Saturday, 30 March 2013

Zulu 2 get closer to Corcovado

Zulu 2 are currently on Day 14 of the challenging Corcovado Trek journeying from El Progreso, near the Panama border, to Corcovado.

It has been an amazing experience watching the sunset while sitting on the top of a hill we didn’t think we’d get up, and seeing the sunrise after getting up so early we have already been walking for forty-five minutes. We have passed through small communities, stunning countryside and have finally seen a Corcovado National Park sign – the end is in sight. But it hasn't all been easy. We lost a day trying to get to Sila Limon. No matter which way we went up the mountain, none of the paths continued to the top. This was Day 8 (the first attempt) and it really challenged our group as by the end of the day we were almost out of water. Perseverance and good spirits prevailing throughout the day are two of the qualities that are making this a good trek. As we headed down the mountains after the third unsuccessful attempt at reaching the summit, it seemed the locals were right: what we are undertaking is crazy! We have had to keep going despite these challenges and each day we have to find the motivation to roll out of our sleeping bags, pack up our rucksacks and be excited by route-cards telling us it’s going to be a hard day.
Zulu 2 in La Amistad National Park, a few days into their trek
Motivation is a huge part of the Raleigh experience and everyone has their own reasons for being here. Ella is here to improve her self-confidence and we have seen a huge change through this phase. Colin is here ‘to get this wonderful group of individuals safely through the trek having an unforgettable experience along the way.’ Tom is here inspired by previous community work done in Bulgaria.

At the end of the day there can be a team motivator, but it is everyone’s personal motivation that will get them to the end of this trek.

Zulu 2´s motivation will get them all the way to the stunning Corcovado National Park and the amazing coastline at Carate. Some of us from Field Base have been to deliver one of their food drops there so have had a sneak preview of the incredible views they have to look forward to!

The trekkers will get here in a couple of days
Scarlet macaws spotted while delivering Zulu 2's final food drop

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