Thursday, 7 March 2013

X-Ray 4: H20 the basics

Ella-Kate of X-Ray 4 has reported on Carara National Park and the valuable environmental conservation project they are undertaking:

Our work for this phase in Carara National Park is contributing to conservation efforts, improvement of the tourist experience, making life better for the rangers and helping to combat a huge problem in the park. Carara National Park is affected by the lack of a reliable water source, currently the water for all of the buildings in the park comes from 2 natural springs. These have served their purpose well but they are now drying up and are unreliable. Therefore we are pitting our community learnt pick-axe skills, their trek learnt trail planning skills and the enthusiasm of the explorers against the jungle.
A guided tour of the Park by Jared, only 1% of Carara Park is open to visitors, X-Ray 4 are incredibly privileged to be living in this protected part of Costa Rica
The aim is to build a trench so a new water pipe can be installed. Our team is bonding well even though our work was interrupted by a group of spider monkeys. Seeing these animals in their natural environment has really helped motivate us and remind us of our purpose here which is to conserve the environment.
Jared a Carara Ranger, thanked us for our work which is incredibly important for environmental conservation
Our work here has a great local impact, Jared one of the rangers has expressed that without Raleigh to build the trenches the already stretched resources would be pushed further as the rangers would have to dig it. If the park loses its water supply entirely it is likely it would close as tourists would no longer be able to visit due the lack of amenities, water is needed to drink, toilets wouldn’t work, volunteers wouldn’t be able to come either and rangers couldn’t live.
X-Ray 4 bonding
Our pipe will guarantee water for the volunteers who work hard to maintain the park it will also guarantee water for the rangers who protect the park and the wildlife while providing invaluable information and education. The biggest development is that it will allow water sources to be installed along the new disabled access trail and existing path, guaranteeing water for visitors.

While our trench seems like a small development, it is helping protect the future of this awe inspiring natural part of the country. Globally Costa Rica is providing an excellent example of sustainable development and conservation. It is a small country but proving its power through conservation of rainforests and the environment. Carara National Park is a perfect example of the importance of volunteers and the changes they can make. 


  1. To Anna Bakker, X-ray 7
    Hee liefie, wat zou ik je graag even willen zien en spreken! Ik mis je, 'you're always on my mind'! Ik hoop dat je de berichtjes krijgt daar in het verre noorden en ook dat we wat te zien krijgen van je project voor je weer terug bent in het basiskamp. De zure matten die ik je heb gestuurd zullen ook Nicaragua wel niet bereiken, maar kun je je daar op verheugen voor over een week. Wat een gek idee dat dan het laatste deel van je avontuur al weer begint ...
    Eindelijk nieuws van de tekenwedstrijd: ik ben in elk geval met een tekening geselecteerd en misschien zelfs twee. Het ziet er naar uit dat je mee kunt naar de opening waarschijnlijk in april, dus dat is weer en meevaller dat het zo lang heeft geduurd. Verder is het heerlijk weer geweest, jammer genoeg moest ik werken en gaat het volgende week weer sneeuwen(!) J en ik gaan dit weekend naar Oostkapelle, in de tuin werken etc. Heel benieuwd of jij ook bezig bent met planten ed. Dag lieve Anna, tot het volgende blogberichtje! Dikke zoen, mam

  2. Fay Koster, X-Ray 9
    Dag lieverd,
    Wat leuk om eindelijk ook van jullie groep een bericht op het blog te lezen en wat fijn om je op zoveel foto's te zien! Je ziet er getand en gespierd uit zeg! En ik herkende die handschoenen van de Karwei ook meteen :-), hoop dat de kwaliteit ok is!? Geweldig project wat jullie daar voor elkaar boksen en de groep ziet er ook gezellig uit! Ken je al een paar indigenous woorden? Ik heb de omgeving even gegoogled, jullie zitten vlak bij Panama en het is er prachtig! Ik heb ook al een leuke lodge in de buurt gevonden, Kitsika, dan kunnen we nog een keertje terug en dan in de relaxmode....Over een weekje is het alweer zover dat je kunt bellen, we verheugen ons er alweer op! (en hopelijk is het pakketje dan ook eindelijk op fieldbase aangekomen) Heel veel knuffels en kussen, mama & Birte

  3. A message for Conrad Hagger - X-Ray 8

    Hi Conrad,
    This is Dad with just a quick hello so you know we are thinking about you (as if we could not think of you every minute). All's well here. Mum and I went to Hugo's parent-teacher evening tonight. They now do set times with a bell that rings every five minutes. It was like speed dating. He got generally good feedback, but comments about lack of organisation all round. He got ecstatic praise from Mr. Langley and Mr. Scott (Scotty) thinks he's a shining light in art. So not bad at all.
    Everyone asked after you - lots of the teachers and every other parent we met there. All full of admiration and warmth (lots of "ah, bless" sort of comments).

  4. Another message for Conrad Hagger - X-Ray 8
    Hi Conrad, again,
    Sorry, my iPad froze before I signed off my last message. Just to say we love you, we're empathising with your toil (yeah, right, as if) and we all miss you like mad. Over half way now, were counting the days.
    Lots of love,

  5. Eleanor Shilton 13A

    Hello my love!!

    Hope everything is going well out there and your tan is still going to make me jealous when you come home! I miss you so much, and it's really weird going to Bristol without you there, can;t wait for you to come back, it's not actually that long now!
    I'm just yet again dying under essays, writing about Vietnam and the social impact of WW1 on British society, so i'm clearly having the most fun out of the two of us... I got some results back the other day, got 71 & 74 in my two America essays (so 72.5((which is a first)) overall in the module), and i got a 67 (2:1) in an HIST151 which i have an exam for in the summer, so thats a good safety net kind of thing :) hope at least some of that made sense.

    Other than that, chilling with my life really. Dido's got a massive plastic conical collar on, was being a clumsy bitch or something. Planning to see your family if i have time when i visit home this weekend if i have time. I'm only going for the last day of the 6 nations, Wales vs England, couldn't leave Jo on her own.. been keeping up with Lin on facebook and stuff, everyone's cool.

    Hope you're having the time of your life darling, I'm so proud of you.

    Love you,

    Bronwen (Ginger's Buttons)xxx

  6. para: esteban villalta majano

    hola vicho :D te amo te extraño y bla bla bla jajajaja feliz día de la mujer dulce cenicienta :) jajaja perdón, estoy hiperactiva porque estoy haciendo unas vueltas para irme de intercambio, pero cuando vuelva le cuento bien la situation :* TE AMO! ya quiero verlo y darle un abrazo del tamaño del universooo! ojalá la esté pasando igual o mejor de bien que la última vez que hablamos y que le estén llegando mis mensajes jajaja :* :* amo mejor amigo!

  7. To Florine Bottema X-Ray 4
    Dag lieve popje van me, ook even een berichtje van Papa. Hopelijk gaat het goed met je. En doorsta je de ontberingen wel. Ik vind het knap wat je daar allemaal doet en doorstaat. Hoop dat je er ook de nodige energie en voldoening uit haalt. We zijn nu met z'n drie'en omdat Derk met zijn dispuut is gaan skiën. Ik verheug me enorm op je terugkomst, nog maar een paar weken! Ik ben trots en denk veel aan je. Heel veel liefs, Papa xxx

  8. Victoria Noodt8 March 2013 at 17:12

    Hallo Philipp!!!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag nachträglich!!! Ich habe dir über whatsapp geschrieben aber habe vergessen dass du ja kein internet hast!! Ich hoffe du hast eine tolle zeit! bei mir ist alles sehr sehr cool! hab dich ganz doll lieb und ich vermisse dich!
    Vikki <3

  9. For Amelia with XRAY 4.Hi darling! Finally some news about your group and even a couple of photos!I read the blog and am elated that you are digging a trench for a water pipe - I can't thing of anything more worthwhile than drinking water - you know how much I value the provision of clean drinking water and now I have answers to some of the questions I raised in one of my older comments about water supplies.Keeping the trails through the national park open is so important and Costa Rica is setting a great example in sustainability and conservation.
    A bit of news from here :- we are all well and totally busy. Marchesa will be coming for a visit on 18th March so I'm looking forward to that.I'm still remembering to charge your phone! This evening we are going out with Susan and Alan who have asked after you and wish you well.Also Carole sends you her love -still waiting for Paul and Kate's baby to arrive! Evelyn sends her love - she is always rushing around but we managed a 2 minute phone call! Daniel is well despite being under a constant barrage of exams.Colin of course sends his love and is well.
    That's it for now -will go to phone company to see why you can't phone from there but if it can't be done never mind -just text to my landline or Colin's mobile.
    Lots of love from all of us Mumxxxxxx

  10. X ray 1 Nick Varney
    Hey nick hope the walk is going well. I am getting confirmed tomorrow and I will be thinking of you. Ipswich are 4 points clear of relegation and all is looking good. They drew today at Peterborough and Man U are 12 points clear.i will try and blog tomorrow after Man U play Chelsea. Miss you, love you lots herks. Ps Man U out of Champions league bad ref decision Sir Alex V unhappy

  11. To Alex Bailey-Smith X-Ray 4
    Sorry it has been so long since I posted, not good wifi when we were away.
    Spider monkeys sound great; have you heard the howler monkeys early in the morning? Have you had any problems with leeches? They're persistent little critters, cling on for ages.
    I'm making chocolate brownies at the moment-trying to avoid going out into the cold. Have been back a week and haven't seen the sun for more than 5 minutes. It was a good plan you going in wintertime!
    The water project looks a good one, hard work wielding a pickaxe to dig the trenches though. I guess the trek will be the next thing, at least your feet will be used to the boots by now.
    All well here, saw mum last week and I'm going for a walk with her in a couple of days if the snow isn't too deep. Toby has a very short haircut but he doesn't seem too bothered about the cold. Have you made plans for when you finish in Costa Rica, are you still off to Mexico. Saw 'On the road", the Jack Keroac movie- Mexico looks good.
    Hannah is on the phone so will sign off now...
    Hasta luego, love Sue

  12. To Alex Bailey-Smith Xray 4

    Hi Alex - we are enjoying the pics which show us a bit of what you are doing, I don't expect you have seen them. Hope all's well, we're missing you loads. I've not yet passed my driving test, but hey maybe next time. Recently heard Daniel Yeadon is getting married in singapore. I got a B in my January psychology exam so im pretty chuffed about that. It keeps bloody snowing, at really innapropriate times but Toby doesnt share my irritation due to his being a bubs. -Hugo x Bryony Perks is supposed to be in Costa Rica with you, that is Graham's brother's daughter as in Harriet and Bryony so keep a look out for her when you get back to base. Sorry to say Clary not gd. Just been walking on Longshaw in the snow with Bella and Alex - Bella chased 2 huge stags! it was beautiful out there but very cold. Very strange without you. Lots of love Mum x

  13. To Kieran Simpson X-Ray 4

    Hi Kieran,

    We were just checking out your team pics. Looks like fun over there (but how they knew the difference between you and the spider monkeys we don't know!). Hope you are having a blast. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Take LOTS of photos. Everyone at Pass IT On send their best wishes. Get blogging, young man! All the best - Sandy

  14. Hi Amelia X-Ray 4, I hope you are having a great time. Mum always asks about you. These experiences that you are having are priceless and what you are doing there is fantastic. Raleigh is a fantastic charity and you are lucky to have had the opportunity to do this. Enjoy every moment! The people who you are with look awesome. I have sorted out your accommodation at BGP you have a room- your first choice one so it should be in a very focal point of the location. You have a lot to look forward to and a lot to still enjoy there! Speak soon,



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