, but potent and flaming, surrounded by ‘estrellas fuegas’, our purpose kindled. Older than the mountain, heavier than the waves: we are X-Ray 9.     


  1. Berny 13A : crayolooo!! espero este super bieeennn y q este caminando muchoooo jajajaja!!! ayer di gracias a Dios q no estuviera aqui.. su equipo nos gano aqui en heredia pero x un regalooo sepalo -.- ah y adivine que? le prohibieron la entrada a la ultra hasta en su propio estadio.. sector sur del saprissa ya permanece cerradooooo forever !! mensooooo apenas pueda aviseme cual es el Banco de la cuenta de Villoooooooo!!! no tengo idea de que banco es esa cuenta menso!!! aqui todo mundo pregunta x ud y le manda saludos!! que siga disfrutando muchisimooo un abrazo :) love u!
    atte: la sis mas guapa y la mejor

  2. anthony pollen x-ray 5
    great to see you looking so well and singing and dancing so pleased you enjoyed the island and now you are doing the trek. You are amazing everyone keeps asking about you, you are deeply missed. Honour asked after you. Beginning of Holy week on monday send up a prayer at 3 on friday we will be at Downside and be thinking of you lots. Going to Grannys on Sunday and Mells on Easter monday. Keep walking keep smiling. me

  3. hoi Thomas Bots Zulu 3
    hier gaat alles prima, alleen nog steeds heel koud. Dit weekend -6 met, dankzij de oostenwind, een gevoelstemperatuur van -16. Niet echt lente dus.
    Je zal wel denken, waar heeft ze het over. Jullie lopen nu te zwoegen. Ben heel benieuwd hoe de trek verloopt. zagen net wat foto's van de skit night.
    Rutger en Blixa zijn een weekend naar Valencia. We hadden gezellig gegeten met het huis in Delft.
    Zondag is Liselotte haar verjaardagsfeest voor oud klasgenoten. Heeft ze zin in.
    ik kijk uit naar het verslag van jullie trek.
    tot gauw. xx mama

  4. to Robin van Gelderen
    Hallo lieve Robin, ben net terug van mijn fantastische reis naar China!Maxime heeft het erg naar haar zin in Shanghai gelukkig!Ik heb veel foto's gemaakt, dus die zal ik je allemaal laten zien als je terug bent.Hoop dat jij ook veel foto's maakt!Kan nog niet zien hoe je groep heet. Hopelijk is het een beetje vol te houden in die jungle!!Lijkt me best eng met al die beesten...Succes daar schatje, spreek je gauw ( hoop ik) Dikke kus XMama

  5. This is a message for Dom Orchard.
    Hi Dom, we regularly look through the postings and pictures and it looks like you are having a great time. It was great to speak to you last friday and look forward to seeing you. everything is carrying on as normal in cold, rainy england.(I wouldnt rush back) love you loads, all the Hills xxxxx

  6. Greg Obi - Zulu 1. Hello my C of O, how are you was looking for you on the photo Amaka said you must have been the one that took the picture try nd get in the photos we love to see you

  7. Greg Obi - Zulu 1, I didn't finish typing my message and i had to send it talk of not being ICT literate :) how's the mountain trek going hope it is not challenging as it sounds keep the ibo spirit in you high. The world Nobel laureate Chinua Achebe died in the US your dad is off to see the family. Amaka queen bee is back for Easter and we are off to Nigeria on Monday and Tuesday. I would have posted u some Percy pigs or some mini eggs for Easter but it says on the website no parcels :( . We all miss you and talk about you all the time. All the best Mummy, Daddy and Queen Bee

  8. Zulu 3, For Florentine Claus
    Hey Floortje, hoop dat t goed gaat met t trekken en je t een beetje overleefd. Ben blij dat je m'n advies had opgevolgd hoop dat t heeft geholpen.
    Veel plezier met de laatste weken, je zal t missen als t voorbij is. Hier in Groningen is t heel koud momenteel -3, ben dus best jaloers op je. Spreek je snel via Skype. Dikke knuffel en kusjes van je Broer

  9. To Mark Saville Zulu 2
    Hi Mark I just wanted to wish you good luck on your trek and hope it isn't too gruelling! It sounds an amazing experience! Whatever the weather is like with you it has to be better than here as its been snowing all day! Dad is watching wasps and freezing! Otherwise not much news here - Lucy back from Kenya Thursday, Emma starts a 2-3 month stint in a new ad agency on Monday and I am stuck here with my foot still up!!
    Anyway we all look forward to hearing all your news and seeing you soon. Missing you all our love Mum xx

  10. Alex Bailey-Smith Zulu 4
    Hi Alex love the T shirt and the beard is coming on. Hope you got the missing blog from me and hugo. This time its just from me he is in Bristol with Hattie at some gig they have gone by coach. We have just had the heaviest snow fall since we have been at Whinfell. Its snowed on and off for 2 days and nights and I have a foot of snow on my car 18 inches on the table in the garden! its amazing. Me and Tobes are having fun Baby Bell cant go for walks cos we would lose her in a snow drift! Bit different from you in the jungle.Sorry we didn't hear from you again before you set off, its been an age waiting to hear which group you are in and we don't know where you are going. Who is Alexandra Braun - any relation??I know that this is the bit you were most looking forward to so heres hoping. Ever since you left I have been buying only Costa Rican and Nicuraguan fair trade coffee and its lovely. Miss you lots and lots - love Mum



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