Saturday, 6 April 2013

A message from the Turrisantos Trek

Dear concerned parents of Zulu 3, we will not be returning your children next Sunday. Instead we will be returning warrior men and women who have conquered Costa Rica. Over the last 17 days they have been transformed into self-sufficient capable adults who have climbed hundreds of mountains both physically and mentally. The trek adventure stage has pushed them out of their comfort zone and well into their challenge zone. They have worked together as a team and supported each other through many a tough terrain.

No longer will you have problems getting them up in the morning as they have been getting up at 3.30 everyday walking between ten and twenty kilometres a day. You will no longer hear complaints about trips to the shops. Living only off Raleigh rations of noodles and refried beans, they’ll be sure to appreciate your home cooked food. Also having only worn the same smelly shirt and shorts for seventeen days, they will never take for granted freshly laundered clothes.

Through the entire Raleigh expedition they have stepped up as young leaders and guided their fellow peers. Together they have built schools, houses and a remote medical centre, as well as ensuring the conservation of the Costa Rican rainforest. However on this final phase they have pushed themselves to their physical limits and had the opportunity to trek across the beautiful and mountainous landscape. The skills they have learned over the last ten weeks will ensure they are better prepared to take their next big step into the wider world.

‘Although at the start we thought that our feet would fall apart, here at the end they are still intact and stronger than ever! We love trek!!’

By PM Marie

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