Friday, 15 March 2013

The Return of the X-Rays: Phase 2's End

X-Rays 1 to 10 are home!! Their is palpable excitement at Fieldbase - we're ready to hear the stories, find out about the campaigns everyone has come up with for Women's Day and catch up with all of our friends who have been away for 3 weeks. We have completed a gravity water feed, which is an incredible achievement, 3 teams returned from trekking 270kms across Costa Rica and the rest of the teams have made fantastic progress on the remaining 3 environmental and 3 community projects with everything looking on track for Expedition end which is scarily fast approaching.

It is a bit rainy here in Turri but that didn't dampen the mood of returning Venturers and PMs - so here are some welcome home pictures:
Today all the X-Ray teams are finishing all of their cleaning (themselves, their kit and their clothes) presenting their Women's Day Campaigns, we will be talking about our next theme World Water Day on the 22nd March, it is Skit night (watch this space for piccies) and we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, even thought it's not until Sunday! And of course a well earned rest afternoon is on the cards... phew i'm exhausted just writing it out!


  1. Rachel Holey X-Ray 9

    Hi, I can see you! Great to see the photos of your return. Although it looks a bit wet, you look well and happy. Can't wait to speak to you. Love mum xxxx p.s Sarah seems to be having a great birthday even though she is full of cold. Xxxxx

  2. To Rachel Holey, X-Ray 9

    Really glad to see you are back safely! Looks like you have had an amazing time, I am sure it is an experience you will never forget. Hopefully I will hear all your amazing stories soon! Missing you so much as always!! Love Will xxxxxx

  3. Hi Jess Adsett
    Really please everyone has returned safely to camp. Enjoy the party and try and get a bit of rest. Weather here wet and cold , lucky you at least it's hot where you are.
    N & Gxxx

  4. Wisha, X-Ray 2. Really good to skype with you today and hear all about your trek. Sounds as if you are all doing amazingly well and I hope changeover allows you to have some downtime and restoke the energy reseves. You should allow yourself a few wee treats at the supermarket (if there is one!). We are watching Comic Relief on TV and learning of all the poor kids in Africa suffering from Tetanus and other preventable diseases - so much suffering in the world. You are doing your bit for communities out in Central America so well done. Look forward to hearing where you are off to next. Lots of love, M&D

  5. Emma Holder 13A,
    So you are back at field base, I hope you have loved being back with your friends. I am so happy that you are staying for an extra 2 weeks, it is the best decision. it seems you are embracing your life my darling girl.
    Betsy and I are having fun at Helen's, weird being in Chiswick. Helen and I are going to run along the river and bridges later, my old routes and on pavements!! We are then going to walk into Chis and have lunch. All memory lane stuff! I will be heading back around 4pm, so maybe we could talk briefly again? Anyway, have a great day, will it be Skits again? Love you very much, Mamen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. For Lewis X Ray 8.
    Great to hear from you. Kenna was upset as she had been waiting all day for your message and fell asleep so she missed speaking to you. I will transfer some money today(sat am) and speak to the bank. Hope it gets to you in time. Really pleased you are having fun. Hope the next stage is as good. Give us a call or text when you get back into the UK and we can talk. Bye for now. Love from us all. Mum

  7. managed to raise £1300 in the end too! people are breaking up for uni in dribs and drabs atm so for example i saw fleur today which was super lovely as rarely get to see her anymore. we didd a huge 6 hour walk with pub lunch half way. she had lots of gossip about oxford and she is absolutely loving life. chessie has come home very early from her travels with kitty after travelling with phoebe and aisha for a while in vietnam which was really lovely of them! She had a great time but is now working in england again. Im having a bday dinner soon, which i invited you to on facebook :) just so you didnt feel left out but i wish you could have been here. IM off to turkey next week on a fab holiday to istanbul..bit of culture. then its easter THEN IM GOING TO SOUTH AMERICA...WAT??? I cant wait but at the same time im terrified. bobby is out there atm and loving it so thats optimistic atleast! phoebes and phil are in cambodia. i think they arent having the BEST time as they have been put in a skl and are teaching classes of 30 each which wasnt part of the plan but are going with the flow and trying to enjoy the change of plan. you must be getting so psyched for new zealand!! you have to skype me when you get there. i just cant wait to hear from you! What else can i tell you....ermmmm pim has had her french exchange this week (dont really like her)...but it has meant slightly awkward family suppers with dad trying out his awful french on her and pim getting beyond embarrassed and stroppy. I have 1 final jab to have before south america, having had like a million!! I cooked a dairy sugar and gluten free massive triple chocolate cake the other day which i was so proud of. ill make it for you when we are both home! i also recorded a song...haha. it was a birthday present from 2 years ago and was about to expire so i decided to brave and do it....i sang hallelujah..LOL...If your lucky ill let you listen when i see you haha. it was defo pushing me outside my comfort zone though as they guy who was recording me was sooooo good looking and i have never been more intimidated. Have u heard from wimbledon yet? Hows life? you must be nearly done with second stage? was it better/worse? you must be so tanned it makes me so envious. i still cant get over you being out there. its so opposite to what im doing right now. im currently watching chelsea vs. Bucharest....and finding it difficult to support one side. as its my team vs. my home country hehe. tomorrow ive got chessies birthday dinner in london with aisha and ploy and megan which should be lovely and then mums sister is coming over from america to see us this weekend which i cant wait for!! In terms of world news...i dunno if you get updated on this stuff but there is a new pope!! He is from buenos aires which is topical as thats where im heading. also there was a huge scandal about horse meat in burgers and skl im feeling very smug as clearly thats not what i have ever eaten! Also we have had pretty adverse weather conditions with a lot of snow. skl (Sevenoaks) was closed on tuesday and there is still snow on the ground atm. Its defo global warming as it just cant make up mind whether its hot.sunny. cold. raining or snowy??? Im gonna leave you now but i have really enjoyed our chat haha. I think of you often and really really hope you are having the most incredible time out there. I hope you havent forgotten about me:( Lots and lots of love hugs and kisses lilyyyyy xxxxxxxx ps. just saw a pic of your brother in tatler???

  8. Dominic Orchard X Ray 10
    Hi Dominic
    Great to talk to you over the last few days and to catch up with what you have experienced over the last 3 weeks. Sounds amazing ! To help build the home of a family you stayed with must have been incredible and a wonderful way to thank them for their hospitality.
    Hope you enjoyed Skit night and enjoyed another good night's sleep afterwards. Washing all done hopefully and dried in preparation for the next exciting phase of the expedition, we look forward to hearing where your trek will take you. With blister plasters at the ready, remember prevention is better than cure, make sure you slap them on at the first sign of anything !
    Let us know what your plans are for travel after Raleigh so that we can do some research and change flights etc......
    Love you lots and miss you loads
    Take care and stay safe
    Love from us all
    M, D , K and O xxxxx

  9. Hi Jess Adsett
    Sorry to hear that you are in hospital. The lengths some people will go to sleep in a clean bed with shower facilities!
    Despite the joking we are worried about you and hope that you will soon be better and able to rejoin the group for the environmental aspects of your adventure. Perhaps you could write a contribution to the Raleigh journal about the Health Service offered to foreign travellers in Costra Rica. On the other hand you could just enjoy a good read.
    Love and prayers
    N & G

  10. For Cas McCormick, previously X Ray 5
    Dear Cas, have just spent rather a long time composing what I hoped was a funny loving message only to hit the wrong button and lose it!
    Anyway, hoping that it's lovely being back at base getting ready for the next adventure- had supper with Kate , Janes and Hugo so have caught up with all of Conrad's news, Mum was so thrilled to have spoken to you last night and has been busy regaling us all with your tales from the island! At supper we all missed you both so much and started planning the airport trip- banners were mentioned but vetoed by all brothers!
    The island sounded uniquely beautiful, I'm hoping you can still take pictures so we can share some of these amazing experiences with you. Are you ready for the next phase? I hope your ankles are not too bad and all your kit is holding up under the strain, although I guess the trek will be the real test? Lovely Cas, I can't believe what an extraordinary time you are having and can't wait to hear all your stories. Danny, Ella and Liv are here this weekend so we'll raise a glass of Guiness to you and Conrad tomorrow for St Patrick's Day!
    I hope you get some good rest tonight before the next adventure. Give Conrad all our love too.
    Thinking of you always. Be safe lovely Cas
    Kel xxxx

  11. Dominic Orchard
    Corcovado Trek
    Hi Dom
    Have a brilliant time on the Corcovado trek. So sorry we missed your call - but listened to your message. It was 2.56am when I listened so I wished you luck as you got onto the early !!! Great group and fantastic destination by the sound of sure you will have an amazing experience. 9 hours on the bus ! Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep and enjoy the hot springs too. Relax those muscles before you get going on your amazing journey.
    We will check out the blog from the last group to see what is in store for you.
    Everyone sends their best wishes to you and says what you are doing sound amazing.
    Take care as always and have fun. Let's see lots of you on the blog please ! Miss you too !
    Loads of love Mum, Dad, Katharine and Olly

  12. For Nick Varney Zulu 10
    Hi Darling,
    So sorry that we didn't manage to speak properly last night. But it was just lovely to speak to you on Thursday, and thank you for your lovely vm last night. Good luck on the last phase. It sounds fantastic, as it has all done. Long bus journey, but it will be spectacular, I'm sure. Can't wait to see you when you are back and hear all about it firsthand. Crap rugby, good for Ipi, although they have to keep on winning - everyone else around them seems to be so they're not gaining ground... Have fun, sweetheart, enjoy every minute, and build well! I love you, and miss you, and send huge hugs from everyone else here, including Dottie.
    Daddy xxx

  13. For Cas McCormick, previously X Ray 5
    Happy St Patricks Day lovely Cas! Just wishing you luck on the next phase, wherever and whatever that might be!
    Raised a (few glasses) of Guiness to you today and hope you have had a great weekend catching up with everyone. Ludo and Ella picked the first wild garlic of the season today so we had roast lamb with Danny and talked a lot about you and how we miss you and are counting down the days until you are home!
    Good luck and be safe-and I hope the ankles behave!
    Love you Cassie, give all our love to Conrad too
    Kel xxxx

  14. Kate Eskins X-ray 4
    Lovely to hear from you on Facebook. We are really proud of you and it is great to hear that you are enjoying it so much. Sue is having dinner with Wendy on Wednesday and will be able to pass on the news you have met up with Ellie. Sue has a new bike but as it is 2deg and raining all the time she has not been out. Finally got the camper van so road trips are on !!! We are looking forward to Skiing next Sunday. Enjoy yourself on the trek - what an adventure. Wales win the 6 Nations - Yippee. The dog is fine but missing you. Stay safe, Mum and Dad, Hugs...

  15. Morten Jacobsen for Anders Jacobsen 1 of 217 March 2013 at 20:17

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej anders aka la máquina!! jeg vidste ikke rigtig hvad måde var bedst at skrive til dig på så det bliver bare her. sorry jeg ikke har skrevet før, tænk du allerede er ved at starte phase 3, det er bare gået helt vildt hurtigt. jeg synes kun det var et par uger siden vi var i edinburgh! men undskyld jeg ikke allerede har skrevet, til gengæld har jeg fulgt med på raleigh's blog og din blog, og det lyder som om du har det rigtig godt :)

    selvfølgelig er det svært at få alt med på sådan en hurtig blog post, jeg kan selv huske hvor meget der foregik hver eneste dag - jeg prøvede at holde dagbog men gav nærmest op, dels fordi der var så meget at skrive om men også fordi nogen gange havde jeg valget mellem at sætte mig alene og skrive om mine oplevelser eller joine de andre og få en ny oplevelse hvor jeg tænkte yolo, carpe diem og pura vida og så blev det aldrig til så meget... ernest hemingway/karen blixen blev jeg aldrig. er det det samme med dig? under alle omstændigheder glæder jeg mig til du kommer hjem og fortæller alle historierne fuldt ud. får du også taget nogle billeder?? det lyder som om i fik lidt regn på trek, men har vejret ellers været ok? hvis det er nogen trøst så er det kraftedme saftsuseme begyndt at sne her idag - igen! midten af marts, altså huat da fuck, give me a break allah.

    jeg synes det er så sjovt at du var så bange for om du var i form til at trekke og så endte du op med at at være better, harder, faster, stronger. told you so! kan også høre du møder nogle fede mennesker - både dem som er ligesom dig (kloge, på vej til uni, osv) og dem der er lidt anderledes. der er noget at lære af alle. hvad med dine project managers, dem fortæller du ikke så meget om? en af mine bedste minder fra trek var alle de samtaler man kunne ha' mens man gik, dække alle mulige emner, selvom jeg nok ikke kan huske nogle af dem nu lol. og nu kan du glæde dig til environmental. mega jealoux...især hvis det bliver på det der strand projekt - vores var i en jungle hvor man godt kunne få lidt 'jungle fever' (selvom jeg synes det var fedt at være omringet af natur) men en strand ville være så fedt. er det på øst- eller vestkysten? har du fået lidt farve også? far nævnte noget med du også overvejet at tage et par dage bagefter med noglen af dem der bliver i landet og chille lidt, inden i tager til kuba?

    godt nok jealoux. jeg render bare rundt og lejer third year (eller lader i hvert fald som om). har rigtig travlt (hence hvorfor jeg har været lidt dårlig til at skrive) med det ene efter det andet..efter du forlod skulle jeg hjælpe med hild bede's freshers play, som gik rigtig godt. de havde styr på det men skulle lige ha' et spark i røven/lidt positiv opbakning den sidste uge inden showet.. de opførte en komedie som heldigvis faktisk var sjov, var underligt at tænke de allesammen var din årgang! så har jeg også haft nogen essays der skulle klares (for en gang skyld gjorde jeg dem i sidste øjeblik - i know, shock horror) og så efter det var jeg med i det der musical, oliver. det var godt nok en ny oplevelse at synge og alt muligt men var rigtig fedt. musicals er så store og kaotiske og komplicerede fordi der er både skuespil, dans, korsange, soloer, et band, osv osv men det kom altsammen sammen i sidste øjeblik og vi fik store publikummer så all good. det var nok sidste gang jeg stod på en scene så det var også lidt trist for mig, men på den fede måde. til gengæld har mig og will besluttet os for at putte et play på efter eksamener her i starten af juni som nok vil interessere dig - the history boys!

  16. Daniel Carranza, Punta Burica.
    Domingo 17, 9:00 p.m.
    Hola hija bella! total que no pudimos despedirnos por tus carreras, pero te deseo un lindo viaje, por favor cuidese, tenga mucho cuidado para que puedas disfrutar esta última etapa. Hoy fuí a Jacó a ver sorfear a Víctor, pasé un lindo día. Bueno, te AMO muchoooo y que Dios te acompañe y te protega siempre.

  17. For Denise Hurden Zulu 6
    Well Hi de or is it Heide!! Glad to hear you made it back from mission number 2. Look forward to hearing more about it and seeing the photos. Now also a lumberjack eh. I am going to inform the New Forest Rangers just in case you feel tempted to eye up some of the local trees to fell. And now its off to the infamous prison and glad to hear it's not as an inmate. Had that been the case your late grandfather might have been of some help!!! Congrats on winning the 'skits' presentation. I trust the ice cream had not melted befor the presentation in all that heat. I am sure you would have enjoyed the luxury. Any way enjoy your last project and we will try to keep in tough with your project from across the 'pond'. Also glad to hear you will be enjoying a day or two at the beach before you head home. Trust the money is lasting. PS started wallpapering yesterday and what I've done looks good and Mum is pleased also. Gaining those much needed Brownie points.
    Try to keep well and continue to enjoy those rice and beans. Perhaps you could start up a restaurant on your return. Love Dad.

  18. For Amelia with XRAY 4
    Hi Amelia, we were SOOOOO looking forward to seeing photos of your trench-digging project -also maybe (if it isn't asking tooo much!) a photo of your group at work - but hey we can wait!There is nothing like being kept in the dark - a bit of mystery- just left up to our imagination!
    Only one text and two second-hand messages AND you were at field-base! BUT that's OK - we know you were busy LOL partying that is! but you deserve it darling even if you never replied to all the texts Colin sent!
    Enjoy the trek - break a leg.
    We are back to one-way conversations as you are off the radar once again- what a sense of 'get away from it all' - freedom - escape! enjoy - it is quite a unique experience!
    Lots of love Mumxxx,Colinxxx and Danielxxx

    EMZAYYY its Kate and Mary and we are writing this from costa rica backpackers, beer in hand! hope the bus drive to nicaragua was okay and you are not ill yet. we´ve literally spent the whole time eating and put on at least three stone. missing you lots and lots already and will keep you updated with our travels/missy and buffy news, make sure you text me when you have finished phase 3 lovre and miss you uncle Em love Kate and Mary xx

  20. For ABIGAIL HAYWARD ZULU 9. Hi Abs. Mary and Kate here! Hope that you are having lots of fun and that the trek went well. We have literally not stopped eating since we left and have put on three stone already. Hope you have an amazing time Conte Burika, and enjoy the rice and beans!! Lots of love xxxxxxx

  21. For Cas McCormick Zulu 1
    Practicas. You'll be happy to know that me and Mary didn't get tattoos but have spent the whole day eating and have defintely gained at least 3 stone. Hope trek is going ok, and that your ankles are alright, please please don't fall over. Mary is getting annoyed at me because I found your letter and I'm being an emotional wreck. Missing you and thinking of you always. Love Kate x

  22. Kathleen Chester18 March 2013 at 20:23

    Message for Akalia Ouellet X-ray 9
    Hi Akalia,
    It was wonderful texting you on the weekend!!! We are always so excited when we get any news from you. It must have been nice to have a little break before your trek. And I'm sure you had fun on skit night. Can't wait to hear all about that. I was going to start walking today -but it was -9 so I'm sending you energy hahaha.
    It's snowing tonight. They are calling for about 10 cm. Hopefully this is the last snowstorm of the year. Spring starts on Wed. We have had a real winter this year and we're all tired of it. Might go to White Pine tomorrow - depending on the driving or John and I will go to Oakwood and continue sorting. Happy hiking Sweetie. What an adventure you are having. Love you. xoxox


    OMG just wondering how things are going on the trek? We wake up in the morning and walk Cassie and talk about you....Where is here today, what will he have to achieve and physically do today??
    Hope trek is going ok....we know it must be really hard, but what an amazing thing to do and to finish....Will make D of E Gold look somewhat inferior!!!
    We just want you to know that you are constantly in our thoughts and we wish you LOVE always....You can do it Matt you are so strong and this is such a great achievement for nobody else but you.
    Love Irene and Chris xxxxxxx
    Ps we will miss you on the 22nd, Dads' birthday, but we may have the cake for a little longer than if you were here!!!



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