Thursday, 28 February 2013

Artist's Blog: Phase 1 & Changeover

With every phase, each group are given Arts Kits. It provides everyone with materials that they can use to document their time whilst on project. All groups have been fantastically creative; Alpha 4 at Carara, experimented with photography and produced some incredible images. 
Using PM Emma's artistic expertise, they also created a beautiful diagram of their adventures at the National Park.
Alpha 8 at San Ramon used art as a means of engaging with the community. Asking the local children what they wanted to be when they grew up and their dreams for the future, what came out of these questions were wonderful drawings, which will hopefully be turned into a mural for the soon-to-be-completed school.
 During changeover, the venturers got involved with an arts project, which consisted of a lot of clingfilm and plenty of paint. Quite a few went off on Phase 2 still looking very much like paint palettes… it was a messy affair, but then good art always is!
 Here are a few pictures from the venturers who submitted their work for the changeover exhibition: the ‘Rallery’ (we do love puns). 
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Jaq Potts
Nick Varney
Paul Davies & Anna Bakker
Matt Heathcote
Holly Howarth

Alex Bailey-Smith
Alejandra Salas Ruiz & Elpha Perkins
The works have been excellent and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s been done in Phase 2!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Raleigh & Sustainable Development: What does it actually mean?

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” – Brundtland Report, 1987
X-Ray 10 working on building sustainable housing in Arenilla, Nicaragua

For Raleigh International sustainable development is about our work in partnership with local people. Supporting their efforts to improve their standard of living. Bringing in low cost technologies such as biogas ovens, gravity fed water systems and composting toilets. Enabling communities to access basic services such as water, sanitation, education and energy. Using resources that are renewable. And working with local governments and organisations to improve conservation efforts in protected areas.
Raleigh’s philosophy is based on a commitment to work together to improve people's lives without destroying their environment. Working to this philosophy in everything. Raleigh demand the same from all teams of volunteers who help make this work happen. All of the projects provide a lasting sustainable benefit.
X-Ray 8 are building a school in partnership with UCA San Ramon in Siares, San Ramon, Nicaragua

The permanent in-country staff and operations team have spent months and years within Costa Rica and Nicaragua developing relationships. Julian, Country Director, Pedro, Country Programme Manager, Simon, Country Expedition Manager and Keiner, Host-Country Venturer Coordinator ensure Raleigh Costa Rica and Nicaraguas work is sustainable and ongoing. They develop relationships with communities, local NGOs and government departments. They recruit and train our local young people as part of the team. They listen to what is needed so that we they can plan and provide projects that are successful. For this generation and the next.
X-Ray 4,5 & 6 are working on environment projects in Costa Rica in partnership with MINAE & SINAC

This work wouldn't be possible without the work and funding of Raleigh’s volunteers and supporters, whose commitment is vital to continuing Raleigh's incredible and valuable work in sustainable development.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

HCV Adriana D'Ambrosio

Dos hormigas en su ambiente en la compañía de hormigas europeas. Las primeras se sientes distraídas en un principio, pero poco a poco se van a acoplando al sistema las unas a las otras; las hormigas europeas aunque son mayoría, se sienten intimadas al saber que no están en su territorio pero no bajan la guardia y al mismo tiempo se muestran fuertes y confiadas; el no estar en su territorio no les impide trabajar en equipo y ser amigables como hormigas que somos en este mundo.
Muchos errores han cometido los seres humanos, para bien o para mal, no lo sé y creo que nunca lo sabré; uno de estos errores ha sido el de establecer fronteras y consigo las divisiones de todo tipo, pero no todo es tan trágico, algo bueno de las fronteras es la diversidad y el reto personal que implica romper con los prejuicios y barreras del mundo; y vivir el sentimiento de querer compartir, descubrir y aprender, siendo consciente de que el deseo humano plasmado como meta es muy poderoso.

Son muchas historias más detrás de 14 siluetas, difícil conocerlas a fondo y ¿cómo no? – Si aún no creo conocerme mucho, son 14 seres humanos, todos de diferentes países, estaturas, costumbres, personalidades, humores, en fin, humanos.
El hecho de que naciera en otra parte del mundo, sin conocer en realidad la razón de muchos para estar aquí (Raleigh CRN) y sin saber cómo se sienten en lo más profundo de su interior. Es increíble como el leguaje corporal y las ganas de despojarse de la cotidianidad resultan una buena mezcla para comunicarse y hacer que cada minuto sea relevante, disfrutar el idioma universal como una sonrisa, chocar los 5, un abrazo y más.
Estos gestos hacen del tiempo no sólo algo valioso y memorable, sino que también traen consigo un sentimiento de alegría, unión y energía positiva, es en estos momentos cuando prefiero cambiar la palabra extranjero por familia y frontera por amor.

Adriana D’Ambrosio, Costa Rica

Monday, 25 February 2013

All change: Phase 2 begins

Phase 2 has just begun, 168 volunteers have been deployed to 10 locations across Costa Rica and Nicaragua to undertake community, environmental and adventure projects so here they are:

Adventure Phase X-Ray 1, 2 & 3
Each trek covers 250kms in 19 days. Learning navigation, camping and survival skills along the way; teamwork, determination, a good sense of humour and talent for games are essential.  The 4am starts, tough climbs and up to 10 hours trekking a day are all made worthwhile when rewarded with incredible views, abundant wildlife and an enormous sense of achievement upon arrival at the beautiful beaches.

X-Ray 1, Coast to Coast Trek
Clockwise from top left: Izzy, Abi, Joe, Eva, Henry, Alejandra, Nina, Richard (PM), Katharine (PM), Robbie, Seb, Philip, Cecilia, Nick, Job and Jade
X-Ray 2, Corcovado Trek
Led by PMs Lena and Gemma: James, Charlie, Anthoney, Willie, Hidde, Freddie, Lena, Gemma, Wisha, Elpha, Laetitia, Kat, Mary, Glyn, Adriana and Victor
 X-Ray 3, Turrisantos Trek
Led by PMs Louise and Sarah: Lou, Sarah, Jelmer, Esteban, Anders, Matt, Ben, Sarah, Emma, Jess, Ottalie, Emily, Kate, Charlie, Mat and Jos

Environmental Phase X-Ray 4,5, & 6
Working with SINAC (System of National Conservation Areas), the environmental groups live and work alongside the park rangers to help maintain and improve the region’s national parks and wildlife refuges. The projects are hugely important in supporting UN Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensuring environmental sustainability - helping preserve natural resources and habitats, and protect important species of plants and animals. 

X-Ray 4, Carara National Park
Objectives: Maintaining and creating new trails in the park, increasing tourist numbers and ensuring income for the park and local economy.
Led by Sarah, Zoe and Marie: Sarah Mc, Mark, Alex, Kieran, Flo, Michelle, Marie, Kieran, Amelia, Kate, Eleanor, Philip, Zoe, Luis, Ade and Ella-Kate
 X-Ray 5, San Lucas Island
This stunning island is the location of one of our environmental protection projects - creating new trail to ensure rangers have access all of the island in order to protect species of howler monkey among other animals alongside the development of visitor centre. 
Led by PMs Chris, Pauline, Simon B and Denise: Pauline, Jeff, Berny, Daniela, Harini, Flo, Thomas, Bella, Cas, Jac, Anthony, Simon B, Denise, Lucinda, Iona, Chris and Drew

X-Ray 6, Cabo Blanco
Our final Environmental project is Cabo Blanco Island, creating a new trail and maintaining the island, helping to boost tourist numbers which in turn provides important monies for the islands protection.
Led by PMs Colin, Vic and Greg: Rosina, Colin, Vic, Roger, Greg, Merle, John, Katinka, Don, Catharine, Tom, Fran, Amy, Jeaninna, Charlie and Rakeem (not in picture)

Community Phase - Sustainable Development: X-Ray 7,8,9 & 10

Living in the heart of some of the most remote areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, these projects provide a unique opportunity to work alongside members of the communities to provide basic facilities such as access to clean water and education. The hard work of the Raleigh groups helps to improve the quality of life and provide valuable resources for the many generations to come.

X-Ray 7, Matapalo, Achuapa, Nicaragua 
A water and sanitation project to ensure that the community of Matapalo have access to safe and clean water, protecting against water borne diseases alongside health problems due to carrying heavy water from far away from families homes. The team are based in a remote farming community which is incredible beautiful but digging trenches to lay the pipes is tough work but X-Ray 7 are more than capable of achieving their aims.
Led by PMs Cali, Emma and Paul: Issy, Tom, Anna, Olly, Josh, Celine, Cali, Emma, Paul, Maikel, Dom, Dougie, Immi, Flavia and Charlotte

X-Ray 8, Siares, San Ramon, Nicaragua
Taking the ore-school to another level, building on the foundations of Phase 1, X-Ray 8 are building the pre-school in Siares. Funded by Myles Robinson Trust and Raleigh this area currently has a primary school but all children from age 3 to 10 attend school int he same room, this is incredibly disruptive and has led to parents pulling their children out of school. Helping to contribute to Millenium Development Goal 2 of universal primary education as well as the human right to basic education, it is an incredibly valuable project.
Led by PMs Clive, Helena and Kate: Billy, Luke, Conrad, Gina, Denise, Lewis, Ben, Robin, Alex, James, Chow, Jess, Adriana, Kate, Helena and Clive
Find out more about this community >

X-Ray 9, La Carona, Conte Burika, Costa Rica
The most remote of 13A's projects, La Carona is an indigenous territory inhabited by the Ngobe people located on the border with Panama, X-Ray 9 will be continuing work on a health post being funded by the British Embassy and Raleigh, providing a much needed public service where vaccination and health programmes can be undertaken from. At the moment members of the community have to walk 7 hours to the nearest doctor and hospital or wait for a visit which only occurs once a month.
Led by PMs Shane, Denise and Marisa: Alex, Marisa, Denise, Greg, Tabs, Angus, Shane, Ollie D, Henry, Nacho, Akalia, Fay, Anouk, Freddie, Katy and Rachel

X-Ray 10, Arenilla, Miraflor, Nicaragua
Undertaking a housing project, completing 6 houses for families in this remote community which is a coffee growing area of Nicaragua. They suffer from adverse weather and have encountered hurricanes. This sustainable housing project uses local materials to build with, ensuring the community can repair their homes when they are damaged.
Led by PMs Dav, Sacha and Sally: Lilly, Dom, Ben J, Sacha, Jaap, Sally, Dav, Emilie, George, Natasha, Emily, Nelson, Amy, Matt, Stella and Ella

Find out more about specific projects through reading the previous blogs by our Alpha Teams from Phase 1. All of our teams have now safely deployed to their projects, it is an incredibly exciting time with a lot of valuable work to be continued. Our Project Comms Officers will be updating us as we go along and we will also be discussing our theme for Phase 2, the celebration of International Women's Day on 8th March.