Friday, 22 March 2013

World Water Day

Dom Lowe and Ben Jacobs of Zulu 7 bring you the first of a series of blogs from our groups about they have been spending World Water Day. 

70% of the Earth is covered by water but just 1% is suitable for drinking.

We are facing the challenge of distributing that 1% amongst a growing global population, expected to reach nine billion by 2050. 15% of the world’s people have no choice but to drink from unclean sources, putting at risk health and livelihoods.  And each year we face up to 8 million deaths worldwide from the consequences of water-related diseases and disasters.

Our global water crisis has its roots not only in demand, but also in increasing scarcity.
Berny and Cali getting the water flowing in Acuapa

Areas of North Africa and South Asia, for example, currently face extremely high levels of scarcity. Ultimately putting lives at risk, this problem of existing scarcity is exacerbated by poor management of finite global water supply.  Water pollution, abuse of water treaties, and diversion of sources are examples of careless use of the 1% of the Earth’s water that is available for drinking.  Sewage and industry pump 2 billion tonnes of waste into world waterways each year.  As a consequence of this behaviour, by 2030, 47% of the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress as millions lose access to clean water or are forced to drink from dirty sources.
Therefore, looking ahead, it is imperative to protect our precious water supply through more sensible water policies.  Treaties must be respected, industrial waste must be regulated and diversion of water supplies away from vulnerable communities must be limited.
But it is not just on the international scale where water usage must be managed.  As individuals we all have an obligation to use water sensibly. 

Marie digging trenches for water pipes in Carara NP 
Zulu 7 spent world water day monitoring our water consumption and made an attempt to reduce our usage.  By taking just a five minute shower instead of a 15 minute one or by turning off the tap when brushing our teeth, we found that we could save a remarkably large amount of water.  Water-saving methods like these, if replicated widely, mean that future generations won’t pay such a heavy price for our irresponsible management of water.
In order to protect future generations, we must use water sustainably in the present.  


  1. Emily Elliott, Zulu 8
    Hi Em,
    Hope all is going well in Nicaragua. Have still got Tom and Lily here at the moment although both are having early nights so I am typing this solo. Not much to report from home of any note, other than that it is still freezing cold,wet and no sign of spring.Tim and Katie off to Whistlers for a brief visit over easter next weekend although Cornwall is even wetter than here at the moment.Tim thinks he's surfing!
    Enjoy the sunshine- we may never wear shorts again here....Lots of love xxx

  2. Daniela Carranza, Zulu 9, Punta Burica.
    vienes 22 de febrero.
    Hola reina! todos los día abro la página con la intención de verte aunque sea en una foto y hoy me encontré con la sorpresa de verte en una foto con sus compañeros. Estás preciosa, sonriendo y se que esa sonrisa es para mí porque tu sabes que me encanta tu sonrisa, además te ves feliz y me contagias. Gracias a Dios los días van pasando y he estado muy ocupada acompañando a papi y eso me entretiene mucho. Por aquí todo bien con muchas ganas de abrazarte. Que Dios te bendiga y te acompañe siempre. Te AMO MUCHOOOOO Disfrute. Mamita.

  3. Zulu 3, For Florentine Claus
    Hey Floortje, hoop dat t goed gaat met t trekken en je t een beetje overleefd. Ben blij dat je m'n advies had opgevolgd hoop dat t heeft geholpen.
    Veel plezier met de laatste weken, je zal t missen als t voorbij is. Hier in Groningen is t heel koud momenteel -3, ben dus best jaloers op je. Spreek je snel via Skype. Dikke knuffel en kusjes van je Broer

  4. Emma Holder zulu 8, 13A,
    Hey babe, so I take it all back, spring is not in the air, it is freezing here, talk of coldest end of March in 50 years!
    Betsy is so much better, we went to a birthday party at Climb Aboard this morning and she had a good old run around, eaten her body weight in sugar and is feeling fine but wired!
    Callum lost hi iphone 5 in a taxi last week so he is fed up, silly billy, he is home in London on hols now, he needs to get out of Birmingham and away from last term with all it's sadness.
    Kate and Dil are coming for sunday lunch tomorrow, looking forward to my Gilbert cuddle, then I am going to quiz night at Stapleton in eve, haven't been for ages so that should be fun.
    No other real news, which is good really!!!!!
    We all loved the photo of your Zulu group, you look very happy and relaxed, great to see you smiling so brightly.
    Hoping all is going well for you babes, loving you all day, everyday, miss you nicely and Betsy is talking about you all the time, not forgotten!
    Will be back soon, Mamen, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. For Olly Walrond Zulu 1
    HI Ol. I suppose you won't get this until the trek is over. What an amazing thing to do with (part of) a gap year. Similarities with our local coast to coast?! Certainly not many with (part of) my gap year: scrubbing stains and stickiness off plastic dust jackets at Aldeburgh library. All well here. Eric has really taken to the guitar and is enjoying lessons with Xena. Dad has gone to pick up Fred (and James) this weekend and I am trying to get his room ready, after using it as a laundry, storeroom, dump in his absence. I'll get him a new lampshade AND I'll get to the bottom of who used it to play pinata. Expect you've heard of the dreadful weather - no snow here of course, but awful floods a few days ago (Calenick under again). Let me know if you change your mind want to try and stay a bit longer for the rafting or travelling, I'll sort the flight. Lots of love from us all, Mum.

  6. to`; Willie Aukema, Zulu 7

    Lieve Willemijn,
    Waarschijnlijk heb jij behoorlijke spierpijn van al het stenen sjouwen. Maar daar sla jij je ook wel weer door heen. Ben zeer benieuwd hoe het nu met jou gaat, maar dat horen wij wel op de verjaardag van mama.
    Hier is heuvel te koud voor de tijd van het jaar. Ik ben net een paar dagen in Madrid geweest, heerlijk 16 graden, maar voor al de herkenning van de sfeer van jouw periode in Sevilla was erg leuk. Woensdag ga ik met Erik en Rob naar de sneeuw, jij begrijpt wel dat ik dat best aardig vind :) Leontien is naar de Anton Awards en Tjeerd blijft zowaar een zaterdag avond bij ons, is niet helemaal fit. Mama gaat in mei met Wouter en Marieke naar Piet Hein in Bahrein, maar dan ben jij al weer hier. Het is wel ongelofelijk hoe snel het gaat. Hebben jullie al plannen voor de laatste twee weken daar. Ben zeer benieuwd. Wij missen jou heel vaak, maar zijn heel trots dat jij dit doet en ook jaloers. Geniet er met volle teugen van. Wij hebben verder nog niet gehoord over jouw toelating in Groningen, maar dat kan ook nog niet, zal zeker goed komen. Lieverd, een dikke knuffel van jouw vader en ook heel veel liefs van Mama, Tjeerd, Leontien en Murk X Papa



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