Sunday, 10 March 2013

X-Ray 10: Mud mud glorious mud

X-Ray 10: Sacha, Matt, Nelson, Jaap, Emily, Emilie, Amy, Stella, Ella, George, Ben, Dom, Sally, Natasha, Dav and Lilly

X-Ray 10 have been achieving great things on project in La Arenilla and have fully integrated into community life. On Friday 8 they celebrated International Women's Day and had an incredible afternoon where they decorated the community centre with crepe paper and balloons and all of the community attended a coffee morning with cakes made by all of the families. The Don's, not the women as usual, made the coffee for everyone and David, the community leader and host family of our PMs Sally, Dav and Sacha, read a passage from the bible and then gave a heartfelt speech about gender equality and his hopes and aspirations for his daughters, the next generations and for all of those women in the village. La Arenilla had never celebrated IWD before but will now annually host it in honour of Raleigh and the women of their community who work tirelessly to support their families.

X-Ray 10 on their project in Miraflor

All great projects start with foundations; how else were the pyramids and skyscrapers of our generation made. While Xray 10 may be several weeks late in laying the physical foundations of houses and suchlike, we have been building the foundations for a structure that no wind or earth can ever assail; friendship, eternal and true.
By helping build houses and other  buildings for the community, it is the specific hope of Xray 10 that we may one day be remembered by the people of Miraflor as but one cog in the machine that bettered their lives. Through collecting old man’s beard (con creepy crawlies), gathering and producing mud (of which 30% is used to dirty our t-shirts, play mudball or experiment with new ‘looks’) and building houses (which makes most of us feel like kids again) we have completed several extra layers on the majority of the new houses, which is great.
Matt, today's blogger with his newly designed mud shirt.
Holly from roadtrip and Emilie making adobe bricks, made from natural sustainable materials they are a mixture of old man's beard and mud.
But all this would be for nought without becoming firm friends with the locals; from simple sentences and oft comical hand signalling (me encanta los chicas en Englyse being one) to learning about their lives, families and hopes for the future. It is by doing such things that Raleigh has flourished into such an organisation.
Sacha testing the shower
As part of Women’s Day, we have also been interviewing the local women (and a few men, besides) as to their role in the community, their education and their hopes for their children. So far, all have been incredibly positive, and while some women have received little education, the majority having received equal education to their husbands, while their children have been becoming increasingly educated, thus opening more opportunities. One such example came from Don Alejandro’s wife, Maximelia, whose eldest daughter has finished college and works in a bank. Such examples reflect on how far Nicaragua has come in recent years.
The houses are coming on really well - X-Ray 10 have made incredible progress.

Today's blog was written by X-Ray 10's Matt Heathcote


  1. Freddie Baggerman, X-Ray 2

    Hi Freddie! Not sure if my last message got through as it didn't come up, so thought I'd send you another one just in case!

    Hope your treck is going awesomely, and your walking boots are treating you well! Hopefully you've had a bit of sunshine and have been working on that tan, looking forward to seeing the Robinson Crusoe look! Definitely persevere with the beard!

    Everything is going well here, super busy with everything so it's all going quite quickly. Make sure you take photos!!

    Cant wait to speak to you when you finish your treck and hearing all your stories! I love you so much!


  2. For Dominic Orchard. X-Ray 10
    Hi Dominic
    Great to read X-Ray 10 blog today ! We have been following the blog with great interest over the last few days. Lots happening there and you all seem to have been extremely busy in Nicaragua honing your housebuilding skills and getting very dirty in the process !! A definite challenge on the hand washing front ! I cannot imagine any of you will have a white T shirt when you leave !
    Hope your Spanish is improving ........glad to see you had a coffee morning yesterday - if I had known I would have sent cake !
    Oliver played today for Surrey and they won 40-5 v Sussex. Great game in very cold conditions....he is very happy !
    Dad's first full week back at work starts tomorrow. Trying to get enough Aussie $ to come and meet you in June for the Lions Tour !
    Take care, keep safe and smiling and look forward to catching up with you back at fieldbase soon.
    Check out Katharine and Gma and Gpa's messages.
    Missing you loads.
    Love from us all Mum, Dad, Katharine and Olly xxxx

  3. Hello Amy (X ray 10)So excited we have just seen you on the blog.Keep on rocking the bun (from Sophie) looking good (from Dad) love from all of us x p.s "to the windows to the walls"

  4. For Emily Elliott x ray 3
    Hi Em,
    Really lovely to see pictures of X Ray 3 on the blog today. I gather that it has been quite wet and muddy but was pleased to see so many smiling faces, particularly at the top of an impressive peak!I hope those boots were not only made for walking, but for mud as well and that they will get you to the beach very soon.Can't wait to hear all about it,
    Lots of love for now,
    Mum xxx

  5. Ron Duguid (Sen)10 March 2013 at 16:46

    Yet another Family and Sports update for Marie Duguid with X-Ray 4 in Carara National Park.
    Family: Mum and Evelyn visited Gran for Mothers Day (all fine), then we + Jim dined at Norwood Hall (all good), as were the flowers and FaceTime with Ethan getting himself unaided to the standng position and showing a proud smile.
    FA Cup: Man Utd 2 - 2 Chelsea : : Millwall 0 - 0 Blackburn.
    English Premiership: Liverpool 3 - 2 Spurs : : Newcastle 2 - 1 Stoke.
    Scottish Premier: Hibs 0 - 0 Hearts.
    Another result from yesterday: Rangers 1 - 2 Annan Athletic (Hee Hee).
    Todays Rugby; England 18 - 11 Italy.
    Edinburgh are looking for a new coach: more details by email.
    All the best Dad Ron.

  6. Hey Dom, its orch here! Hope your having a good time, sounds wicked what your doing. Played for Surrey today. We won against Sussex 40-5. Coach emailed mum and dad saying "I thought he was excellent today, real quality 10" I'll take that mate :) Keep smiling bro, miss you loads, speak soon xxxx

  7. For Bella Jones - X-ray 5
    Hope your stay on the island is still going well. Its been miserable and wet here with a few flakes of snow, more promised for the week, ugh! England beat Italy today in rugby, all hangs on next weekend's match against Wales now.
    Looking forward to hearing from you next weekend at changeover, hope there are lots of letters for you at fieldbase.
    Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad

  8. For Angie Turnbull on X-Ray 5 from Mum. I know a PM of your calibre should be able to organise a beautiful bunch of flowers to arrive at 9.15 am at my door on Mothering Sunday, even if you are staying on some remote island in Costa Rica with practically no communication with the wider world, but I am truely impressed, and you are definitely No 1 daughter this year!! Love you and miss you lots xx

  9. To Thomas Bots x-Ray 5
    Hoi Thomas
    Ziet er allemaal indrukwekkend uit. Hier heeft de winter weer toegeslagen.
    Vorige week met Mamma bij Victoria gegeten. Je krijgt de groeten van Jos.
    Liselotte is met Marit en Birgit naar de kneus geweest.
    Zijn jaloers op jullie mooie weer.

    Pappa en Mamma

  10. To Thomas Bots x-Ray 5
    Hoi Thomas
    Ziet er allemaal indrukwekkend uit. Hier heeft de winter weer toegeslagen.
    Vorige week met Mamma bij Victoria gegeten. Je krijgt de groeten van Jos.
    Liselotte is met Marit en Birgit naar de kneus geweest.
    Zijn jaloers op jullie mooie weer.

    Pappa en Mamma

  11. to Thomas Bots xray 5
    hoi Tho, we hopen dat de berichtjes je bereiken, we hebben zelfs David gemaild omdat we het idee hadden dat de berichten niet doorkomen, dus, of je ontvangt niets of je ontvangt 3 keer ongeveer hetzelfde bericht.
    Alles nog steeds goed hoer, je hebt er een achterneefje bij. Maaike en Eric hebben een zoon, Merijn.
    tot horens, succes met de laatste loodjes

  12. Para Ignacio Sancho X-Ray 9, hola mi amor, ya logré ver las fotos, todos se ven muy felices y según los comentarios parece que están aprendiendo mucho con esa experiencia. Me alegro mucho y espero que puedas comunicarte pronto TQM hasta pronto un beso y un abrazo. Mamá

  13. Matt Heathcote XRAY 10

    Dear Matt,
    Amazing Blog, well written lovely your present project sounds amazing and we loved the designer mud tshirt!!! I have just returned from the Isle of Wight after completing a run at the weekend down there and stayed on the boat with Shona and Pauline and guess what.....snow, can you believe it we woke up to snow!! fortunately I am home tonight to my warm bed and as it was Mothers day on Sunday, Grandma Mary is with us for a few days and want s to contribute to this message, Love You sooooo much and look forward to reading more on the blog very soon. (You are very good at it!)Over to Grandma......
    Dear Matt,
    How lovely to see you on the Blog and to read about the lives of the people that you are helping--like the tea shirt!It seems strange to be here without you;you are greatly missed and I am having to make do with the dog and the cats as dad has been in the shed for a good part of the w/end and ,I think, Bethie has been working-or with Bouncer!Idon't know if I have said how much I appreciated your letter;I hope that you are happy with the fact that I have shown it to my friends as they are all so interested in what you are doing.I went out with Grandma Jo on Monday and you can guess what the main topic of conversation was-I wonder if your ears were burning? It was all proud Grandma stuff,of course. It is colder than ever here so be grateful that you are missing it.You are very special and I love you very,very much.
    Grandma m XXXX

  14. For Matt Heathcote XRAY 10
    Hi Matt,just a quick update from home. we saw your recent blog, nicely written, it really gave us a feel for what you and your comrades are getting up to. Not sure when you change again, I guess you are off on the Trek for your last bit, It will probably feel like R&R after house building.
    Talking of building, I am full steam ahead on my plane, last week I fitted the engine, and this weekend I fitted the canopy. I would like to say it is looking like a plane, but I am not quite deluded enough!
    Cannot wait to see you in a few weeks time, there will be so much to talk about. remember to take some photo's when you find time.
    lots and lots of love, Dad

  15. Fantastic blog Matti! I think the work you and your team are doing is amazing. Can't wait for you to get back to hear all about it.
    Besos y abrazos,

  16. Natasha Tchaikovsky X ray 10
    Te amo, egoistamente veni ya! hoy fui a almorzar con la kathy, y pues te extrañamos. Ya no falta mucho si. Uff cuando vengas!!! es todo lo que dire :) Espero estes sacandole el jugo a esta experiencia y usandola para aprender nuevas cosas y asi crecer. aaa veni ya! cuidate y aprovecha TODO!

  17. X-Ray 10 Jaap Velenturf
    Lieve Japie, geweldig om foto's van jouw groep te zien en gelukkig kan ik jou op de groepsfoto ook ontdekken! Het zal zeker hard werken zijn, maar jullie hebben ook heel veel lol, zo te zien. Het is prachtig werk dat jullie verrichten voor de families in Miraflor.Fijn dat jij de kans gekregen hebt om naar Nicaruaga te gaan. Hoe gaat het met het Spaans spreken? Ik heb je vliegticket omgezet naar een week later en wel op zondag 14 april om 16.35 uur (dus een week later) vlieg je vanuit San Jose naar Madrid, en van Madrid naar Brussel. Daar kom je aan op maandag 15 april om 18.30 uur. Daar sta ik je op te wachten. Wat belangrijk is, bij het inchecken heb je naast je paspoort het nieuwe ticketno. 075-2568108600 nodig. Ik zal je met de post de gegevens van de vlucht opsturen. Lieverd, wil je als je in het basiskamp bent contact met ons opnemen? Dan kunnen we het even bespreken. Het komende weekend ben je daar als ik het goed heb. Daar verheug je je zeker op, iedereen weer zien na 3 weken. Heel veel liefs van ons allemaal en hou je goed. Dikke knuffel, Mamma

  18. To: Esteban Villalta, Alpha 10, ( Villo )

    Querido Esteban, Entiendo que pronto concluyen con esta mision, me inmagino lo fantastico que ha sido el poder recorrer de costa a costa que me llena de envidia, las bellezas y la experiencia del trayecto lo hacen momentos inolvidables, disfrute cada momento de ello. Espero no haya tenido ningun problema, especialmente los zapatos en cuestion de (blisters) o algo asi, pero se que Jilma lo equipo con algo especial para estos casos!!
    En casa todos bien, el tremendo de Pacho siempre con sus travesuras, como escondiendose debajo de la alfombra en el bano y la muy sensual de Milly durmiendo con Jilma, pero todos a Dios gracias bien.
    Deseando y esperando saber noticias cuando llegen a la base, mientras cuidese mucho y adelante!!!
    Con mucho carino, Pipo

  19. For Amelia with XRAY 4
    Hi Amelia,hope you are ok. Today(Wednesday 13 March) I received your postcard (dated 22 February) with great excitement and was amazed at how much you managed to squeeze onto it! I watched Colin's face light up as I handed it to him.We were both totally overjoyed to read your card -elated!
    J phoned me last night to ask if I had heard from you but I confirmed that you are still off the radar until early next week when you should be at base camp again for a few days and again able to get in touch hopefully.
    Here it is still very cold and today it was snowing again but it did not settle.
    I hope your left hand is ok and that you are putting cream on it.If you go on the trek please take Colin's gloves to protect against the rain-constant wetness will irritate the delicate skin on your left hand. I am sure you will try to make your rucksack as light as possible but also take all you need!
    Marchesa says hello.
    I hope you are taking photos and writing your journal -glad you liked my notes in there!
    I must say I would have liked to read more about the work that xray 4 are doing together with photos but perhaps there will be more info soon...
    I have finished my book which I enjoyed and I have started another one. I am also doing some digging - I'm digging my way through the garage!
    We are all ok and thinking of you - waiting for your return - can't think why I keep looking at the calendar!
    Daniel says your accommodation is 'guaranteed' but he's waiting to hear exactly what you've got.
    Lots of love Mumxxx Colinxxx and Danielxxx

  20. X-Ray 10, for Emilie Wesseling, Zulu 2
    Lieve Emilie, eindelijk heb ik een website en kon leuke/mooie verhalen lezen en een paar foto's zien. Hierdoor begrijp ik iets beter waar je je deze maanden mee bezig houdt. Wat geweldig dat je dit allemaal doet, dat je dit allemaal mee mag maken. Maar ook wat een afzien! Eergisteren schrok ik mij rot: er zat een spin in de gang. Hans moest hem meteen voor me weghalen. Gelijkertijd moest ik aan jou denken met al die verschrikkelijke tarantula's en andere monsters die je niet tegen wil komen. Ik vind je een held, Emo. Ik begreep dat dit je laatste fase is: 270 km lopen met enorm zware bepakking, maar met uitzicht op 2 weken vakantie! Lieve Emo, nog even volhouden. Probeer tussendoor ook te genieten en lol te maken met je mede "lotgenoten". Dit is een ervaring voor de rest van je leven. Ik ben super trots op m'n nicht. Heel veel liefs, Leonoor xxx

  21. for ollie diponio A13 Hi ollie hope your still loving it on the island soz havnt spoken to you for a while the computer broke iv sent you a letter hope u get it were all missing you shay cant wait to see you its been snowing here very cold i bet your glad your in the sun i finally got a flat cant wait to move in hope your looking after your self you looking healthy on the blog so you must be eating good food only a few weeks left now and your be back to cold liverpool cant wait to see you love mum xxxxxxxx

  22. For George Clifton, Trek?
    Enjoyed Xray 10 blog - new trade of housebuilding &/or mud art?. Hungry for more news. Nina home for Easter already! Love you, Mum xxxxxxxxx



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