Sunday, 7 April 2013

Expedition 13A: The Finale

The Venturers have departed - scattering to destinations far and wide as we speak. For 3 months 172 Volunteer Managers and Venturers came together to give their time undertaking an incredible journey. Below is our final slideshow - it is hard to express the hard work, incredible people, amazing communities; those who we have worked alongside, lived next too, eaten frijoles with and shared one of the most unique experiences most will ever have in their lives. Hopefully this will explain what we have been up to! 

With drive, courage, integrity and discovery we completed a school, a health post, a gravity fed water system, 6 new homes, worked in 3 protected areas of natural beauty and environmental conservation and every member of expedition formed 11 teams to trek over 270kms across Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Message from the Country Team:

Expedition 13A is one of the biggest expeditions that Raleigh has organised in the 11 years we have worked in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It gives us great satisfaction to see what a fantastic success the expedition has been and I congratulate all of those who were involved. A great expedition is one where all its participants are able to find the space to learn about themselves, to challenge themselves to think about how they can make a difference to their own societies and one where the groups are committed to the sustainable development of the communities and the conservation of the national parks where they've been working. The measure of the success of Expedition 13A will be determined by how each one of you chooses to use this experience - to make a difference to your own life by living to your true potential and by making a difference to the lives of others through your words, thoughts and actions. Don´t be afraid to make the right decisions in your lives.  

La expedición 13A es una de las más grandes que Raleigh ha organizado en los 11 años que hemos trabajado en Costa Rica y Nicaragua. Me da una gran satisfacción ver el éxito tan fantástico que ha tenido la expedición y quiero felicitar a todos los que estuvieron involucrados. Una gran expedición es aquella donde sus participantes pueden encontrar el espacio para aprender sobre si mismos, que puedan retarse a pensar sobre como hacer una diferencia a sus propias sociedades y donde los grupos estén comprometidos al desarrollo sostenible de las comunidades y la conservación de los parques nacionales en los cuales han trabajado. El éxito de esta expedición 13A se podrá medir de acuerdo a lo que cada uno de ustedes escojan hacer con lo que aprendieron – para hacer una diferencia en su propia vida viviendo con su verdadero potencial y haciendo una diferencia en las vidas de otros a través de sus palabras, pensamientos y acciones. No tengan miedo de tomar las decisiones correctas en sus vidas.

Some of the things we achieve on a Raleigh expedition are measureable in numbers - community centres built, families supplied with water, trails laid and homes built. But our biggest achievements are difficult to quantify – the personal journey each volunteer makes in seven or ten weeks, the challenges of living in basic conditions or tackling steep mountains, understanding new cultures, working in a teams with people from different walks of life and learning about our own place in the world. We´d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in Expedition 13A and thank you to everyone who has supported through this blog especially.

Algunas de las cosas que logramos en una expedición Raleigh se puede medir en números (la cantidad de centros comunales construidos, familias a las que se les suplió agua, senderos hechos y casas construidas). Pero nuestros mayores logros son difíciles de cuantificar: el trayecto personal de cada voluntario en siete o diez semanas, el reto de vivir en condiciones básicas o luchar para subir una montaña muy empinada, comprender nuevas culturas, trabajar en equipos con personas de diferentes trasfondos y aprender acerca de nuestro propio lugar en el mundo.  Nos gustaría agradecer inmensamente a todos los involucrados en la Expedición 13A y les deseamos todo lo mejor en su próxima trayectoria. 

Thank you,Gracias and Pura Vida!


  1. A big thank you to all the volunteer managers and staff for making this expedition possible. It was a pleasure to follow all activities and advertures during these 10 weeks on this blog. I am certain the volunteers had an great time which they will never forget.
    Kind regards,
    Mother of Nina L

  2. Thank you Raleigh International for helping our very much loved young people, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends have the time of their lives. Now we have them safe and sound back in their own beds and hear their life changing experiences we are so thankful to you for teaching them so much and at the same time keeping them safe!
    Not only are we proud of them and their achievements, they are proud of themselves and are filled with a new understanding of their place in the world.
    Let's hope they will always have the courage to make the right decision in their lives ahead.



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